How Google Adsense Pay In India-Payment Mode

How Google Adsense Pay In India?

Google Adsense is the well known and undoubtedly best monetization technique used by most of bloggers. if you try to find there are lots of successful stories about who are making money by Google Adsense. However it is quite confusing for newbie users. It is fact that getting Google adsense account is little bit hard for new user until they don’t try best way for it. Google already made its dashboard very simple to use and also attach the help pages for their users if they have any question or feeling any problem to understand Google Adsense. But still there are lots of unsatisfied users and facing problem like…

  • How google Adsense pay in India?
  • How to get adsense account approval?
  • Why Google Adsense teem ban some account?
  • What is adsense policy?

adsense for india

I am telling you it is so simple for use once you get adsense account .just follow adsense account policy and try to understand how it work and how you can do batter? Once all the things will be clear in your mind then no one can’t stop you .but before it you have to follow some Google Adsense account guideline. Here in this post we are showing you how Google Adsense pay in India and what is the payment mode of Google adsense in India?

Your Question – How Google Adsense Pay In India? Google adsense has different types of payment mode for different countries. Like….

  1. EFT transfer (Electronic Fund Transfer)
  2. Direct Cheque payment
  3. Western Union Quick Cash

It is hard to say but fact is getting Google adsense account in India, Pakistan is not so easy  as it is in U.S. ,U.K. ,Australia. Because of India and Pakistan are not in Good book of Google. Mostly due to issue of spam and fake Account in India. This is probhited in adsense policy.

  If we talk about payment mode, Google adsense allow receiving your payment via Cheque or EFT. You can choose anything according to can payout your adsense amount once you reached threshold amount $100 .adsense convert your dollar amount in INR and then make the payment. If you payout your amount via Cheque then you will receive adsense cheque after 10 to 15 days and after then it will take few more days for bank clearance. Just because of this reason some user don’t like this policy of  adsense.

 After getting many request finally they started EFT payment for Indian publishers. They know very well India is Big market to sell anything.

Recommendation for New users

  • Fill the correct information at the time of signup in Google Adsense account.
  • Your contact detail and your Bank Account name should be same as in Adsense Account.
  • Never use fake address in adsense account.Adsense always verifies your address by sending you a PIN number.
  • Without verifying your address (PIN NUMBER) you cant get your cheque.
  • May be in future Google will start telephone support for is already in beta testing.
  • You can payout your amount once your account will reach threshold amount $100.

Choose Your Payment mode: you can choose your payment mode as you want .Google Adsense has provide two types of Payment mode for Indian publishers. Payment via Cheque Or Payment Via EFT{Electronic Fund Transfer}.

  • Login in your Google Adsense Account.
  • Click on right side gear Box and Choose “Payment”
  • Now click on “payment Setting” on right side bar. And choose your Payment mode(Direct Cheque or EFT)

payment option

How Google Adsense Pay Via Cheque In India

Remember one thing You can payout your money once you reached to Payout threshold limit $100.just request for payout by login in  your Google Adsense Account .Google adsense team send cheques to their Indians publisher via local courier it may be Blue dart without any hidden charges. Blue dart courier will reach to your address within 10-20 days. If you are living in other interior area of India and if there are blue Dart courier services are not available then Google Adsense will send you your cheque via registered post. Then your cheque receiving time can be one month. If Adsense will send you your cheque via Blue dart courier service then you can keep eyes on your cheque. Open blue Dart courier service website and track your courier easily.

       Login in your adsense account and click on the payment section. There you can find your full payment detail with your blue dart courier tracking number. Generally you get Payment Number in format like”07856988”.simply remove”0” from  the listed number “7856988”.finally this your reference number. Now you can track your courier by using this reference number. If any how you will not receive your Cheque within 60 days check your address detail once again in Google Adsense Account .if all are OK then fill Cheque not received form .adsense will reissue a Cheque for you.

How Google Adsense Pay Via EFT In India

now if you are using EFT payment mode then it is a good choice .you can save your time and can receive your payment easily and faster in comparison of receiving Cheque. If you choose EFT for payment then you will see a simple and single page .just fill all required detail and submit it and save your change.

EFT fund transfer

There are two important information in the form that you have to fill. IFSC code and SWFT-BIC Code. IFSC code you can find online if you want to try or can find on your Bank Cheque. But for SWFT code you have contact with your bank customer care and ask for it. For example if you are using an ICICI bank account they will tell you two SWFT code {ICICINBBINR & CASHUS33XXX} .you have to use only INR code .

NOTE: if you are using ICICI bank or any other Bank please reconfirm once before using anything.

Now click on “save payment” .that’s it. Now you will receive your payment from Google Adsense directly in your account via EFT without any delay.

till now if you don’t  have Google adsense account then create Google Adsensse Account and get fast approval for adsense account.

In this post we tried to include all possible way that how you can payout your adsense amount via chrque or EFT. choose anything as you want. But try to use EFT facility for batter services.

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