Reliance Jio F220B Flash Tool & IMEI Tool

Reliance Jio F220B Flash Tool & IMEI Tool

Now we are in year 2021 but in 2019-2020, we got many queries about Jio LYF f220b flash tool and Jio F220b IMEI repair tool. We already published a detailed post on “jio F220B Flash file with tool” and “jio F220B null IMEI repair”. You can find the tutorial links in the section below this post.

Advance users already know that there are many tools and methods available to flash LYF jio F220b and IMEI repairing without a box. But this is not the same for newbie users. For this purpose, we are listing all the Jio F220B IMEI repair tools and the Jio F220B Flash tool guide links in the same post. So you can navigate to different methods to choose one of them easily.

In this article, we are not going to explain step by step tutorial to flash Jio F220B without box. It’s a quick guide from where you can read about the different jio F220B flash tools and IMEi repair tools.

Before going to jump on the main topic, it’s must to know that the Jio F220b is a Qualcomm chipset based keypad based mobile. So we have to use the Qualcomm flash tool. Same as for IMEI, we have to repair Jio F220B IMEI with Qualcomm IMEI tool.

Different Qualcomm Jio F220B Flash Tool

Probably you may know that each and every flash tool’s flashing method depends on firmware of the device. At this time, LYF Jio F220b flash file comes in two different formats like “content.mbn” file & “Firehose.mbn” file. Just because of this we can use two different jio flash tools like “Qflash Tool” or “QFIL flash tool”. Both tools are 100% working and tested Qualcomm Jio flash tools but they require different firmware formats for flashing. In that case, you have to download and flash compatible Jio F220b flash file / firmware.

Method 01 Qflash Tool For Jio Lyf F220B Qualcomm

Qflash Tool For Jio F220B & Flash File Download

Tested Jio F220B Flash Tool [ QFlash Tool ] : DOWNLOAD [ All Version ]

Jio F220B Flash File Tested Without Password : DOWNLOAD / [ LYF-F220B-003-01-45-051119 OR Lyf_Jio_F220B_003-01-0D_230518 ]


Quick Steps To Flash LYF Jio F220B Using Qflash Tool

  • Install Qualcomm USB Drivers By following the guide below.

Guide To Install Qualcomm Drivers On Windows Pc

  • Extract the Jio F220B Firmware on desktop.
  • Again extract the downloaded “Jio LYF F220B Flash tool” and install it properly. Launch “Qflash tool” as administrator.
  • Remove & re-insert battery of the device, press Jio f220b boot key + insert USB cable. It will boot the device into EDL mode. EDL mode is to flash Qualcomm Jio F220b mobile.
  • Click on the “load content” button and browse the “content” file from the firmware folder.
  • In the next step, click on the “Download Content” button to start firmware flashing.
  • Done!!!

For easy understanding, please watch the video “how to flash Jio F220b Without box” and read the full detailed tutorial from below.

Full Detail Tutorial : Flash Jio F220B With Qflash tool

Method 02 Flash Jio F220B Using QFIl Tool

QFIL flash tool is another tested firmware flash tool for the Jio F220b keypad mobile. QFIL Tool’s user interface and working process is completely different from Q Flash tool. But it works like a charm. So, if you want then you can also try QFIL/QPST tool as a Qualcomm Jio F220B flash tool.

Download Jio F220b QFIl Tool, Drivers And Flash File


USB Drivers For Jio : DOWNLOAD

LYF Jio F220B Flash File : DOWNLOAD

Quick Steps To Flash Jio F220B Using QFIL Tool

  • Install “Qualcomm USB Drivers” by following on screen instructions.
  • Extract the downloaded Jio F220B official Flash file / firmware on pc.
  • Install QPST tool for QFIL tool or use portable QFIL tool.
  • Launch QFIL tool as administrator.
  • Select “Meta Build” option from “Select Build Type” option.
  • click on the “Load Content” option from the “Select Meta Build” section and load the “contents” file from Jio F220B firmware folder.
  • Boot device into edl mode by pressing boot key.
  • Hit the “DOWNLOAD” button from the tool. If the device is detected properly, flashing will start and will take a few minutes to complete the flashing process.

Detail Guide : Flash Reliance Jio Lyf F220B With QFIl Tool

Jio F220B IMEI Repair Tools

Sometimes, you may face null IMEI or Invalid IMEI or IMEI 0000 on Jio F220B after firmware flashing. In some cases, corrupt software may also be the reason of invalid IMEI number on jio F220b. Because of this invalid IMEI number, the device will show no network and you aren’t able to make a call. In that condition, repair IMEI of the Jio F220b keypad mobile and fix the issue. No need to go anywhere to repair IMEI of the device because you can do it in your own home.

Jio F220B IMEI Tool

Probably you may know that Jio devices come with two different chipsets, MTK  Qualcomm. Just because of this chipset IMEI tools are different for both Jio MTK & Jio Qualcomm phones.

Jio F220b is a Qualcomm phone, so we have to use a Qualcomm Jio IMEI tool like QLM tool & WriteDualIMEI(W+G_eMMC) Tool. Both tools are 100% working and tested. So you can use them to repair the IMEI of your device. Best thing about these tools is, you can also repair IMEI of any other Qualcomm Jio phone and android phones.

Jio F220B IMEI Repair Tool


In case you have any other chipset based SPD Jio phone then use the other Jio IMEI tools.

SPD Jio IMEI Tool : DOWNLOAD [ With Guide ]

This is all about latest Jio F220B flash tool and IMEI tool with video tutorial. Follow the guide, choose your desired methods and tool to flash official stock ROM on Jio F220B mobile.

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