How to Fix https aka ms Remoteconnect Error In Minecraft

Check Out All reasons and solutions on How to Fix https aka ms Remoteconnect Error In Minecraft

If you are trying to play Minecraft game with Microsoft account for the first time, you may encounter an error Actually it’s a very common error that occurs with Minecraft PS4 Bedrock Edition.  If you are also facing the same https aka ms remote connect error during playing Minecraft then don’t worry about it. After a lot of research, we are sharing the best way to fix Cross-Play Error problem on PS4 and XBOX consoles.

Now the tutorial properly, learn the reason for Microsoft error https aka ms Remoteconnect and how to fix it?

What is aka ms Remoteconnect Error In Minecraft

Before going to jump into the solution, you should know what is defination and then go for next to know the reason for this error.

Https aka ms remoteconnect is a very common issue on Minecraft PS4 Bedrock Edition. It does not mean that other editions are free from this issue. But the fact is that Minecraft Bedrock has more and more errors than other editions. Most of the time users’ face this issue while logging in for the first time or using the same account on various gaming consoles. This is a website that allows users to play Minecraft smoothly on Nintendo Switch, PS4 and many more devices. So, this error occurs to verify your device and the game data. Similarly, many other reasons are also possible for https aka ms remoteconnect error in Minecraft gaming.

Reasons of Error

(a) Change of device/console

As we all know, the popular Minecraft game is available on almost all gaming devices like Xbox, PS, Nintendo, including pc. Best thing is that users can easily use single login account credentials for cross-play Minecraft on any supportable devices. Because of this, sometimes it may be constantly notified with error messages like https // aka ms/remote connect. Enter the Microsoft Code while signing in with the new device with the same account. According to the forums, sometimes it may affect game data that leads to a losing streak in your game.

Now it’s cleared that the main reason for getting the https // alias ms/remote connect message is to change the device.

(b) Error in Game data

It’s always recommended to save game data before closing or exiting from the game. If you are going to exit from the game without saving your game data or while saving the data, it may show error in next logging. So always try to save the data completely on your gaming device or console.

(c) Antivirus And  Firewall Protection

Sometimes, already installed antivirus and firewall may be a reason for https: aka ms remote connect error. In that case, your antivirus and Firewall protection blocked your access on Microsoft server. So, here we recommend you to disable and deactivate antivirus and Firewall protection on your device to avoid this possible reason.

(d) Microsoft Account

Microsoft account is another possible reason for this error. According to different forums and communities, users are facing the same error while trying to log in with the Microsoft account.

How to Fix https Error Microsoft Sign in Bug in Minecraft

Now all the reasons are in front of you. So let’s see how to deal with remote connection errors from https // in Minecraft? It’s really very easy and we can resolve this error by entering the code on the console screen to gain access.

Have you tried the free code and DLC and it didn’t work for you? Don’t worry, here you’ll also see how to access the code in this guide.

Solution 01 Enter the Microsoft Sign in Code From Minecraft

This process is also known as the brute force method and required an error code for account verification. If you have a new Microsoft account, you will have to try several times to access your game. The error code also appears when you sign in to Microsoft. Just follow the below steps to get code from Microsoft Code Access Page and then verify it from Microsoft remote connect website.

  1. First of all, download and install the Minecraft edition on your Xbox/PS4/Nintendo Switch gaming console.

Https aka ms remote connect

  1. Simply launch the Minecraft and then click on Sign in with a Microsoft account button.

Microsoft Sign in Bug in Minecraft

  1. Next, note down the code that appears on your console. We will use it in the next step.

Https aka ms remote connect

  1. Open the web browser on your PC [any browser] and visit on Microsoft link.
  2. Next enter the same code displayed on your device and then click on Next for next step..

aka ms Remoteconnect error code

  1. Now you need to login with your own Microsoft account credentials or you can create a new one from here.
  2. This website will verify the code and the game will be load on your console without any error.

Solution 02 Delete the Minecraft Saved and Corrupted Game Data

As we already said, corrupt data can be a possible reason for error https aka msremoteconnect minecraft login nintendo switch and other gaming consoles.  For this, delete the unwanted and corrupted data file from Minecraft storage and fix the remote connect issue.

  1. Launch your Minecraft game on your game console.
  2. Enter into the “Settings” section and then choose the “System settings” from the menu.
  3. Next, select the “Storage” options from the left side section.

Https aka ms remote connect Minecraft storage

  1. Now, you can see and access all the game data under the “Game Storage” section.
  2. Just click on the “Delete icon” to delete all the corrupted and unwanted game data from the Minecraft storage.

Delete the Minecraft Saved and Corrupted Game Data

Solution 03 Create a New Free Microsoft Account

Till now if all the above solutions are not working for you or you recently changed devices and continuously facing the same error then it may be because of your Microsoft account. For example, the existing Microsoft account you use on PS4 appears to be conflicting with the Xbox console.

So here we suggest you to create a brand new Microsoft account to fix https: // alias ms remote connect Minecraft error.

So guys, this is all about error In Minecraft with reasons and solutions. Here in this guide, we tried our best to include all the possible ways to remove https aka ms remoteconnect error in Minecraft game. Just read the post properly and it will give you a clear insight into the issue that you are facing on the Minecraft game. If you are able to fix this issue after reading this post, please add your comment.

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