Xiaomi Mi Mix Unlock Bootloader [Unlock / Relock Bootloader]

Xiaomi Mi Mix Unlock Bootloader [Unlock / Relock Bootloader]

Are you trying to install twrp recovery on Xiaomi Mi Mix to get root access? If yes then it’s must to know that bootloader of Mi Mix mobile should be unlock. Otherwise, you can’t install custom TWRP recovery, can’t root Xiaomi Mi Mix and can’t apply any other modifications or customizations. So official xiaomi mi mix unlock bootloader method is here, which is safe and easy for all users.

If you are newbie user and it’s your first time to unlock bootloader of any Xiaomi or Mi Mix mobile then remember, it’s an universal method to unlock bootoader for all Xiaomi or Redmi devices. In this post we will show you how to unlock or relock bootloader on Mi Mix smartphone?

Best thing about xiaomi mi mix unlock bootloader method is that you can relock bootloader of Mi Mix anytime using fastboot command or using the same mi flash unlock tool. Yes dear, you can relock bootloader of the device to gain phone warranty. That means, unlock bootloader on Mi Mix mobile without void warranty.

In this post we will discuss on three major topics- xiaomi mi mix unlock bootloader using Mi flash unlock tool, Lock bootloader of Mi Mix using Fastboot command and relock bootloader on Xiaomi Mi Mix Mi flash tool.

No need to worry, we will show you complete steps with all necessary screenshots and videos. Just read the post carefully, follow the instructions one by one and apply it on your own device.

What Is Bootloader?

Most of the latest smartphones comes with pre-locked bootloader from manufacturer like Xiaomi, Huawei, Motorola and OnePlus etc. Same as other devices come without locked bootloader like Micromax, infinixx, Vivo, oppo and Balckview etc.

Basically bootloader is security lock to protect system file of the device. These security locks run the code and initialize some hardware and then loads the karnel and ramdisk and gets the boot process going. The same concept applies to all the technology stuff such as Laptop, PC, Smartphones and any such device.

So if you want to apply any modifications or customizations like twrp recovery installation, rooting or any android tricks & tips then this locked bootloader never allow you. For this purpose, you have unlock bootloader first. Reasons may be different but main reason is that manufacturer wants you stick with stock ROM.

But if you are an advanced android user and want to use your device with full potential or want to experience unofficial ROMs then bootloader must be unlock.

Bootloader unlocking of the device may void phone warranty but here is an option to relock bootloader again to get phone warranty again.

Pre-Requirements To Unlocck Xiaomi Mi Mix Bootloader

  • Charge the device approx. 80% to prevent accidental power off in between bootloader unlocking process.
  • Download latest Mi flash unlock tool.
  • Working micro USB cable.
  • Pc/ computer or laptop to perform Xiaomi Mi Mix Unlock bootloader task.

Download Xiaomi Mi Mix Bootloader Unlock Tool [Mi Flash Unlock Tool]

Mi flash unlock tool is an official tool provided by Xiaomi to unlock bootoader of any Xiaomi/Redmi devices. Check out below download link to download latest version of Mi flash unlock tool. This tool supports all Xiaomi or Redmi device including MIUI7/MIUI8/MIUI9 & MIUI10.

Latest Version Of Mi Flash Unlock Tool

Xiaomi Mi Mix Unlock bootloader Using Mi Flash Unlock Tool [Official Method]

Now we are going to start step by step tutorial to unlock Mi Mix bootloader using official Xiaomi tool.

Remember, it’s an official method to unlock bootloader, so Xiaomi permission is necessary.

  • First off all go to your device and login into “Mi account” using credentials.
  • Enable USB Debugging & OEM Unlock

Enable Developer Option:  go phone “Setting” >> “About” >> tap 7-10 times on “MIUI Version”

Enable Debugging & OEM: Go to Phone “Setting” >> “Addition Setting” >> “Developer option” >> enable OEM and USB debugging

  • Download Mi flash unlock tool and install it on pc. In case you are using portable Mi flash unlock tool then no need to install it. Launch Mi flash unlock tool as administrator.

mi flash tool setup file

  • Here it will show you some “Terms & conditions”, click on “Agree” button to continue the process.

  • Now you will see the below screen, it will ask you to enter your MI account which you are using on your Xiaomi Mi Mix MIUI8 / MIUI9 device. [Use the same Mi account]

  • Now it will check if your device is allowed to unlock bootloader or not!!!! Because permission is required to unlock bootloader.

  • If it’s your first time and you never apply for permission then it will tell you, “Your device isn’t supported by Mi Unlock” to unlock Bootloader of Xiaomi device. Just ignore the message and click on “GO” button for the next step.

  • Now you will redirect to official Mi site, click on “UNLOCK” button as shown below.

  • In the next page, fill all the detail carefully like Phone number and reason – why do you want to unlock bootloader of your device? In the last click on “Apply Now” button to submit your bootloader unlocking request.
Note – make sure you are submitting the correct and legit reason to unlock your Xiaomi bootloader. Mi authority has full power to reject your request if they found it’s not a legit reason. Copied reasons from other tutorials might cause your unlock application to be rejected.

  • Wait for few seconds to get unique code from Xiaomi. Now it will ask for unique verification code which you received on your phone number. Just enter the correct verification code here.

  • After submitting the correct code, you can see a successful message on your pc screen. That means, you have official permission to unlock bootloader of Mi Mix MIUI9 / MIUI8 mobile.

