Latest FRP Hijacker Tool | Samsung FRP Hijacker by Hagard Download

Latest FRP Hijacker Tool | Samsung FRP Hijacker by Hagard Download

Today we are going to talk about FRP Hijacker Samsung tool which is also known as “FRP Hijacker by Hagard”. We already posted a full detail text tutorial to use Samsung FRP hijacker tool with video.

But today we are listing the latest version of FRP hijacker tool 2020. It’s 100% working and tested Samsung frp pc software to remove frp lock.

If you have enough knowledge about “FRP hijacker by Hagard tool” then download FRP hijacker tool 2020 without password from below download section. In case, you are new and don’t know the exact method of Samsung frp unlock using FP hijacker tool then continue read the post first.

FRP hijacker tool by Hagard is one of the oldest and tested Samsung FRP removal tool and till now it’s working fine. Basically this tool supports almost all Samsung devices but not all. This is big drawback of this tool.

Well, we all know latest Samsung devices come with latest security patch level and other security features. In that case, one tool can’t handle all the devices simultaneously.

Brief Introduction

In digital age, everything is online and passwords are very important to secure them. Sometime we use the same password to protect all digital files and our phone but it’s really not good. But the main problem is that as humans, tend to misplace or forget the passwords or the credentials that are required to unlock our phone.

In that type of critical situation, you have only one solution and that is “Factory Hard Reset”. Factory reset can remove pattern lock or PIN password on the device but if you were using any Google account on that same device, device will stuck on “Google account verification” screen.

Again you have to enter correct Gmail id and password to remove Google account verification. It’s Google security feature to secure users device from other person. But what if you forgot your own Google credentials and unable to remove Frp lock from Samsung phone?

If you are also going through such a scenario, this guide is definitely for you. FRP unlock methods are different for different devices and they depends on many things like patch level, android version and model number etc.

Here we are talking about Samsung frp unlock method. For this purpose we will use Samsung FRP hijacker software latest version.

What We Can Do With FRP Hijacker Tool

Basically it’s a multi utility tool for Samsung devices. Users can use this amazing tool for different tasks like frp unlock and factory reset. FRP removal is the main key feature of this Samsung Hijacker tool.

  • FRP Hijacker tool can factory reset Samsung phones.
  • It can remove FRP lock from Samsung phone in different modes.
  • Users can use Frp hijacker tool 2020 to delete pattern lock or PIN password.
  • No need to flash Stock ROM or Samsung combination file.

What Is FRP Hijacker Tool?

FRP hijacker tool is PC software to remove FRP lock from Samsung devices only. This tool comes with installer file that means you have to install it on windows pc and after that you are free to use this amazing tool.

As we already told you, it’s a multipurpose tool for Samsung phone and user can use it with their continent.

Users can factory reset their Samsung phone to remove Pattern lock or PIN lock or can bypass Samsung FRP lock with dialer or adb mode. This tool’s have different frp unlock options, so you can try any one method according to your need. Moreover, this tool can help you to fix soft brick issue on Samsung devices which can happen while performing root, unlocking the bootloader, etc.

Different Options OF Samsung FRP Hijacker Tool 2019 – 2020

FRP Hijack Mode: In this section users can remove FRP lock from any listed Samsung phone. Additionally, you have option to fix soft brick issue on Samsung phone.

SAM Tool Option: This is another best feature of Samsung Hagard frp tool. By using this option, users can create combination file for Samsung phone. After that they can enable USB debugging in frp locked Samsung phone to remove FRP lock.

Please Note: Now days Samsung updated their technology. So, combination files created by this tool may not work perfectly on latest Samsung models.

DIALER Option: As we all know there are so many methods to enable USB debugging in frp locked phone and dialer option is also one of them. So if your device is support this method, you can try dialer mode for your device.

ADB combination Option: ADB combination is the best feature of this phone. Just enable adb mode or USB debugging frp locked Samsung phone and then apply this mode to remove Samsung FRP lock. We already tested this Samsung FRP trick on Samsung J710FN [ Samsung ON8 & Samsung NXT ]

Latest Samsung FRP Hijacker By Hagard Download Free

Frp Hijacker V1.0 Setup : DOWNLOAD

Samsung USB Drivers : DOWNLOAD

Samsung FRP Hijacker Tool By Hagard Password

Extract the downloaded Frp Hijacker V1.0 Setup zip file and get the FRP hijacker tool’s password.

