Google Webmaster Tool Complete guide for Beginner “s (Updated)

Google Webmaster Tool Complete guide for Beginner’s

google webmaster tool guide

Google webmaster tool is most important tool for SEO for any site, which is free tool provided by .if you have any website or blog and you want to index your site in Google search then you should be use a Google webmaster tool .here I am going to teach you that how to submit your site on Google and how to SEO for site by Google webmaster tool with all possible details and step by step screen-shot.

    Before submit any site complete your all content or article because you don’t want that Google bot crawl your empty or broken web pages.

Submit your site on Google: for setting up your site on Google use this link and submit your website Domain name

submit site on google

same as you can submit your site on bing. remember you have to submit your site on all major search engines for batter search rank.

  • How to Check Site is indexed in Google :   After submit your site on Google search you can also submit it on other search engine like yahoo, bing, ask etc. it can take some time to appear in Google search ,you can check it easily that your site is indexed in search engine or not .

  simply Type Site: (domain replace by your site name ) in Google search engine.

  • Add website in Webmaster tool   :  After submit your site on Google search engine, now you are ready to add your site in webmaster tool for full SEO of your site .by using webmaster tool you can monitor and can improve your site appearance in Google search engine.

Now open webmaster tool by login in Google account .Here in this welcome window you can see an “Add A SITE” button click on it and Fill your site name and submit it .see screen shot for better understanding.

add site

Verify Site Ownership – Important:  After adding your website now you have to verify that you are an owner of this site .you can use one of method for verification of website ownership.

site verifaction

  • Verify by Meta tag or Html tag: for this method click on HTML tag check box. Copy your Meta tag and paste it in your site home page Remember it should be in <head> section, before <body> section.

html verifaction

  • If you are using HTML tag for verification so download your HTML file and upload it in your site.

html verifaction

  • Domain name Provider verification or Add a DNS Record: you can use this option if you can login in your domain and web hosting provider account and can add a new DNS record.
  • Link Google Analytics: Uses this option makes sure you have a Google Analytics account and Google Analytics tracking code and link it to your website.

Once you have verified your site ownership, you are now ready to start Google Webmaster tool .most of section of webmaster tool will not show you any data for couple of days.once Google bot will start crawl your site then you can see your crawl status ,index status etc in webmaster you are ready to understand your Google webmaster this post we are including all section step by step .readout carefully for batter monitoring and configuration of your site .


Dashboard section – Google Webmaster Tool

Dashboard: once your site is verified by any above method you can see your website Data on Google webmaster tool dashboard .dashboard gives you all information of your website like traffic on site,sitelinks,index status,crawl error etc .Google bot crawl any error in crawling your WebPages or not, how much links are index in Google search.

Google webmaster tool dashboard

Website SEO By Using Google Webmaster Tool : as we all know no one is perfect same as Google is not perfect .Google need some help to understand all about your website .so we need to configure your site so  Google can do batter for your site.submit some other necessary details on google webmaster tool.

Crawl Section

crwal section

Sitemap: when we submit our website to Google it can take only few web pages for index .so for more pages we need to create a sitemap for better indexing and better result in Google search .so that we can generate huge traffic .if you have 50 post in your site then your aim should be indexed all over 50 pages.

                With a sitemap Google can determine that how many web pages are there on your site .so Google can index them for better search.

Sitemap should be in XML format and keep 50000 URLs max or be larger than 10 Megs .if you have more than this condition can split up your sitemap in multiple and submit our full post on “How To Create XML Sitemap

wt sitemap

Now you can see that how many web pages are indexed in Google search .Google indexing depend on many factor and main factor is that your web pages content should be unique and fresh.

   If your all pages are not index its mean that may be they are not unique or fresh .so try to make good quality content and work on non indexed pages.

NOTE: goal should be Index all WebPages to generate more traffic and it can be done by providing new, fresh, strong contents to Google .its improve your site rank in Google.

