How To Fix GPS Issue In Xiaomi Phones – No Location GSP Problem

Method To Fix GPS Issue In Xiaomi Phones – No Location GSP Problem

Are you getting no location error or GPS error in Xiaomi android Smartphone? If yes then this guide may help you to fix GPS issue on Xiaomi devices.

GPS is the most useful android application to find the locations on android devices. If you are android mobile user that means you are definitely using GPS app or other location application. For this each and every android device comes with pre-installed Google Maps app.

This GPS apps allows you to track unknown location from anywhere. Similarly, we can find unknown location over internet.   But sometime you may see that your app is not showing the current location and you can’t understand where your next destination is? Yes, it’s really very awkward for android device users.

In that situation, you have to ask the peoples to find the location. Even some times the unknown people can’t also guide properly or give wrong suggestions. To avoid this type of problem, GPS application comes in handy which help you to find your location immediately.

But at the same time, if your GPS finding app is not working problem then what you will do? So, checkout this guide and learn how to solve no location or GPS issue on Xiaomi phones?

Not only Xiaomi, each and every Smartphone comes with pre-installed GPS app from manufacture. It’s because most of all other application required the current location to server their service quickly. Without GPS enabling you can’t use these types of services.

This GPS location tracking application, track and tell you the estimated time, way to reach the destination, traffic details, and more in real-time. But if the GPS location system is not working in Xiaomi phone then follow the below guide and fix this immediately.

For the testing we are using Xiaomi Poco X2 android Smartphone. So if you are facing no location or GPS issue on Xiaomi or Xiaomi Poco X2 then you will find this guide really helpful.

This GPS issue solution explained by XDA developer. For this we can use QuickShortcutmaker latest app version. Just modify the system setting with new Quick Shortcut maker application and solve no location in Xiaomi phones.

Don’t worry, you no need to root your device. This guide is simple and easy to perform for any newbie or advanced android users. It’s an universal solution to solve GPS location issue, so we can apply it on any Xiaomi MIUI10 / MIUI 11 / MIUI 12 with any android version.

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Fix No Location Or GPS Issue in Xiaomi Phones

If you are using any Xiaomi or Readmi android Smartphone and now GPS is not showing current location or any other issue then read this guide and fix Xiaomi GPS issue without root.

  • Download and install the “latest Quick Shortcut Maker app” on your Xiaomi phone. [ Latest Quick Shortcut Maker app Download ]
  • After installation of Quick Shortcut maker app, launch the Maker app and look for the GPS.
  • A-GPS settings” Under the GPS section. Checkout below screenshot for help.

  • Now change the “Home Network” to “All Networks” >> > next, change the “Server address” to “”.

  • After applying the above modifications, click on Save and restart the device to apply the modifications.
  • Again, Enable internet on mobile, turn on the GPS via Quick Shortcut Maker app and use any location app like Google Maps.
  • Enjoy! This time it will fix no location error on Xiaomi phone.

These are simple steps to fix no location or GPS location error in Xiaomi phone with Quick Short cut maker apk. Here we recommend you to download and install specific version of QuickShortcutmaker apk to get 100% result. We never tested all the older and new version of QuickShortcutmaker app to solve no location error in mobile.

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