  • Now you have to wait for confirmation message. Xiaomi authority will review your request .once they approved, you will get confirmation message on your registered number [Sometimes confirmation message can take long time to receive]

Confirmation code will be something like this as shown in screenshot

NOTE : Once you receive the verification code, go to phone Setting >>Additional Setting >> Developer Option >>Enable OEM Unlocking>>Enable USB debugging

  • Boot Mi Mix Into Fastboot Mode using key combination

Power off your device and boot into fastboot mode [Press & Hold Volume Down + Power Key together at the same time for few seconds]

fastboot mode

  • Once the device booted into fastboot mode, `connect your device with pc via USB cable [Make sure your device already into Fastboot mode]
  • Again launch the “MiFlashUnlock.exe” setup and click on “Agree” button.
  • Now enter the same Mi account to continue the next step.
  • Again it will check your device permission. But this time your device will be detect by Mi Unlock tool. Once Mi flash unlock tool detect your device hit on “Unlock” button.

  • Xiaomi bootloader unlocking processes will be start and wait to complete the process bar. After completing the process you can see successful message “UNLOCKED SUCCESSFULLY”.

  • ALL Done!!! You have successfully unlocked bootloade of Mi Mix Smartphone using Mi flash unlock tool.

Now you have bootloader unlocked Mi Mix mobile in your hand and you are ready to install custom recovery and root your device. Moreover, you can install custom ROMs to experience different android versions.

For more help, watch video on how to unlock Xiaomi bootloader using Mi flash unlock tool?

Universal Method To Unlock Bootloader Of Any Xiaomi/ Redmi Devices

How To Relock Bootloader Of Mi Mix Mobile

Here you have two different methods to relock bootloader of the device again. You may use fastboot command method or Mi flash tool method.

Method01 Relock Bootloader Of Mi Mix Using Fastboot Command

Method02 Relock Bootloader Of Mi Mix Using Mi Flash Tool

Method01 Relock Bootloader Of Mi Mix Using Fastboot Command

This is the most easiest method to relock bootloader of any Xiaomi/Redmi device including Mi Mix Smartphone. In this method, you have to run only one single bootloader lock fastboot command. That’s it.

Let’s see how to relock bootloader of Mi Mix using fastboot command?

  • First off all download and install “Minimal adb & fastboot tool” on pc. [Must to execute adb commands]
  • Open adb folder location : My Computer >> C Drive >> ADB Folder
adb folder directory
adb folder location
  • Once you are into adb folder, click anywhere into the folder >> Press & Hold “Shift” key + “Right” click + Select “open command window here” option or “open powershell window here” option as shown below.
open powershell window here
open powershell window here
  • A new command window will appear in front of you. Don’t close it. We will use it in next step.
  • Boot device into fastboot mode using key combination.

Power off your device and boot into fastboot mode [Press & Hold Volume Down + Power Key together at the same time for few seconds]

fastboot mode

  • Connect the device with pc via USB cable.
  • Open command window and execute the below command to check device is properly connected with pc or not?

fastboot devices

  • Finally execute the below bootloader relock command.

fastboot oem lock

  • Now reboot the device into normal mode by using below command.

fastboot reboot

  • All done!!! Now device will reboot again into OS. This time bootloader of the device locked without data loss.

Go to Phone “Setting” app>> “additional setting” >> “Developer option” >> “Device Status” – it will show, device is locked.

Method02 Relock Bootloader Of Mi Mix Using Mi Flash Tool

Above method is the easiest method to relock bootloader of the device. Otherwise, you can flash Mi Mix to relock bootloader.

  • Download Xiaomi Mi Mix MIUI Fastboot ROM [Firmware] from here.
  • Extract the downloaded Mi Mix MIUI fastboot ROM zip file on pc.
  • Now power off the device and boot it into fastboot mode using key combination.
[Power off >> Press & hold volume down + power key together at the same time until you see the Mi logo]
xiaomi fastboot mode
Xiaomi Fastboot Mode
  • Now you will see the bunny logo on your phone’s screen. That means device booted in fastboot mode, connect it with pc via USB cable.
  • Now install Xiaomi Mi flash tool on pc and launch it.
  • Once the tool launched, click on “Select” button from the tool and browse the extracted MIUI fastboot ROM from pc.

Bypass Redmi 4 Mi Account

  • Click on “Refresh” button and it will show the numeric number on log window that device is properly connected with pc into fastboot mode.

Bypass Redmi 4 Mi Account

  • Check bottom section of the tool, here you will see three different options. Select recommended option “clean & lock”, otherwise you may select any other options.
[Use Only “Clean all and lock” option, if you want to relock bootloader of the device.]

Clean all – This option will wipe all user data & phone data completely.

Save User Data – It will not wipe user data from your device.

Clean all & Lock – This function will lock bootloader again and will wipe your device completely.

  • Recheck everything and then hit on “Flash” button to start flashing process.
  • Firmware flashing will start and you can see progress bar in log window. After flashing firmware, it will show the “Success” message as shown below.

  • Done!!! Unplug the device and wait for automatic reboot.

This time device will reboot with locked bootloader. Remember this method will erase all user data and phone data of the device completely.

So guys this is all about Xiaomi Mi Mix Unlock Bootloader with additional bootloader relock tutorial.

Hope this guide will help you to lock or unlock bootloader of Xiaomi Mi Mix mobile using Mi flash tool.

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