How To Improve Google Rank ?

How To Improve Google Rank ?

improve Google rank fast

Why Google Rank is Important?

 #1 Google rank is dream for every site holder and also for a webmaster. It is not a easy task there are thousands of similar niche website on the internet .you have to beat all of them websites who are already on #1 in Google search engine. Remember No one can’t promise you to list your site on the top of Google Search. Google’s ranking calculation is a mystery .Google’s search engine uses a verity of method to determine which page will display in first page or on #1 rank. No one cant assume what algorithm they are using and how they calculate your Google rank. But there are so many methods by using you can improve your Google rank for batter result. But you can improve your website Google rank by doing SEO (search Engine Optimization) .

How Google Calculate Website’s google Rank?

Google’s algorithm, which calculate websites Google rank ,can seem enigma, changing over 500 times a year. If you go in past there was numbers of search engines to submit a site but now Google and Bing is mostly used search engines for any visitor. So here in this article we are focusing to get higher rank in major search engines like Google and Bing (Yahoo partner).

Unfortunately, there are no quick and easy way to make your website get more links or to turn up your site website on the first page. But you can improve your website Google rank by using some important steps and working with best strategies will definitely help you to get higher Google rank.

“Remember if you are playing with Google by Black Hat Technique, sooner or later Google will figure it out and change their formula and you will lost your Google rank as a falling knife. So just try to improve your rank with organic way and maintain your site forever and earn as much as you can.”

Article Index

  • Links
  • Publish Relevant Contents
  • Update your Contents regularly
  • Density Of Keywords
  • Keywords Research
  • On Page SEO Technique:
  • Organic Backlinks
  • Social Media
  • Improve SEO Technique
  • Quick Point To Improve Google Rank

Links:  Google ranking tends to be based on those blue links that you see on almost all websites .link is one of the biggest factor and you know it’s as a hyperlinks. Google looks at those words you use in links to help determine the content of your page. Google consider both incoming and outgoing links which are in your website. If you are using 100 of quality links on a single page, it will be on higher priority for Google in comparison to other who is using 20 quality links on the page. These quality links are belongs to other page-link which are on your website and also are on higher rank.

        So whenever you are going to publish any article or post on your site try to include other pages links in your article with related word or sentence .same as include other higher rank website links. But remember never use more outgoing links for other website. Main drawback is that your visitor can shift to other site. So it is good to use your own site links and linked all publish pages with each other by using hyperlinks. So Google bot can crawl your site deeply.

Publish Relevant Contents: quality is must for Google rank. Google works to serve information for their users and try to provide batter quality information, so quality information is most important for google.”Content Is king” and there is no substitute for great content.quality content is able to drive more traffic on your site ,which improves your site authority and relevance.

        Think like a user before writing an article .”how people will search you?’ “what keywords they can use to search?” “what information exactly they want to read from your site?”

          Keep all these questions in your mind before writing an article and try your best to serve your original and best information in front of your readers. Improve your writing skill and include all relevant information with proper title and keywords .don’t forget to use bold, italic, heading tags in article. Avoid keyword stuffing and try to write for readers not for Google rank.

Update your Contents regularly: it does not mean update daily but try to include some topic in past published articles or posts. Probably some time we need to include some important information with articles .search engines do, too. Google loves those sites who update their past published content regularly .it shows how much you are connected with your site and taking steps to serve batter for readers. It is a white hat SEO technique. Regularly updated content is viewed as one of the best indictors of a site relevancy.

     Same as, try to post two or three article once in a week. Regularly posting force to Google bot to Crawl your site again and again and also Google bot can assume when you can publish your next article. It is good to index you in Google’s Good Book.

Density Of Keywords : keywords density is another factor for Google search. If a reader tries to find any related information, Google bot crawl your data according to keyword and display a batter search result in front of web-searcher. Google bot consider your page by the keywords on your publish pages. In other words, how often the keyword occurs. Use only natural phrasing. Never ever try to use repeating again and again your keywords. Your keywords should be use naturally. Keyword stuffing doesn’t work and some times ,this type of behavior even get your site banned .use your keyword only to help Google Bot tell that what your page is actually about. Keep it in practice ,it will help Google to search your site.

      Your keywords density should not be more than 2%.

Keywords Research: Keywords research is important for Google Rank. By keyword research you can try what keywords or phrases peoples are using to find your website or what keywords are using by websites. You can target your keywords by keywords research.

