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How To Unlock Any Xiaomi Phone [Pattern Lock/PIN Lock/ Fingerprint]

Last updated on August 30th, 2018 at 04:21 am

Unlock Any Xiaomi Phone [Pattern Lock/PIN Lock/ Fingerprint]: If you have locked Xiaomi device then there are so many tools are available to remove pattern lock, PIN lock or fingerprint lock for any Xiaomi phones. You may use any method or any tool to unlock Xiaomi phones screen lock.

But if you are an normal user and don’t want to go in deep then this post may help you to bypass Mi account lock [Pattern Lock/PIN Lock/ Fingerprint] by using simple trick. No need to use any extra advance skill. Just follow the below steps and unlock pattern lock or pin lock of any Xiaomi devices.

RememberMi cloud account can’t be remove by this method. This trick is only and only to remove Xiaomi pattern lock, PIN lock and fingerprint lock. Check below link if you want to remove Mi cloud account.

Remove Mi cloud account using MAD Mi Account Unlock tool

Pattern lock, PIN lock and fingerprint locks are the most primary security feature for all android users. By using these security locks, you can secure your personal phone data from stranger.

In simple word, the main reason to use screen lock is keeping phone away from others [Strangers, friends, family members & children] in case you want to hide or don’t want to show them. Simply by adding pattern lock, pin lock or fingerprint lock you can protect your device easily.

But what if you forget the screen lock password or pattern? You can try different pattern or passwords to unlock your Xiaomi phone. But it has a limit. After applying too much wrong patterns or passwords it will show “Phone has locked try again in 119 minutes” on your locked device. It’s really horrible condition for any user.

On that time you can unlock any Xiaomi phone by factory reset. But it requires hardware key combinations to boot device into recovery mode. Wiping data from stock recovery is an universal method to unlock any Xiaomi phone. But if you have locked bootloader then it will not display recovery mode options. For this you have to use different Xiaomi Mi account unlock tool.

Check below posts to learn how to unlock or bypass Xiaomi screen lock using pc?

Otherwise, you may use this simple working trick to unlock Xiaomi account lock. It will allow user to unlock any Xiaomi phone into fastboot mode. Best part of this method is that it’s work for all Xiaomi phones running on MIUI7/MIUI8 & MIUI9. Trick is successfully tested on Redmi Note 4, Redmi Note 3, Redmi 5/5A and Redmi 4/4a etc.

Follow the tutorial as it is to unlock or reset pattern lock, PIN lock and fingerprint lock of any Xiaomi phone.

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AboutHow Unlock Any Xiaomi Phone [Pattern Lock/PIN Lock/ Fingerprint]

Supporting Devices – All Xiaomi Devices including Redmi Note 4, Redmi Note 3, Redmi 5/5A and Redmi 4/4a etc.

Method – Unlock any Xiaomi phone using Mi Password Remover

Remove Pattern Lock Of Any Xiaomi Phone [Mi Password Remover]

This method is an universal method to unlock pattern lock, pin lock or fingerprint lock of any Xiaomi phones. No need to worry about bootloader. It works on all locked or unlocked bootloader devices. So you can unlock Xiaomi phone without unlock bootloader also.

One con is that it will wipe all user data and phone data after reset. That means you can’t unlock Xiaomi phone without losing data. So do it on your own risk.

Note: Till now there is no any method to unlock Xiaomi phones without losing data. We will update if we get any solution about this.

Still want to unlock Xiaomi screen lock, just follow the instructions as it is and unlock any Xiaomi phone screen security without any issue.

Concept – Concept is very simple to understand. Users have to boot their locked Xiaomi phone into fastboot mode manually. After that run command script to reset your device. All done.

Pre_ Requirements To Reset Pattern Lock Of Any Xiaomi Phone

Download and install “Minimal adb & fastboot tool”

Install “Mi pc suite” to install proper drivers

Mi Password Remover Script [Tool]

Instructions To Remove Mi Account Lock [Pattern Lock/PIN Lock/ Fingerprint]

Make sure you are not using “Mi cloud account” on your device. Otherwise, process will remove pattern lock or password easily but device will ask to put existing Mi account password.

So if you don’t have Mi cloud account, go ahead and remove Mi pattern lock, pin lock and password using Mi password remover tool.

  • Don’t forget to install “Minimal adb & fastboot tool” on pc before using this tool.
  • Download Mi password remover tool from above download link and extract it on pc. You will see below files into the “Mi password remover tool” folder.




Mi Reset.bat

mi password remover tool

  • Now power off your locked Xiaomi phone properly.
  • Boot Xiaomi device into “Fastboot mode” manually.
[Press & Hold Volume down + power key together at the same time until you see the bunny logo]

fastboot mode

  • Connect device with pc via USB cable. [Make sure device is already into fastboot mode]
  • Open “Mi password remover” tool and run “Mi Reset.bat” file as administrator.
  • It will ask to press any key to run process. As soon as you will hit any key, it will remove existing screen lock [Password lock, Pattern lock or Fingerprint lock].

Unlock Any Xiaomi Phone

  • Again Run “adb.exe” file for once and execute the following command.

fastboot reboot

[Command will reboot your device automatically]

  • All Done!!!

Congratulations!!! You have successfully removed Mi password lock, pattern lock or fingerprint lock by using “Mi password remover tool”.

Same as you can use this Xiaomi unlock method to remove Mi screen lock security for any Xiaomi phone.

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