How To Swap Internal Storage With Sd Card In KitKat And Lollipop

are you using low internal storage android phone[kitkat 4.4 + version] then swap internal storage with sd card in kitkat and forget to buy new android phone ,just because of low internal space.swap internal to external and increase size or space of android phone easily.

In our past video and post you can see how to increase internal storage by swap internal storage with Sd Card in any android by changing Vold.fstab file but it has some serious limitation .after publishing a video about it ,we get lots of reply about vold.fstab file is missing .after research we found that vold.fstab file is not available in kitkat and loliipop android version. its really very strange situation for kitkat & lollipop users who really wants to.

Now this post is only for that users who are using Kitkat & Lollipop android phones. This tricks is safe and easy to implement.

Why You should Try This Trick?

  • By using this trick Sd card will work as a internal storage.
  • App will automatically download in Sd card storage.
  • If you are facing low internal storage error then you should try this.
  • If you are big games player then you must try this.
  • If Vold.fstab file is missing.

In this post we are trying to offer a alternate tricks to our kitkat and lollipop android users, who wants to swap internal storage with external storage but can’t do it because of their android version limitation. jely bean users can do it without installing any other apps .because in jelly Bean version users can swap internal to external by changing some values in vold.fstab files. But vold.fstab file is missing in kitkat and lollipop verson so they need to download and install some supportive apps as an alternate.

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Now follow this tutorial step by step and learn how to swap internal storage with sd card in Kitkat and lollipop android phones.

METHOD 01 Swap Internal Storage With Sd Card In KitKat

This method is easiest method to swap internal storage with external see how to perform the task.

Requirements To Swap Internal Storage With Sd card in KitKat

  • Android should be rooted.

How to root android with pc?

How to root android without pc?

How to Root android without voiding warranty?

  • Install Xposed Installer framework.
  • Install PR Swap card [xposed Module] – Removed from Google Play store [ Download from Google ]

Step By Step Tutorial …….

Step 00 Download and install “PR SWAP SD” [Don’t Open it].leave it here.

Step 01 Now download and install Xposed Framework on your Kitkat android and configure it.

Step 02 Open xposed framework and click on “Framework” option.

swap internal with sd card

Step 03 Now Click On “Install/Update” and reboot your device.

install xposed framework

Step 04 now again open Xposed framework and click on “modules” option.

Step 05 here you will see PR SWAP SD [ click check mark in the box].

Step 06 Reboot your device again.

Step 07 now open “PR Swap Sd” and click check mark in all boxes.

Swap Internal Storage With Sd Card In KitKat

Step 08 now all done.

now your sd card will swap with your android internal storage.

METHOD 02 Pre-requirements To  Swap Internal Storage With Sd Card In KitKat And Lollipop

  • Take backup of your SD card on your pc.
  • Now format your Sd card [Memory card].
  • Your phone must be rooted.
  • Download and install WSM Too Apk
  • Download And Install XinternalSD apk [Xposed Module]

All apps and tricks are safe to use but take a backup full backup of your phone to secure your data. Because if anything goes wrong, you can recover it again. If you want to play safe then read full post carefully and if you feel any problem in any step please ask us before using it on your android device.

Trick is successfully tested on our device but we are not responsible if anything goes wrong with is only for educational basic and before applying make sure what you are doing?

How To Swap Internal Storage With Sd Card In KitKat And Lollipop?

After completing all pre requirements now start the process one by one.

Step 01 Download and install WSM tool apk and XinternalSd apk one by one on your Rooted android phone successfully.

Step 02 After installation now open WSM tool .

Step 03 In WSM tool you can see a “Install” button in the bottom of screen. Click on it.

swap apk

Step 04 Now a Popup will open in front of you for ROOT permission.[Allow Root Access]

wsm root access

Step 05 Now read confirmation message and Tap “OK”.

Step 06 Again a pop up will open to Reboot your device. Click ok and your phone will reboot instantly.

[Reboot Is Must To Configure The Setting]

Step 07 After reboot now open WSM tool again & you will see XinternalSd in module, just SWAP ON XinternalSD app. now reboot your phone again.

xexternal sd

Step 08 After Reboot now open XinternalSd app .here you will see “Path To Internal Sd card” option  and under this option you can see Path”/storage/sdcard1” [SDCARD0 is External card & Sdcard 1 Is internal]

Step 09 Make sure the path is path”/storage/sdcard1 and click on “Enable For All apps” and tick on “Enable For Apps” then choose which apps you want to move to external SD card.

Step 10 Now once again reboot your device.

Now all installing apps will be moved in sdcard and after it new app will use Sd card as a internal storage and you will never see low internal storage error .6this is all about how to swap internal storage with sd card in Kitkat and Lollipop android phone. Don’t think more about to vold.fstab file and enjoy your big games apps without getting any error.

After increasing internal storage now it’s the time to increase RAM on your android device.

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Swap Internal Storage With Sd Card In KitKat

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