Fix GPS Problem In Xiaomi Redmi Note Series Phones [ No Root ]

Fix GPS Problem In Xiaomi Redmi Note Series Phones [ No Root ]

Without any doubt, GPS app is the most valuable application for android devices. With the help of this app, we can find unknown place or can track the locations easily. That’s why, many android app services use the same app to trace our location for quick and easy service.

Because of its importance, GPS is now a built-in application for all Smartphones. GPS works with applications to provide us with the correct / exact location details with pinpoint accuracy.

Whenever you visit on any unknown place with unknown language, GPS helps you to identify the location without asking to anyone. Additionally, this app have many other hidden capabilities.

But the problem is that many users reported about GPS problem or no location GPS issues in their mobile phones.

Here in this tutorial we are going to share some common solutions and advance solution to fix GPS in Xiaomi Redmi note MIUI series mobiles.

Xiaomi Redmi note is one of the best selling series in all over the world including India. Thousands of android Smartphone users are using several Xiaomi Redmi note series mobiles in their daily life. Top quality features with good build quality are the reason of this series. But at the same time, rarely users are experiencing problem with GPS app.

If you are also one of them who are facing GPS problem in Xiaomi Redmi note series device this post is for you.

Just checkout the below Xiaomi GPS solutions one by one and solve the GPS problem in Redmi Note series mobiles.

You no need to root your device to fix bugs and software issues. Simple modifications can solve the GPS issues in Xiaomi mobile.

Methods To Fix GPS Problem In Xiaomi Phones

Here we are spiting the GPS solutions in common and advance method. Start with common solutions and after that go for advance GPS solutions.

Common Steps To Solve GPS Problem In Xiaomi or Redmi Devices Without Root

  1. Before doing anything, reboot the GPS App. Swipe down the notification bar from main screen >> click on “GPS icon” to turn off and then switch it ON again after waiting for at least 5-10 seconds.
  2. Enable & Disable airplane mode for once. By doing this step, phone will resets its nwtowork connectivity settings and initialize fresh new connection again and this will fix the GPS issue usually.
  3. Reboot or Restart the phone manually. Hold the power key and click the reboot icon and check whether the issue is resolved.
  4. Remove the phone case. The phone case can interfere with the signal reception of the smartphone. So remove it and check whether the issue is resolved.
  5. Restart the Google Map app or update the application [if update is available]. Sometime, un-updated version can be reason of GPS not working in Xiaomi Redmi note mobiles.
  6. Don’t forget to exit from power Saving mode. Power saving mode is built is good to extend the battery life of a phone by killing/removing the background functions. At the same time, It will kill the GPS operation that works in the background to support Google maps. So to switch off power saving mode, slide down the notification bar and then click on the battery icon. Then switch off power saving mode.
  7. Check for new update from software section. May be you have new software update for GPS app bugs fixing. Update the stock firmware and other system updates so that you don’t lag behind software bug fixes.
  8. If all the above steps are not helping you to fix GPS problem in Xiaomi, then you should reset [ format ] the phone. For this go settings >>> “backup and reset” >>> “Factory reset”. This step will reset your device including custom settings. Don’t forget to take back up the device before resetting the phone. Otherwise, you will lose all user data and phone data after reset process.

Advanced Method To Resolve GPS Issue In Xiaomi Phones Without Root

Most of the time above common steps may helpful to fix no location or GPS issue in Xiaomi phones. But till now, you are facing the same issue then tye the below advance trick to fix GPS issue. Don’t worry, it’s without root method to solve GPS in Xiaomi/Redmi mobiles.

  • Download and install the “latest Quick Shortcut Maker app” in mobile. [ Latest Quick Shortcut Maker app Download ]
  • launch the Quick Shortcut maker app and navigate for the GPS option.
  • Go to “ A-GPS settings” Under the GPS section. Checkout below screenshot for help.

  • Now change or modify the “Home Network” to “All Networks” >> > next, change the “Server address” to “”.

  • After applying the above modifications, click on Save and reboot the device to apply all the modifications.
  • Again, Enable internet on mobile, turn on the GPS via Quick Shortcut Maker app and use any location app like Google Maps.
  • Enjoy! This time it will fix no location error on Xiaomi phone.

These are some simple solutions to fix GPS not working in Xiaomi Redmi Note android mobile. Follow the guide and apply the all methods one by one to remove GPS problem in Redmi Note series phones. You no need to install fresh stock firmware again.

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