How To Hide My Facebook Account Without Deleting It

Learn How To Hide My Facebook Account Without Deleting It 2021

Do you want to know how to hide a Facebook profile from search including FB account? If yes then you have landed on the right place. Here in this post we will try to describe all the possible methods and tricks to hide FB account from search without deleting your account.

Recently I was surfing for something and found a question from “Quora” – “what are the ways to hide my Facebook account from public search?”

As we all know Facebook app is one the most popular social media platform to connect many peoples. Here you can create your community to describe yourself and your brand. It’s really good for those who want to connect with many online users. But actually it’s not the same for all. Maybe some of you don’t want to reveal your profile in public search or Facebook search. Because of this many FB users want to hide their Facebook account and profile from public search.

If you try to check, there are no privacy settings that allow you to block or stop your FB profile listing from appearing in search. Due to this type of privacy settings, anyone can find your account by entering your title or any additional data. For example, anyone can find your FB profile using your picture (Reverse Image Search).

In our opinion, most of the time this feature is really useful but it depends on you. For example, you can find out upcoming birthday dates of your friends and relatives by searching them on the public search section.

Hide My Facebook Account Without Deleting It

Well, Facebook developed this platform to connect as many as possible. But if you are not in a mode of handling too many friend requests, posts and comments then hiding your profile information is the best solution for you. As we already told you, there is no direct option as hide comments on Facebook or hide posts from friends.  So, you have to apply some tweaks and tricks to limit the number of people that can access your profile to send you a friend request.

Few simple changes in settings will help you to temporarily hide your Facebook profiles without deleting them.

(A)   How Can I Hide My Facebook Account?

If you are to know “is it possible to hide my Facebook account from public search without deleting the account” then the answer is no. But we can prevent the search option partially from finding your profile from FB search or public search.

  1. Open your FB account and click “More options” or “Drop down” arrow to reveal the options.
  2. Now select the “Settings & Privacy”.

facebook settings section

  1. Under the “Privacy & settings” section click the “Settings” option again.
  2. Next, click on the “Privacy” option from the left side bar and navigate to “How people find and contact you”.

Hide My Facebook Account Without Deleting

  1. Here you can easily customize your settings “how people can find you on Facebook” to limit the number of search options.
  • Who can send you friend requests? :  Select the “Friends of friends”. By this setting, you can block those who are not friends of your friends and they won’t be able to send friend requests.
  • Who can look you up using the email address you provided? :  Select “Only me”. After this, no one will allow you to find you using your email address.
  • Who can look you up using the phone number you provided? : Set it as “Only me”. Now FB will block your phone number from searching to find you on Facebook.
  • Do you want search engines outside of Facebook to link to your profile? :  Just select “No” for this option and FB will stop indexing FB accounts in other public search engines.

Now here you can see these simple modifications allow you to hide your profile from public search and Facebook search. But still another one can find you by searching your name. For this hide your last name on Facebook. Additionally, you can also use this method to hide your Facebook profile from someone without blocking them.

For this,

  • Open basic Facebook version.
  • Navigate to Settings and privacy option or directly jump to Account language settings.
  • Select the “Tamil” language. This is a language that doesn’t use Latin characters.
  • Now again go to the name change page.
  • Just delete your last name and save the modified settings.

(B)   Hide My Facebook Account By Deactivating It

This is another way to hide your FB profile and FB account without deleting it. Just disable it and Facebook will remove your profile and other information from search.

  1. Launch Facebook >> click on the drop-down menu to see available options.
  2. Navigate to “Settings & Privacy” >> again select the “Settings”.
  3. Now find and select the “Your Facebook Information” option. C
  4. Go to the Deactivation and Deletion section and click the “view” button.

deactivate facebook account

  1. Select the “Deactivate Account” option and continue following the on-screen instructions to deactivate it temporarily.

hide facebook account from public search


These are the only official ways to hide your Facebook account details from search without deleting it. Deactivating features will remove all the shared photos and your name for everyone. Otherwise, change the “Privacy & settings” section to set who can find and contact you with your name and other additional information.

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