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Tamil Movies Download Isaimini movies

There is a number of movies lovers in whole over the world. That’s why many users love to spend their daily free time watching movies, Tv shows, web series, and animated movies etc. Most of them prefer the cinema hall to watch latest tamil movies, Hollywood hindi dubbed movies, and new Bollywood movies. But actually, it is not the same for all.

Till now many people don’t have enough time to go picture hall to watch movies. Similarly, many student budgets don’t allow them to spend money on movies. These are some simple examples to understand the different kinds of viewers.

So as I told you, there are different types of viewers in our communities. That’s why choices are different for everyone. A large number of viewers love to watch new movies on their android smartphones and laptop. These types of viewership increase the pirated movies websites to stream copyright content.

In our previous post, we already talked about Bollywood movie downloading sites or Hollywood Hindi dubbed movies site and web series streaming sites like mp4movies, extramovies, filmywap etc. But today we are going to discuss Tamil HD Movies Download website 2022-2021.

Tamil Movies Download – Isaimini movies

Without any doubt very few sites are legal and authorized to stream movies online and users have to pay for this. But it’s not same for all because everyone doesn’t want to purchase monthly subscription pack to watch and download latest movies.

This type of viewer’s community promotes pirated movies sites. As a result there is, numbers of free movies downloading sites are available on internet those allow users to download and watch free movies without any paid subscription.

Recently I was visiting on forum and found that a large number of peoples are searching for “tamil movies download site 2020” or “how to download tamil movies in HD format” or “Hindi dubbed tamil movies site” etc. Fortunately, there is a number of website list is available for Tamil movie downloading.

Of cause, many of them spam or unwanted links from other website holders to increase site traffic. But I was surprise to find the “isaimini movies 2020 – isaiminiweb.com”. After visiting on their official site we found that the site of the isaimini movie is offering a huge collection of Tamil movies including the latest tamil and Telugu movies. The website owner of isaimini movies 2020 listed all the tamil movies according to the year of publishing. It’s really surprising for me.

Just because it we decide to crack its legality and want to know how they are listing new HD tamil movies collection without restriction?

After visiting on some tamil movies downloading link we found that they are redirecting the Moviesda site link. So now it’s clear that Tamil isaimini.co is the proxy site of Moviesda HD movies. Both are the same some site and redirecting the links on each other to manipulate the cyber cell police.

If you try to search on Google for Moviesda movies downloading site history, you will find that Moviesda was the most popular movies downloading site for Tamil movies in 2019. Indian government restricted this site domain many time to server tamil movies downloading links. So they launched a new proxy site as isaimini.co and redirect the complete Moviesda site on it. Now the result is “Moviesda” & “isaimini” both are the most popular sites in the movies piracy field.

“Moviesda” & “isaimini” both are the same pirated website for 300mb, 700mb Tamil, Telugu Movies downloading free. Here visitors can watch and download new released tamil movies including different dubbed languages. It’s a completely free site that you could be used to watch amusement motion pictures out of movies for fully free.

We can also compare Isaimini tamil movies site with piracy king Tamilrocker.mv. But the basic difference is that Tamilrocker is involved to leak all the latest bollywood, Hollywood, bangle, and Maharashtra movies before the official release.  In the past history there is no any clue of movies leaking by Isaimini site. But you can found the new tamil movies on the same day of release. Additionally, this Website has the potential of leaking New Tamil Movies or Even Telugu Movies.

These are the main reason of popularity of Isaimini Moviesda 2020 website. In single word, Moviesda Isaimini site is a hub of HD tamil movies where you can watch all types of Tamil and Telugu movies for free.

One more fact about Tamil Isaimini Moviesda 2020 is that this site has a very simple and non-professional web page. But its free tamil movies database and collection is the main attraction. The number of free tamil movies downloading links allows user to find their favorite movies from the listed category.

Different Categories Of Isaimini Moviesda 2022 – 2021

Here on this site you will see two main categories for Tamil HD movies. First is “Moviesda 2019” and second is “Tamil Dubbed Movies”. Both categories are also categorized in different sections according the year of movies.

If you are from North India and want to watch tamil movies in hindi, you can download hindi dubbed tamil movie from Tamil Dubbed Movies section.