FRP Hijacker Hagard Tool Compatibility

Latest FRP hijacker software is a pc tool to remove Samsung FRP lock. This tool supports almost all older and latest Samsung model with all windows operating system.

Compatible Windows OS: windows Xp,Vista,Windows 7/8/8.1 and windows 10 [32 bit & 64 Bit]

Models List Support By Hijacker Tool

Exynose—SM-A310F ,SM-A310FD ,SM-A310M ,SM-A310MD ,SM-A310N0 ,SM-A310Y ,SM-A510F ,SM-A510FD ,SM-A510K ,SM-A510L,SM-A510M ,SM-A510MD ,SM-A510S ,SM-A510Y ,SM-A510Y ,SM-A710F ,SM-A710FD ,SM-A710K ,SM-A710L ,SM-A710M ,SM-A710MD ,SM-A710S ,SM-A710Y ,SM-A800F ,SM-A800I ,SM-A800IZ ,SM-A800S ,SM-A800YZ ,SM-G150NO ,SM-G150NK ,SM-G150NL ,SM-G150NS ,SM-G155S ,SM-G389F ,SM-G5500 ,SM-G550F ,SM-G550FY ,SM-G550T ,SM-G550T1 ,SM-G550T2 ,SM-G570F ,SM-G570M ,SM-G570Y ,SM-G610F ,SM-G610FD ,SM-G610FZ ,SM-G610K ,SM-G610L ,SM-G610M ,SM-G610S ,SM-G610Y ,SM-G800F ,SM-G800I ,SM-G800M ,SM-G800Y ,SM-G850F ,SM-G850FQ ,SM-G850K ,SM-G850L ,SM-G850M ,SM-G850S ,SM-G850Y ,SM-G903F ,SM-G903FD ,SM-G903M ,SM-G903W ,SM-G920A ,SM-G920AZ ,SM-G920D ,SM-G920F ,SM-G920FD ,SM-G920FZ ,SM-G920I ,SM-G920K ,SM-G920L ,SM-G920S ,SM-G920T ,SM-G920T1 ,SM-G920W8 ,SM-G9250 ,SM-G9250A ,SM-G9250F ,SM-G9250FQ ,SM-G925I ,SM-G925K ,SM-G925L ,SM-G925S ,SM-G925T ,SM-G925T1 ,SM-G925W8 ,SM-G9287 ,SM-G9287C ,SM-G928C ,SM-G928F ,SM-G928G ,SM-G928I ,SM-G928K ,SM-G928L ,SM-G928NO ,SM-G928N0 ,SM-G928S ,SM-G928T ,SM-G928W8 ,SM-G930F ,SM-G930FD ,SM-G930K ,SM-G930L ,SM-G930S ,SM-G930W8 ,SM-G935F ,SM-G935FD ,SM-G935K ,SM-G935L ,SM-G935S ,SM-G935W8 ,SM-J120A ,SM-J120AZ ,SM-J120F ,SM-J120FN ,SM-J120G ,SM-J120M ,SM-J120P ,SM-J120W ,SM-J120ZN ,SM-J200BT ,SM-J200F ,SM-J200G ,SM-J200GU ,SM-J200M ,SM-J200Y ,SM-J320A ,SM-J320AZ ,SM-J320W8 ,SM-J321AZ ,SM-J700F ,SM-J700H ,SM-J700M ,SM-J700T ,SM-J700T1 ,SM-J710F ,SM-J710FD ,SM-J710FN ,SM-J710FZ ,SM-J710GN ,SM-J710K ,SM-J710MN ,SM-N910C ,SM-N910H ,SM-N910K ,SM-N910L ,SM-N910S ,SM-N910U ,SM-N9916K ,SM-N916L ,SM-N916S ,SM-N920C ,SM-N920CD ,SM-N920F ,SM-N920G ,SM-N920I ,SM-N920K ,SM-N920L ,SM-N920S ,SM-N920T ,SM-N920W8 ,SM-N930F ,SM-N930FD ,SM-N930K ,SM-N930L ,SM-N930S

