How To Swap Internal Storage With Sd Card In KitKat And Lollipop

Swap Internal Storage With Sd Card In KitKat

are you using low internal storage android phone[kitkat 4.4 + version] then swap internal storage with sd card in kitkat and forget to buy new android phone ,just because of low internal space.swap internal to external and increase size or space of android phone easily.

In our past video and post you can see how to increase internal storage by swap internal storage with Sd Card in any android by changing Vold.fstab file but it has some serious limitation .after publishing a video about it ,we get lots of reply about vold.fstab file is missing .after research we found that vold.fstab file is not available in kitkat and loliipop android version. its really very strange situation for kitkat & lollipop users who really wants to.

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