Moviesda 2019

[+] Tamil 2020 Movies

[+] Tamil 2019 Movies

[+] Tamil 2018 Movies

[+] Tamil 2017 Movies

[+] Tamil 2016 Movies

[+] Tamil 2015 Movies

[+] Tamil Movies Collection

[+] Tamil Movies [Single Part] [+] Tamil HD Mobile Movies

[+] Tamil Movies Update [Daily]

Tamil Dubbed Movies

[+] Tamil A-Z Dubbed Movies

[+] Tamil 2019 Dubbed Movies

[+] Tamil 2018 Dubbed Movies

[+] Tamil 2017 Dubbed Movies

[+] Tamil 2016 Dubbed Movies

[+] Tamil Dubbed Collections [All] [+] Tamil Yearly Dubbed Movies

[+] Tamil Genres Dubbed Movies

[+] Tamil HD Dubbed Movies [Daily Updates] [+] Hollywood Movies in (English)

Listed Movies In Tamil Movies Dubbed Section

Here are some examples of hindi dubbed movies in Tamil dubbed section.

[+] Super Man Duology Collections

[+] Star Wars Hexalogy Collections

[+] Indiana Jones Duology Collections

[+] Stuart Little Movie Collections

[+] Jurassic Park Trilogy Collections

[+] Air Bud Duology Collections

[+] Batman Triology Collections

[+] Terminator Pentalogy Collections

[+] The Matrix Trilogy Collections

[+] Total Recall Duology Collections

[+] Race Duology Movie Collections

[+] Ong Bak Trilogy Collections

[+] Anaconda Trilogy Collections

[+] Species Duology Collections

[+] XXX Duology Collections

[+] The Ring Duology Collections

[+] Aliens Quadrilogy Collections

[+] Transporter Duology Collections

[+] The Chronicles Of Narnia Trilogy Collections

[+] Tarzan Quadrilogy Collections

List of Movies

  1. The Batman Movie (2022) Dual Audio (Hindi-English)
  2. Download Dragon Eyes Movie (2012) Dual Audio (Hindi-English) 480p [380MB] | 720p [920MB] | 1080p [2GB]
  3. House at the End of the Street Movie (2012) Dual Audio (Hindi-English) 480p [370MB] | 720p [1GB]
  4. Wild Card Movie (2015) Dual Audio (Hindi-English) 480p [400MB] | 720p [1.2GB] | 1080p [2GB]
  5. Lady Bloodfight Movie (2016) Dual Audio (Hindi-English) 480p [350MB] | 720p [950MB] | 1080p [2GB]
  6. Fan Ji aka Counter Attack Movie (2021) Dual Audio (Hindi-English) 480p [350MB] | 720p [950MB] | 1080p [2GB]
  7. Tai Chi Hero Movie (2012) Dual Audio (Hindi-English) 480p [430MB] | 720p [1.2GB]
  8. My Wonderful Life Movie (2021) English {Subtitles Added} 480p [500MB] | 720p [900MB] | 1080p [2.3GB]
  9. Pursuit Movie (2022) English {Subtitles Added} 480p [300MB] | 720p [900MB] | 1080p [1.8GB]
  10. Licorice Pizza Movie (2021) Dual Audio (Hindi-English) 480p [500MB] | 720p [900MB] | 1080p [2.3GB]
  11. The Batman Movie (2022) CAMRip English {Subtitles Added} 480p [500MB] | 720p [1.9GB]
  12. 18+ From Straight A’s To XXX Movie (2017) English {Subtitles Added} 480p [300MB] | 720p [600MB]
  13. Against The Ice Movie (2022) Dual Audio (Hindi-English) 480p [400MB] | 720p [1.2GB] | 1080p [2GB]
  14. Black Water Movie (2018) Dual Audio (Hindi-English) 480p [400MB] | 720p [1.2GB] | 1080p [2.5GB]
  15. Download Gasoline Alley Movie (2022) English {Subtitles Added} 480p [300MB] | 720p [800MB]

