How To Hide Your Last Name In Facebook Account

Facebook Users Are Allowed  To Hide Last Name In Facebook Account Modifying Few Simple Tweaks

In our previous post we shared a trick to hide your Facebook account from search without deleting it. But the problem was that still anyone can find you on search by your name. It’s the only one reason to hide your last name on your Facebook account.

In the same way, many people really don’t want to reveal their last name on social media platforms due to privacy reasons. Actually, it’s not required because Facebook allows you to modify your privacy settings that can be used to limit who can find your profile. It’s very easy, if you know how to do that.

At the time of creating a Facebook account, it asks you to enter your first name and last name. So, now if you don’t want to display your last name in your profile, just apply one single trick from language and privacy settings. It will hide your name from your profile for everyone.

Just because, reasons to hide last name in Facebook may be different for different users. So, here we are not going into deep discussion. If you are ok with that and still want to remove last name or surname in Facebook, follow the below instructions.

NOTE: After removing your last name on your FB profile, it will be hard to find you on Facebook by your full name. Additionally, Facebook will block you from changing your new name for the next 60 days or two months.

How To Hide My Last Name on Facebook Account

To change your last name from Facebook profile, you need to modify a few settings from the “Language settings” section. After that will hide automatically from facebook search and other search engines.

(A)   Enable The Tamil Language

  1. Launch Facebook mobile app or web version. (Basic Facebook Version – Recommended)
  2. Open “Menu” from the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Again select the “Settings” option from the “Settings & Privacy” section.
  4. Now go to Settings and privacy or directly open the “Account language settings” page.
  5. From the list of languages, select “Tamil” language option. This is a language that doesn’t use Latin characters.

chnage last name in facebook profile

  1. Now go to the Facebook name change page.
  2. Remove your last name from the title and save the new settings.

Note: After Changing the new language, you need to translate the page into English. For this right click on the screen and select the “Translate this page into English” option.

(B)   Enable Bahasa Indonesia Language

In case, the above method is not working for you then try this alternative way to remove last name on Facebook account.

For this,

  1. Use the VPN service (free or paid), connect it by choosing “Indonesia” region.
  2. Open the “language settings” page.
  3. Select the “Bahasa Indonesia”.
  4. Again go to the name changing location and delete the last name.
  5. Click the Tinjau Perubahan button to save the new settings.
  6. Come back to settings and restore the original default language.

Facebook profile last name change trick

Please Note: Facebook is a smart algorithm based platform. It can easily detect your changed location after using VPN service. So here it will ask you to verify your account again. Remember, if you failed to verify your identity, it may block your Facebook account temporarily.

(C)   Official Method – Request a Mononym

For batter and hassle free user experience, Facebook offers a service to change your name again. Facebook also knows the needs of their users. Because of this you can directly fill a special form to change your name on facebook. Just open the page and fill all the information by providing the required documents and you are done.

name change forum for facebook

So guys these are a few simple official and unofficial ways to hide last name on Facebook accounts. Simply apply the new settings in the language section or change settings by providing the fake location. Official method is also good if you are not in a hurry. It’s a little bit time consuming process, so here we recommend you to change language settings to delete or remove your last name.

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