How to Insert the Degree Symbol in Microsoft Word – Degree Sign Code Added

Different Methods To Insert degree Symbol in Microsoft Word – Degree Symbol Code Added

Do you know how to add degree symbol in word document or MS Excel? If not then don’t worry. Here in this guide we will show you all possible methods to insert degree symbol mark in Microsoft word documents. If you are a student or article writer, sometimes it’s required to use degree symbol in MS word 2020 including other versions. For example, how to display temperature readings rather than typing the word “degrees”.

It’s really very simple to show degree symbol and other symbols in MS office word document, but if you know how to do that. If you have directly landed on this page from Google search that means, you want to learn “how to insert degree symbol in word”. If you try to search on the internet, you will see several quarries on the same “degree symbol” topics such as…

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As you can see, quarries are different from different users. But the solutions are the same. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds because you won’t find the degree symbol on your keyboard. Because of this you can see the most common quarry “where to find degree symbol in word”.

Best and easiest way to add a degree symbol is that you can copy it from a webpage and paste it in your document. But if you want to know what is the exact way to use degree symbols in word documents, then several ways are available to do this.

Check out the below guild and find the best solution. After that you never need to Google > Copy + Paste again. It doesn’t matter what country you are in, whether you are using a Mac, iOS or a PC.

Different Ways To Insert Degree Symbol in Word Document 2021 – 2020

Here we are listing best and working trick and techniques to add degree sign in word document. All the methods can be used on any windows OS based PCs and Laptops.

Method 01 Type Degree Symbol Using Keyboard Shortcut

As we all know keyboard shortcuts are very useful to make our work more efficient. Similarly, Shortcut keys are the easiest methods for inserting symbols but if you know about them.

So, if you want to add or type the degree symbol in Microsoft Word without copying it from the web then apply the keyboard key combinations. Easy combination of keys will help you to insert degree sign in word document without extra effort.

REQUIREMENTS : As we already said that degree sign keyboard shortcut is the easiest method to type degree symbol. But it has some limitations. It may not work for you if your laptop doesn’t have a number pad. Most of all desktop full keyboards come with a number keypad but it’s not the same with laptops. Most laptops come without a number pad due to space limitations.
KeyBoard Shortcut For Degree Symbol In WordAlt + 0176
  1. Don’t forget to enable NUM Lock on your keyboard.
  2. Open your word document and select the place where you want to insert the degree symbol in Microsoft Word.
  3. Just hold the “Alt” key from your keyboard and type “0176”. Release the Alt key again and the degree sign will appear automatically.

Tips : If you want to learn more about how to add other symbols using Alt codes then visit on “Alt codes list”.

Method 02 Add Degree Symbol BY Using The Symbol Menu In MS Word

If you are using Microsoft word to write your document then use the MS office word Symbol menu to insert degree symbol including other symbols. Follow the below instructions to find the Degree Symbol in Microsoft word 2010 and other versions.

NOTE: MS official word and Libre Office come with pre-installed special characters menu. So, users are free to use this symbol menu to insert the degree sign or symbol.
  • Open the word document on your pc.
  • Next, go to “Insert” tab >>> navigate to “Symbol” option.

Insert the Degree Symbol in Microsoft Word

  • Just click on the symbol icon to open the list of most common or recently used symbols.
  • Again click on the “More symbols” option to expand this section.
  • Find the degree sign >> click on it and then hit the “Insert” button to add degree sign in word. Best thing is that next time you will see the degree sign in the list of the recently-used symbols. This method can save you time, you no need to repeat this process again and again.

symbol list in word document

Tips :

  • Follow the same steps to find and add the degree symbol in Microsoft excel and also find the degree symbol in Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Just because method 01 is not supportable for laptops, so use the symbol menu to type degree symbol on laptop without number pad.

Method 03 Type Degree Sign Using Character Map

Character Map is another alternative way to add the degree symbol in windows 10 including windows 7 and windows 8 PCs & Laptops.

  • Click on start and type “Character Map” in the search box.

Type Degree Sign Using Character Map

  • Select the “Character Map” and click to open it on pc.
  • Now a rectangular Character Map box will appear with a list of numerous symbols and characters.
  • This Character Map contains hundreds of symbols and characters. So, click to check on “Advanced view”.
  • Next, type “degree sign” in the search box and then hit the “search” button. After that all other symbols will clear, leaving behind only the degree sign.

degree symbol in word

  • Double click on the “Degree sign” and then click the “Copy” option.

select degree sign in word

  • Next go to your document and paste it by pressing the “Ctrl + V” keys from the keyboard.

This is all about how to insert degree sign in word using shortcodes or using Symbol Menu or using Character Map? All the methods are 100% working and tested for all windows OS. Find the suitable method according to your own choice and type degree symbol in word document or webpage.

If you are looking to find where the degree symbol is hidden then you will be pleased to know that you are not alone. But after reading this guide, inserting a degree symbol in Microsoft Word only takes a few seconds because now you know how to do it. Follow the any above methods and insert degree sign symbol instead of typing degree.

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