TTY Meaning And Use Of TTY Mode In Mobile Phones

TTY Meaning And Use Of TTY Mode In Mobile Phones

Do you want to know what’s the meaning of TTY in messages and mobile phones? If not then read this post and learn “do TTY, TDD and TT mean the same thing?” Actually, the use of the tty word depends on your use. If you are going to use tty in text messages then the meaning of this word is different. Similarly, you can also find the TTY mode in android devices (smartphones & Tablets).  Because of this, the meaning of TTY is different for different scenarios.

 TTY Meaning In Messaging

According to the Urban Directory, tty stands for “Talk to you” in text messaging. It’s very similar with “ttys” which means “Talk to you soon”.

Example Of TTY : Hey, I am Jagmohan Sing busy rn, tty tmr

Rn (right now), tty (talk to you), tmr (tomorrow)

In this way, users can use a short form of “Talk to you/ya” in WhatsApp, Facebook, and Snapchat messengers as a way of saying goodbye.

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What Is TTY Mode In Phones?

Have you heard about TTY mode in mobile phones and don’t know what it is?  TTY mode is an android Smartphone and iPhone feature that is used for “teletypewriter” or “text telephone”. Teletypewriter (TTY) is a communication device for hearing-impaired and speech-impaired people.

TTY machine

Actually, tty device comes with an electronic display and a keyboard, connected to a telephone line, for sending and receiving text messages. With the help of tty mode setup in mobile phones, users can type a message on a TTY machine and the machine transmits the message through a phone (telephone line or mobile phone signal). After that, the TTY machine on the recipient’s side will get the message and display it to the user on a text display screen.

In some devices, you can see the TTY mode in the phone’s settings section. It’s an innovative feature for special persons. Because of this everyone doesn’t know about this tty mode and People wonder what’s TTY mode & what’s the use of it?

TTY mode on the phone allows you to connect the teletypewriter or teleprinter machine with your mobile. By default, this option is labeled as TTY mode off. So, it’s required to enable the TTY mode in mobile phones to communicate through the TTY machine.

Once the TTY mode is enabled, tty machine is connected to a mobile then the device uses a mobile phone network or signal to send or receive the communication data.

How To Enable And Setup TTY Mode

In order to use TTY mode in android mobile phones, a teletypewriter (tty) machine is necessary.

  • Connect the tty machine’s to the audio jack of your mobile phone.
  • Next, go to the phone’s settings section.
  • Find the TTy mode under the “General Settings” or (settings >> Call Settings)

Location of TTY mode in mobile phones may be different for different mobile phones.

  • Simply tap on “TTY mode” option. Here it will ask you to choose the following modes

tty mode in phones

TTY FULL Mode : You should select the “tty full” option if both receiver and sender have TTY machines connected to their mobile phones.

TTY Off : TTY Off means TTY Mode is not enabled at all. This option is very useful if the both caller and receiver are unable to speech and hear a voice.

TTY VCO : Voice carry over (TTY VCO) is useful, if you are the caller is able to speak but hearing-impaired. By choosing this mode, the sender can send their message in voice form and the teletypewriter at the other end turns the sounds into TTY text.

TTY HCO Mode: This mode is just the opposite of TTY VCO option. In this option, you can send your message in text using the tty machine and the receiver will get that message in audio.

Limitation Of TTY Mode In Mobile Phones

It’s important to know that TTY mode may stop some other functions. In some models, you may not be able to use SMS networks to make a voice call when it’s enabled. So, if you don’t have a teletypewriter or tty machine, just disable the tty mode on your mobile.

How To Use TTY Mode Without TTY Machine

If you want to communicate with a hearing-impaired person without having the TTY machine then it’s possible through the TRS services. Call through the Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS) and the TRS operator will arrange the call to the hearing-impaired receiver.

In many countries, TRS is available as toll-free and round-the-clock service. Just dial the TRS toll-free number from your mobile and ask them to connect your phone to another hearing-impaired receiver. When you speak, the TRS operator will type your voice message on TTY machine and the receiver will get the message in text form.

Telecommunications Relay Service number OR TRS Number In the United States – 711 is the.

This is all about TTY meanings in text messages and mobile phones. The use of the TTY text and TTY mode is totally different from each other. TTY meaning in the message is “Talk to you” and TTY mode in mobile is only for hearing-impaired persons.

People Also Ask Questions

Q1 Should tty be ON or Off?

Ans. Different mobile phone models come with different features to make them more useful. So, if you really don’t want to use TTY terminal then keep it OFF. When your tty machine is connected with your phone and TTY mode is enabled, it can be used to send or receive data using the mobile network.

Q2. What Is TTY mode On Android Devices?

Ans. If TTY mode is available and turned On in your Android phone, users can type a message on a TTY machine and the machine transmits the message through a phone (telephone line or mobile phone signal). Actually, this is specially designed for hearing-impaired users to send messages through the voice.

Q3. What happens when TTY mode is off?

Ans. After turning Off the TTY mode in your android phone, you can use it normally. But you can’t receive or make, TTY phone calls with TTY mode disabled device.

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