Working : How to Make Your Number Private In Android Smartphone

Working : How to Make Your Number Private In Android Smartphone ( Simply block your number )

Do you know, we can hide phone number for outgoing calls without using a paid service? If not then read the complete guide and learn “how to private your phone number on any android Smartphone”.

Actually, there are several reasons to hide your phone number when calling. For example, you want to prank with your friends or don’t want to disclose your number publicly. In that type of situation, you can put each and every outgoing call private without showing your phone number.

As we all know, several paid applications are also available to make your phone number private. But the problem is that most of them are fake apps. So if you don’t want to pay much for this reason, use the android built-in feature. Yes, each and every android OS based mobile comes with a phone number hiding feature. Best thing is that you no need to install or use any third party apps on your mobile.

Read the post carefully and disable the caller ID function in your mobile to make it private.

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Is It Legal To Hide Phone Number?

Before going to jump into legality, it’s important to understand that Android is an OS for mobile phones. They designed their android OS for all android OS based devices (Smartphone & Tablets). Because of this they implemented this outgoing number hiding feature on latest android versions. So you can enable or disable the caller ID function of your mobile anytime. But actual functionality depends on your mobile network provider.

In short, this function will work for you, if you are allowed from your network provider. In some countries, mobile network providers work under the government guideline. Thus, they are not permitted to serve this facility to their consumers. If this is the same in your country, you will not be able to hide your phone number without government approval.

Please Note : Each and every android Smartphone provides hardware and software support to make your number private on Android mobile without additional software. But it depends on your network providers in your country.

Is It  Good To Hide Phone Number For My Safety?

You can choose to hide or private your outgoing calls, if you don’t want to disclose it with another one. Without any doubt, you can feel safe to call without showing your mobile number. But others might be reluctant to answer since it could be some weirdo calling.

For example, suppose if you are getting any call with a “Private number” tag then what you will do? It is the same with other peoples. So before hiding your mobile number, keep this scenario in your mind. Still want to call without showing your number then apply the exact same steps as shown below.

How To Hide Number When Calling ( How to block your number )

Several ways are available to make your number private without software and tools. If you want to keep your calling detail private during the call, android OS allows you to modify the caller ID settings. Just enable or disable the required caller ID feature and receiver of the phone call will see Private Number. Moreover, use the country specific prefixes to block your caller ID details.

Method 01 Private Your Number Using Android Settings

Modify the build in android settings by following below steps and call someone without showing your number.

  1. Open the “Phone Dialer” app on your mobile.
  2. Click on three dots from top of the screen and select the “settings” option.

Please Note: If you don’t have three dots not on your phone, go to “Settings” app >> “Call Settings”

Make Your Number Private In Android Smartphone

  1. Find the “Additional settings” section and open it. If this option is not available, check for “Supplementary services”. (This option may be different for different brands according to their OS versions.)

hide phone number in android phone

  1. Here you can see the “Caller ID” option. Simply tap on it.
  2. Next, you will see three options – Network default, Hide number, and Show number. Select the “hide Number” option and it will hide your phone number for all outgoing calls. In the case of DUAL SIM, select the desired network and then apply the same steps.

hide my number when calling on android

  1. Done!!!

Caller ID Location For Different Android Phones

  • Under Call Settings >> “Additional Settings” >>> “Caller ID” >> Select “Hide Number”.


  • Under “call settings” >>> Turn ON “Anonymous Caller ID” >> turn off “caller ID”


  • Under “Call Settings” >>> “Operation’s call Related Settings”  >> “Additional settings” >> “owner Number” >> “Hide Number”.

After applying the above settings on your mobile, your phone number will come up as “no caller ID” or “Private number” on other mobile phones.

This is an official way to hide your number in an android phone when making a call. Above settings will force your network provider to disable caller ID for every outgoing call from your mobile. In this way you can call anyone as an unknown number.

Method 02 Call Without Displaying Your Number Using Code

Above listed method 01 is useful, if you want to hide your number for everyone. But in case, you want to do that only for a specific number then use the “caller ID hiding code”. You need to dial special code before calling anyone and it will show your number private.

Please Note : It’s important to know that these prefix or codes will not work with any emergency or toll free numbers.

Steps To Hid Number For Single Call

  1. Open dialer app on your mobile.
  2. Dial prefix #31# before number. If #31# prefix is not working for you then check other prefixes from the below list for different countries.

prefix to hide phone number

  • United State : *67
  • United Kingdom : 141
  • Australia : #31#
  • India : *31#
  • Canada : *67
  • South Africa : #31#
  • Ireland : 141
  • New Zealand :  *67
  • Jamaica : *31#
  • Malaysia : 67
  • Pakistan : *32#
  • Germany : #31#
  • Argentina (landline) : *31#
  • Switzerland (landline) : *31#
  • Australia (landline) : 1831
  • France (landline) : 3651
  • *Greece (landline) : 31*
  • Iceland : 31*
  • Netherlands (most carriers) : 31*
  • Romania : 31*
  • South Africa (Telkom phones) : 31*
  • Hong Kong : 133
  • Israel (landline) : *43
  • Italy (landline) : *67#
  • Japan : 184
  • New Zealand (Telecom or Spark phones) : 0197
  • Rotary phones in North America : 1167
  • Nepal (NTC prepaid/postpaid phones only) : *9#
  • Pakistan (PTCL phones) : *32#
  • South Korea : *23 or *23#
  • Spain (landline) : 067
  • United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland : 141

If your phone supports a GSM network, you can always dial #31# to block your caller ID.

This is the easiest method to block your number when calling on Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi and Motorola etc. Add the correct prefix before the number and it will not display your number on another phone screen.

Is It Possible To Make your Phone Number Private In India

Unfortunately, Indian government banned this function for every network provider in India. That means, officially no any mobile network service provider is allowed to server this type of service without permission.  That means, you can configure your android phone to block caller ID. But can’t call anyone anonymously.

We tried to test both caller ID (Caller Line Identification Restriction) blocking methods on Jio, Airtel, Vodafone, IDEA, Reliance (Indian services) but nothing is working.

What Are The Requirements To Get Private Number In India

According to the “QUORA” forums, CLIR is available only and only for VIPs such as Chief Minister, PM and Ministers of state, Government officials of higher positions, Cinema Industries etc. To get the private number in India, approval from IPS officers of the particular state and telecom department is required.

How To Make Phone Number Private On Samsung Android Phone

Samsung users can easily hide phone numbers during the call. That means, Samsung allows users to block caller ID features from settings app by applying a few simple configurations. After making some important changes, you can stop your device from sending your Caller ID details when making outgoing calls. In short, you can easily block your number while calling.

For Samsung Android Nougat And Android Oreo

Phone app > 3 dot menu (or MORE) > Settings > Call > More Settings > Caller ID

For Samsung Android Pie (9.0)

Phone app > 3 dot menu (or MORE) > Settings > Supplementary services > Show caller ID > Hide Number

For Samsung Galaxy Android 10.0 (Q)

Phone app > 3 dot menu (or MORE) > Settings > Supplementary services > Show caller ID > Hide Number

Applicable to all Samsung android Smartphones including the Samsung Galaxy S series (S7 and higher), A series (A5 and higher), Note series (Note9 and higher), Xcover4, J3, Z Flip series, FE series.

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This is all about “how to hide my caller ID on an android phone to make anonymous calls?” Simply use the caller id blocking prefixes or hide it from android built-in feature. After that you are free to call anyone privately and your number will not show to anyone. All the methods are free for every android Smartphone users, so private number calling software for android is not required.

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