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Hide Comment Facebook Method : How To Hide Comments On Facebook On Phone And Pc

Actually, there is no need to tell you “what is Facebook and how to use it?” Without any doubt, Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms to share our thoughts, daily life events, news and information. Nowadays, many of us use this platform as a promotional site to promote our business and services.

More than 2.1 billion daily active users are enough to understand its popularity. But the problem is that sometimes you may see hate speech, personal attacks, negative & offensive comments and more. Facebook also knows this situation very well. Because of this there’s a way to prevent these from appearing on your Facebook feed.

Instead of deleting or deactivating your Facebook account, it allows you to control what comments you want to see. Additionally, users have the power to delete, hide or report offensive comments.

As you can see we can easily hide Facebook comments but you should also know what happens when you hide comments on Facebook?

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How To Hide Comments Facebook

In the next section we will discuss the result of hiding comments on Facebook. But you want to hide comments on Facebook from the public then follow the below instructions.

  1. Open Facebook home page.
  2. Next, come across to your comment or someone’s comment on your Facebook post update.
  3. Find the three-dots to select the “hide or Report this” option.

hide comments on Facebook

  1. This time you need to select the “hide Comment” option from the available options.

how to hide comments on Facebook

  1. The comment should fade or gray out instantly. Here you can also see the “unhide” option below the comment which can be used to restore the comment again.

facebook unhide comment

These are the steps for a web browser but we can also follow the same for Smartphones.

For this, press and hold the comment to open pop-up with hide comment option. This action will hide comments on Facebook on Android or iOS devices.

hide facebook comments on phone

What Happens when We Hide Comments On Facebook Post or Page

Now you can see hiding comments on your newsfeed whilst on desktop or mobile is very easy and it takes less than 1 minute. Moreover, if you did this accidently or want to retrieve again, just click Unhide under the now-hidden comment.

But the questions, who can see your comments after hiding or want are the possibilities? In order to understand the result of hiding comments on your Facebook, you should check the difference in between “Hide” or “delete” or “Report” options.

Facebook Hiding Feature : In simple words, hiding a comment will disappear the selective comments from your post. It can be your own or other’s comment. But, if you are going to hide other comments, the person who posted that comment, along with any of your mutual friends, will still be able to view it.
Facebook Deleting Feature : If you are going to choose the delete comment option, it will be removed permanently and no one will be able to view it.  But remember, you can’t delete everyone’s comments. You can only delete your own Facebook comments. As a result, you, the person who posted it and your common friends will no longer be able to see it. So make sure you really don’t want to see these comments before choosing this option. After deleting the message, you can retrieve them again.
Facebook Reporting feature : Just because you can’t stop anyone from commenting on Facebook. So, reporting a comment option may help you to apply a complaint against hate speech, personal attacks, negative & offensive comments. Reporting a comment is kind of like a citizen’s arrest. If anyone is using hate speech or negative & offensive comments, you can flag it to the Facebook police. After that they will decide if the person is violating Facebook community standards.  (Get more information on reporting things on Facebook)

So, when you are hiding a comment on Facebook, there are two scenarios. First one is, you have posted a status and someone commented on it. And the second is when someone posts a comment on an update on your Page.

When you hide a comment on your post, it will still be visible to the person who posted it and their common friends. Only the added friends can see these hidden comments.

Does Facebook Notify The Commenter About Hiding Comments

No, Facebook never shares any notification for deleting and hiding the comments.

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