Qualcomm — SM-G3815 ,SM-G3818 ,SM-G3819 ,SM-G386T ,SM-G386T1 ,SM-G386W ,SM-G388F ,SM-G5108 ,SM-G5108Q ,SM-G5109 ,SM-G5308W ,SM-G5309W ,SM-G530A ,SM-G530BT,SM-G530F ,SM-G530FQ ,SM-G530FZ ,SM-G530H ,SM-G530M ,SM-G530P ,SM-G530Y ,SM-G531F,SM-G531Y ,SM-G5700 ,SM-G6000 ,SM-G600F ,SM-G600FY ,SM-G600S ,SM-G6100 ,SM-G710 ,SM-G7102 ,SM-G7102T ,SM-G7105 ,SM-G7105L ,SM-G710K ,SM-G710L ,SM-G710S ,SM-G7200 ,SM-G7202 ,SM-G720AX ,SM-G720NO ,SM-G730A ,SM-G730M ,SM-G730W8 ,SM-G7508Q ,SM-G7509 ,SM-G750A ,SM-G750F ,SM-G750H ,SM-G800H ,SM-G800HQ ,SM-G850A ,SM-G850T ,SM-G850W ,SM-G860P ,SM-G870A ,SM-G870D ,SM-G870F ,SM-G870FO ,SM-G870W ,SM-G890A ,SM-G891A ,SM-G9006V ,SM-G9006W ,SM-G9008V ,SM-G9008W ,SM-G9009D ,SM-G9009W ,SM-G900A ,SM-G900F ,SM-G900FD ,SM-G900FG ,SM-G900H ,SM-G900I ,SM-G900K ,SM-G900L ,SM-G900M ,SM-G900MD ,SM-G900P ,SM-G900S ,SM-G900T ,SM-G900T1 ,SM-G900T2 ,SM-G900T3 ,SM-G900V ,SM-G900W8 ,SM-G901F ,SM-G906K ,SM-G906L ,SM-G906S ,SM-G9105 ,SM-G910S ,SM-G9200 ,SM-G9208 ,SM-G9209 ,SM-G920P ,SM-G920R4 ,SM-G925P ,SM-G928P ,SM-G9300 ,SM-G9308 ,SM-G930P ,SM-G930T ,SM-G930T1 ,SM-G930U ,SM-G930V ,SM-G935P ,SM-G935T ,SM-G935T1 ,SM-G935U ,SM-G935V ,SM-J100F ,SM-J100FN ,SM-J100G ,SM-J100M ,SM-J100MU ,SM-J100MV ,SM-J100VPP ,SM-J100Y ,SM-J105M ,SM-J110F ,SM-J110G ,SM-J110M ,SM-J3110 ,SM-J3119 ,SM-J320P ,SM-J320YZ ,SM-J500F ,SM-J500FN ,SM-J500G ,SM-J500H ,SM-J500M ,SM-J500NO,SM-J500Y ,SM-J5108 ,SM-J510F ,SM-J510FN ,SM-J510G,SM-J510H ,SM-J510K ,SM-J510L ,SM-J510MN ,SM-J510N ,SM-J510S ,SM,J510UN ,SM-J7108 ,SM-N750 ,SM-N7500Q ,SM-N7502 ,SM-N7505 ,SM-N7505L ,SM-N900 ,SM-N9000Q ,SM-N9002 ,SM-N9005 ,SM-N900A ,SM-N900K ,SM-N900L,SM-N900P ,SM-N900S ,SM-N900T ,SM-N900V ,SM-N900W8 ,SM-N910A ,SM-N910F ,SM-N910G ,SM-N910P ,SM-N910T ,SM-N910V ,SM-N910W8 ,SM-N9150 ,SM-N915A ,SM-N915D ,SM-N915F ,SM-N915FY ,SM-N915G ,SM-N915S ,SM-N915T ,SM-N915W8 ,SM-N9200 ,SM-N9208 ,SM-N920P ,SM-N9300,SM-N930A ,SM-N930P ,SM-N930R4 ,SM-N930T ,SM-N930U ,SM-N930W8 ,SM-P350 ,SM-P350 ,SM-P355 ,SM-P355C ,SM-P355M ,SM-P355Y ,SM-P550 ,SM-P555 ,SM-P555C ,SM-P555K ,SM-P555L,SM-P555M ,SM-P555S ,SM-P555Y ,SC-01C ,SC-01D ,SC-01E ,SC-01F ,SC-01G ,SC-02B ,SC-02C ,SC-02E ,SC-02F ,SC-03D ,SC-03E ,SC-04 ,SC-04E ,SC-04F ,SC-04G ,SC-05D ,SC-05G ,SC-06D SCH-I435 SCH-I545 SCH-I959 SCH-M490SCH-M710 SCH-M715 SCH-M719 SCH-R960 SCH-W200SCH-W210 SCH-W240 SCH-W270 SCH-W290 SCH-W300 SCH-W330 SCH-W350 SCH-W360 SCH-W80 SCH-W390 SCH-W390M SCH-W410 SCH-W420 SCH-W450 SCH-W460 SCH-W460R SCH-W510 SCH-W550SCH-W560 SCH-W570 SCH-W580 SCH-W590 SCH-W690 SCH-W720 SCH-W740 SCH-W750 SCH-W760 SCH-W770 SCH-W780 SCH-W830 SCH-W850 W850I SCH-W860 SCH-W880SCH-W890 SCH-W900 SCH-W910 SCH-W920 SCH-W930 SCH-W940 SCL24 SGH-A767SGH-A777 SGH-A847 SGH-A847D SGH-A847M SGH-A847R SGH-A877 SGH-A887SGH-A927 SGH-I187 SGH-I257 SGH-I257M SGH-I317 SGH-I317M SGH-I337SGH-I337M SGH-I337Z SGH-I407 SGH-I437 SGH-I437P SGH-I437Z SGH-I497 SGH-I527SGH-I527M SGH-I537 SGH-I547 SGH-I547C SGH-I577 SGH-I677 SGH-I677LSGH-I677T SGH-I717 SGH-I717D SGH-I717M SGH-I717R SGH-I727 SGH-I727RSGH-I747 SGH-I747D SGH-I747M SGH-I757M SGH-I777 SGH-I827 SGH-I827DSGH-I847 SGH-I8700 SGH-I897 SGH-I917 SGH-I917R SGH-I937 SGH-I957 SGH-I957D SGH-I957M SGH-I957R SGH-I997 SGH-I997R SGH-M819N SGH-M919 SGH-M919M SGH-M919V SGH-S730M SGH-T199 SGH-T359 SGH-T399 SGH-T399N SGH-T469 SGH-T469V SGH-T469W SGH-T479 SGH-T479B SGH-T499 SGH-T499V SGH-T499Y SGH-T589 SGH-T589R SGH-T589W SGH-T599 SGH-T599N SGH-T599V SGH-T669 SGH-T679 SGH-T679M SGH-T699 SGH-T759 SGH-T769 SGH-T779 SGH-T839 SGH-T879 SGH-T889 SGH-T889v SGH-T899m SGH-T939 SGH-T959 SGH-T959p SGH-T959v SGH-T989 SGH-T989d SGH-T999 SGH-T999l SGH-T999n SGH-T999v SHV-E110S SHV-E120K SHV-E120L SHV-E120S SHV-E140S SHV-E150S SHV-E160K E160L SHV-E160S SHV-E170K SHV-E170L SHV-E170S SHV-E210K SHV-E250K SHV-E250S SHV-E270K SHV-E270S SHV-E275S SHV-E300K SHV-E300L SHV-E300S SHV-E330K SHV-E330L SHV-E330S SHV-E470S SHV-E500L SHV-E500S A110K SHW-A110S SHW-A130 SHW-A160S SHW-A180S SHW-A210S SHW-A220S SHW-A250K SHW-A250S SHW-A300S SHW-M100S SHW M110S SHW-M130K SHW-M180S SHW-M190S SHW-M350S SHW-M250K SHW-M250S SHW-M340S SHW-M440S