  • Target On High Volume And Low Competition: target to consider hight volume keywords to achieve your Goal. Ideally, the keywords with the higher potential are ones with high volume but very low competition .use keywords planer to research your high volume keywords.
  • ADD Long Tail Keywords: long tail keywords also very good SEO technique to improve Google Rank. Today, most searches are not 1-keyword long, but included with 2-3 words keywords. Like if you are using Adsense it is single word keyword. But web user will never use this term of search ….they will search like “adsense earning”, ”make money by adsense” ,”adsense account” etc. so try to find target keyword with keyword planner and target long tail keyword to batter result.

On Page SEO Technique: as we all know Google is a software not a human being.Google Bot can crawl our publish post just because of SEO.with using a batter On page SEO we can tell all about our page to Google google bot can index publish page faster and can display it in front of webuser.if your publish page is not perfect technically ,it may be defucult for crawler to read and understand all of its content and you will drop your rank in search engines. So before publish a article try to follow all technical points are checked.

  • URLs Structure: URL structure is important factor in SEO .your url should be under 100 Character long only, use dashes instead of underscores and never use special characters. Correct your permalinks for batter appearance for example: if your urls is like this … then it’s wrong and no value of this link for Google Bot.set your Permalink like name and never use special character in your url.
  • Title Tags: try to use unique title tag 60 to 80 characters long for every page .it should be included with your keywords.
  • Meta Description: Meta description is another important factor for your website. it should be 160 character long and contain with keywords. Meta description helps to search engine to tell about your keywords and content.
  • Heading: heading is most important to attract your visitor and can force your visitor to click on them. It is part of the HTML of a page and they are visible to the visitors. There are 6 different heading in a page, use different heading H1 to H6 .it is must to include focus keyword in your H1 heading.
  • Duplicate Contents: duplicate content are never bearable for search engines. Always try your best to write quality and fresh content for a website. Duplicate content issue occurs when the same content exists on your website .in this condition search engines don’t know which version to include in the index. To avoid this problem try to find any duplicate content on your site and redirect that link to another link.

Organic Backlinks : backlinks are strong factor to improve your Google rank. But remember 100 of organic and high page backlinks are batter then 2000 of bad or spamming backlinks. organic and HPR backlinks helps to create domain authority and credibility of a website. If you are thinking to use paid backlinks then remember it will help you once to get higher rank in Google but you can also punish by Google or can be banned. There are so many method to get organic backlinks .yes it is slow process but long live process.

  • Comments: leave comment on high page ranked websites .
  • Guest Posting
  • Submit site on directories
  • Bookmarking websites
  • Discussion Forums
  • Yahoo Answers

Social Media: social media is a powerful source if you are finding a way to be a popular. You can share your websites with social media and can earn domain authority .social media are now a strong factor in SEO .you can improve your Google rank if you will get success to increase your website popularity. Here is most important and more famous social websites .setup your profile and increase your popularity so you can drive traffic on your site.

  • Google Plus
  • Pages)

Improve SEO Technique: SEO is important for any website to get higher rank in search engines. With a batter SEO technique you can improve visibility of your website in Google search .with SEO submit all possible weblinks so your visitor can easily reach to your site. More visibility directly affects your website traffic and you will improve your Google page rank.

No one is perfect in SEO it’s just a Art .you can do better with your experience .if you are newbie user then read our post “Common And Serious mistakes By Newbie Bloggers” and avoid mistakes that can hurt your site badly.

Quick Point To Improve Google Rank :

  • Unique and Fresh Content
  • Use Best SEO Strategy
  • Focus on keywords
  • Research target keyword
  • Index website in All Search Engines
  • Submit Sitemap
  • Use Google Analytic
  • Use Social Media
  • Create Domain Authority
  • Create Quality backlinks
  • Avoid Spam links On website
  • Leave valuable comment on HPR websites
  • Submit site to directories
  • Redirect To 404 error  or Broken links

so here in this article we tried our best to tell you how to to improve Google rank .quality content and fresh article is key of hard to serve best information for readers not for google rank.follow our article tips to improve google rank and boost your ranking easily.remember you cant get success just in a single day .you will see result within 2 or 3 month.till then follow process and avoid spam links these spam links can hurt your ranking and will affect your site badly.

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