Crawl Errors: When you submit your website in Google and create your sitemap after then Google bot ready to crawl your WebPages. And start indexing your web links in Google search .but in process it found broken link or bad link .that’s the crawl error. 

   Google crawl error shows you that there are any problem with your site in web or mobile phone .mostly you found error 404 that’s mean that Google bot not find that web page link or if any visitor will click on your indexed link and your content pages are not displaying then it will also show you 404 Error.reade our full post on ” How to track 404 error and redirect them“.

404 error

Resolve 404 errors by 301, redirecting to the appreciate page by change the destination Url link or you can restore their content.

Crawl State: crawl stats are simple to understand that webmaster tool crawl Stats shows stats of crawling rate of Google bot. if you have lots of web pages so Google bot should be crawl most of pages on daily basis or weekly basis .mostly GMT shows 90 days Crawl stats .if you have enough pages to crawl but Google bot not crawling most of them so there are some problem.

   Remember GMT provide Crawl stats only for Verified website or blog .so at first verify your website by above method and get ready to see your website Crawl stats.

 gmt crawl state

 Fetch as Google: by Google fatch you can see that how Google bot read your pages and how they appear in Google search .

     For this you have to type yourself and click on fatch now you can see GMT could successfully read it or not .by Google fetching you can assure that your site or pages are user friendly or not (term of SEO). 

Robots.txt Tester: robots.txt tester provide information about blocked urls .because we don’t want to publish our all URLs on Google like Login detail, RSS etc.

By this we can block desired content URLs or also can see blocked URLs which are blocked by accidently because of SEO . By creating a robots.txt file we can block all search engines to show that pages .

NOTE: use   to check multiple URLs.


Sitelinks : sitelinks are automatically generated link about your website in Google search result .you can use this option if you want or can demote this function .its depends website owner what he want .



It’s a most popular section of google webmaster tool .its a search quarry section. Here you can see number of impression ,clicks, average position and click through rates.

Backlinks/links to your site :  it is incoming links .these are that links which are coming from other website to your site .its called backling generation. it’s a  technique to generate a traffic on your site .













Be remember these backlinks should be genuine  .never use black hat technique for .Google will decrease your site rank or some time they blocked you for search in Google. Natural commenting on high level blog is a good way to create links.

Internal Links : interlink shows all your  links are in your website .you can also download this table here.

International Targeting : by international targeting section you can target your audience according their language or their location .you can choose your country where you want to show it mostly.

    Because if you have 1+ website its depend on you that what’s type of contents you are providing and for which country its more useful .

international targeting

Google Index Section

In Google Index section you will see little more information about indexed pages or URL .

Index Status : when we indexed our web link or pages to search engine to crawl there are common problem 404 errors .this is because of Google bot can’t find that page .we also use robots.txt file for not to show desired web pages or links in Google search engine .

   So in that case Index Status section give us complete details of indexed or non indexed pages in graph .here we can see easily that how many pages are indexed and how many pages are blocked by robots.

index status

Keywords :keywords are most important part of any website to be rank high in Google search .this section show you detail of relevant keyword are using in your website and how many types they are appearing in site .you will see top keyword you are using in your website content.

content keywords

In example you can see chopra are in two variants and in which web pages are used mostly .

content keywords

Security Issues

Security section will allow you to see if there is any issue related by malware or being hacked. If anything going wrong with your site you will get a massage from Google regarding this problem. If Google will find a problem then your site will flagged as affected. Once you resolve your problem then you can send request to review your site again.

Other Resources Section

Other resources section is also very useful section .this section will allow you to use many other tool to improve your site efficiency .we are sharing you a screen shot you can easily understand it.

other resourse

Conclusion :GMT is most useful and free SEO tool.GMT provide you a free full hold on your website and also one place for monitoring with batter and easy way.if are not making it ,you should start right now.follow all post guideline and improve your traffic rank in Google search engine.

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