How To Install FRP Hijacker Tool On Windows Pc

Just because Samsung frp tool Hijacker Hagard tool comes with flasher file, so you have to install it. Both older and newer versions have same method for installation. If you are searching for Samsung frp hijacker apk file then don’t waste your time. It’s windows OS supportable software and not available in APK mode for android.

  • Download and install “Samsung USB drivers” on pc. It’s must to create bridge connection in between pc and mobile.

Proper Method To Install Samsung USB Drivers On Windows Pc

  • Extract the downloaded “Frp hijacker” file on pc.
  • Enter into extracted folder and run “Frp Hijacker by Hagard setup.exe” as administrator.
  • Now it will ask to inter “Frp Hijacker tool installation password”. Check extracted folder to get Frp Hijacker by Hagard tool password.
  • Follow the on screen instructions and install it properly.
  • Reboot the pc for once.
  • Now find “FRP hijacker tool shortcut” on desktop and launch it.
  • Done!!! Now you are free to remove or bypass Samsung frp lock with different options.

Guide: How To Install And Use FRP Hijacker Tool

Bypass Samsung FRP Lock With FRP Hijacker Tool

Well, we already told you, it’s a multi utility tool to perform different task from the same platform. So you can choose any option Samsung frp unlock.

Method01 Samsung FRP Bypass With FRP Hijack Option

  • Connect FRP locked device with pc via USB cable.
  • Come to the tool and click on “Scan” button and select correct port number.
  • Navigate to “FRP Hijack” tab, select your own device model number from “Please Select Your Device” section.
  • Next, hit on “Download mode” button to boot device into “Download Mode” or “ODIN Mode” directly. Otherwise, you can also boot device into download mode manually.
  • Now select “Remove FRP” option and hit on “HIJACK!!!” button to remove FRP lock. Wait for few seconds and tool will start their work and device will reboot again.

  • Done!!! Setup your device again as a new device because this process will wipe all user data and phone data.

Method 02 How To Use ADB Operation In FRP Hijacker Tool

This method is more reliable and more stable because it supports all latest Smartphone. No need to check compatibility of your device. Simply enable adb mode or USB debugging in frp locked Smasung phone with any trick and remove frp with FRP hijacker tool.

For easy to understand we are splitting this operation in two different sections, first is “enable ADB” & second is “Bypass FRP in ADB operation”.

Steps 01 Enable ADB Mode In Samsung Phone

If you try to search on internet, there are so many methods are available to turn ON adb mode on frp lock Samsung phone. You can do it by flashing combination file or can use “Talk Back trick”. It’s depends on you.

  • Enable ADB Mode or USB Debugging in FRP locked Samsung phone.

Step02 Remove FRP From Samsung Using Frp Hijacker App

  • Extract the Downloaded Samsung FRP hijacker tool on pc.
  • Install Samsung FRP hijacker tool and launch it as administrator on pc.
  • Simply connect the device with pc via working micro USB cable.
  • Click on “scan” button and select “COMPORT”. [Must]
  • In next step, Navigate to “ADB Operation” tab from top of the tool.
  • Now, Hit on “Remove FRP” button. It will show error that Need to authority or Need to install adb driver”. At the same time pop-up will open on your device to “Allow USB debugging”. Just allow it.
  • Again you have to hit on “remove FRP” button and this time it will detect the device automatically.
  • Finally click on “Factory Reset” option and wait for few seconds. [Factory reset is must]
  • Done!!! Remove USB cable and setup the device again without Google account credentials.

Detail Guide To Remove FRP On Samsung By Hijacker Tool In ADB Mode

Bypass Samsung FRP Without Pc

If you don’t want to use any Samsung frp pc tool or FRP hijacker tool to remove Samsun frp lock, try the below method.

Remove Samsung FRP Lock Without PC

Different Samsung Frp Bypass Guides

This is all about new Samsung FRP hijacker by Hagard 2020 – 2019. Simply get the free FRP hijacker by Hagard tool from download link, follow the installation steps and apply the desired task. That’s it. First time users may feel some difficulty but believe me guys it’s very easy to perform Samsung Google account bypass.

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