Why You Should Use WordPress For website Or Blog

Why You Should Use WordPress For website Or Blog

Why You Should Use WordPress For website Or Blog

Mostly beginners who want to start their own site or any blog they mostly ask these questions like … why should use WordPress for website? Should I have to switch on wordPress ? If these all question also in your mind or you are new and want to start a website or blog then seriously on right place. Here we are writing few reasons why you should use WordPress for Website or blog, how you can use it and which famous companies are using this platform.

What Is WordPress : it’s interesting that most of people think WordPress is just a Blogging platform. Yes it is .but it’s now past. wordPress has involved throughout the year into versatile content management system (CMS ).WordPress is currently fastest growing CMS software. Initially, it was largely associated with blog but now its developers expanded its functionality so now you can create your website with same platform.

              Best part of wordpress platforms is that it’s so easy to use and flexible .its also has number of Plugins which allow you to do batter with your website and provide you easy tool for your website. If you are not a professional website developer then don’t worry ,you can use WordPress plugins and make your task easy. According the recent survey WordPress powers 23%+ of all website on the internet and its first choice for professional or any newbie user.

Why You Should Use WordPress For website Or Blog

Watch out Who Are Using WordPress : it’s easy and flexible and most important its fully SEO friendly so many of top brand are using wordPress platform to run their website.

  1. http://techcrunch.com/
  2. bbcamerica.com
  3. http://www.newyorker.com/
  4. http://variety.com/
  5. http://www.sonymusic.com/
  6. http://www.mtv.com/news/
  7. https://www.ebayinc.com/stories/news?
  8. http://stores.bestbuy.com/
  9. http://www.bata.com/
  10. http://www.bata.com/


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Here are few reason Why You Should Use WordPress For Website Or Blog ……………………………………………

WordPress Is Free To Use: yes wordPress is totally free to use .it’s a free software, it means you can create your website or blog free here, you can download free, install free, use it free and modify it according to you .it’s a open source platform that means source codes are available for any one for study and can modify it if you have knowledge about coding.

          A huge benefit of WordPress is its Plugins and Plugins are also free for use. There are currently 2700+ wordPress themes and 31000+ Plugins and all these are free. Just download, install and use it on your blog or websites.

WordPress Is Easy To Use : WordPress is used by millions of people and day by day numbers of users are increasing fastly.its happening because its really very easy to use if you are not a professional webdeveloper and you have no any knowledge about software coding then don’t think about that .just buy your Hosting ,Domain and run your website by using wordpress. Basically our article is useful for those who are not so much aware about WordPress or they are searching a good platform to start their first website or blog.

WordPress Themes And Plugins : most of peoples are using WordPress because of its free Themes and Plugins.its not important that you are web designer or not. You can design your own website by using its free tools.

      There are thousands of free themes to choose for your website and you can give any look to your site as you want.you can choose according to your niche like ….photography theme, magazine theme etc.you can also use e-commerce themes if you want to start. You can use customize option from the panel and can change logo, can change color, background and also select sidebar place.

       Same as themes there are so many Plugins and these are also free for use. By using these plugins you can submit your sitemap on search engines, can attach social bookmarking links etc.

No HTML Editing or FTP Software required: wordpress is a self contained based system so you don’t need to add any HTML editing software or do you not need to be and a “internet geek” to make any change.just write your content and create a page or post and upload your document,images,videos and audio and publish it for the world.no need any FTP software for it.

WordPress Is Best For SEO : SEO is important for any website to drive traffic on website or blog. Its search engines friendly because wordpress is written using standard compliance high quality code and produces semantic mark up which makes your website very attractive to any search engines including Google Search engine.

           You can make your site more SEO friendly by using WordPress SEO Plugins.so use wordpress for website.

WordPress Is Good For Both Blog and Website: it’s true that wordpress started out his business for blogging system but that was ages ago. Over the year wordpress has involved in full function web content management system to manage wordpress websites. Now you can start your blog or any website by using wordpress platform. You can choose lots of themes and plugins for your website for batter appearance.

WordPress Is Easy To Manage: one more best quality about it that it is easy to mange .wordpress comes with built-in updater that allow you to update your all plugins and themes and WordPress version. Just click and start all update of your site. You can use automated regular WordPress Backup and keep safe your site contents. wordpress core release update for security or if they find any bug .they fix them by updating and you can do it just in a single click.

WordPress safety : WordPress is full safe platform for website .its developed with security in mind .if you want to avoid security problem use wordpress for website.

You Can Choose Different Media Types: by using WordPress platform you are not limited for only test writing. It also come with built in support to handle different media option like images ,videps .you can also attach YouTube video ,instagram photos ,Tweets and audio by just pasting the URLs in website post.

Mobile Friendly: yes now a day all website need to mobile friendly otherwise it affect your ranking badly .so every time for any website it’s important to be a smart phone and tablet friendly. If you are using WordPress for website or blog then you don’t have to be more concerned about that. wordpress is ready for mobile web. Means your customer would not challenged to use your website on their Smartphone.

        One more important thing you can easily manage your website with your Smartphone from anywhere. wordpress dashboard is designed to work on Smartphone as well as full size PC.

WordPress Is More Than just A Blog : yes it was a blogging platform at the starting but now a day it is not just a blogging platform ,today it allow you to design a beautiful website with lots of Plugins .you can do batter SEO for your site with its Plugins.

Publish Your Content with A single Click: if you are working hard to write any article and need to publish immediately then No problem. When you had completed your article then publish it for world within a single click and it will be online for your visitor. There are numbers of mobile Apps that allow you to publish your content from anywhere.

NOTE : above few points are just only some example .we are here just trying to tell you why WordPress is so popular and how you can use it.

             I hope this article answered your lots of question about WordPress. Just try it if you are going to start your new blog or website and share your personal experience with us by comment .if you like our article then you can also write for us and share it for the world.

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