Si-Fi Movies List

  1. Doomsday Movie (2015) Dual Audio (Hindi-English) 480p [400MB] | 720p [1.2GB]
  2. Xenophobia Movie (2019) Dual Audio (Hindi-English) 480p [400MB] | 720p [1.2GB]
  3. AI Love You Movie (2022) English {Subtitles Added} 480p [500MB] | 720p [900MB] | 1080p [2.3GB]
  4. Reset Movie (2017) Dual Audio (Hindi-English) 480p [300MB] | 720p [800MB]
  5. Shockwave Countdown to Disaster Movie (2017) Dual Audio (Hindi-English) 480p [300MB] | 720p [1GB]
  6. The Adventure of A.R.I. My Robot Friend Movie (2020) Dual Audio (Hindi-English) 480p [300MB] | 720p [1GB]
  7. The Humanity Bureau Movie (2017) Dual Audio (Hindi-English) 480p [300MB] | 720p [800MB] | 1080p [2GB]
  8. The Intergalactic Adventures of Max Cloud Movie (2020) Dual Audio (Hindi-English) 480p [300MB] | 720p [850MB] | 1080p [1.7GB]
  9. The Maze Runner Movie (2014) Dual Audio (Hindi-English) 480p [350MB] | 720p [950MB] | 1080p [2.3GB]
  10. The Chronicles of Riddick Movie (2004) Dual Audio (Hindi-English) 480p [400MB] | 720p [1GB]
  11. Species II Movie (1998) Dual Audio (Hindi-English) 480p [350MB] | 720p [1GB]
  12. Riddick Movie (2013) Dual Audio (Hindi-English) 480p [400MB] | 720p [1.1GB]
  13. Pitch Black Movie (2000) Dual Audio (Hindi-English) 480p [400MB] | 720p [1GB]
  14. RoboCop Movie (2014) Dual Audio (Hindi-English) 480p [400MB] | 720p [1GB] | 1080p [2GB]

English Movies List

  1. My Wonderful Life Movie (2021) English {Subtitles Added} 480p [500MB] | 720p [900MB] | 1080p [2.3GB]
  2. Pursuit Movie (2022) English {Subtitles Added} 480p [300MB] | 720p [900MB] | 1080p [1.8GB]
  3. The Batman Movie (2022) CAMRip English {Subtitles Added} 480p [500MB] | 720p [1.9GB]
  4. 18+ From Straight A’s To XXX Movie (2017) English {Subtitles Added} 480p [300MB] | 720p [600MB]
  5. Gasoline Alley Movie (2022) English {Subtitles Added} 480p [300MB] | 720p [800MB]
  6. Ted K Movie (2021) English {Subtitles Added} 480p [500MB] | 720p [900MB] | 1080p [2.3GB]
  7. Fireheart Movie (2022) English {Subtitles Added} 480p [500MB] | 720p [900MB] | 1080p [2.3GB]
  8. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves Movie (1991) English {Subtitles Added} 480p [300MB] | 720p [800MB]
  9. Downfall: The Case Against Boeing Movie (2022) English {Subtitles Added} 480p [300MB] | 720p [800MB]
  10. AI Love You Movie (2022) English {Subtitles Added} 480p [500MB] | 720p [900MB] | 1080p [2.3GB]
  11. The Kings Daughter Movie (2022) English {Subtitles Added} 480p [300MB] | 720p [800MB]
  12. The Assistant Movie (2019) English {Subtitles Added} 480p [300MB] | 720p [800MB]
  13. The Fallout Movie (2021) English {Subtitles Added} 480p [350MB] | 720p [950MB]
  14. The Requin Movie (2022) English {Subtitles Added} 480p [350MB] | 720p [750MB]
  15. The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild Movie (2022) English {Subtitles Added} 480p [] | 720p [800MB]

Why want isaimini over tamilrockers?

Isaimini and tamil rocker both are involved in movies piracy and without any doubt both are unauthorized. This is same for both sites. But fact is that tamilrockers is a piracy king and much popular in comparison of Isaimini 2020 website.

Sometime this popularity of tamilrockers is also drawback for this site and many user moved to Isaimini site 2020. Let me explain why?

As we already told you, tamilrockers is piracy king. That’ way Indian government keeps close eye on their activities. Many time Indian Government closed their account and domain name under the piracy act. So they need to change the domain name very frequently. This changing drops the visitor traffic because sometime it is very difficult to find the official site link. The common modifications in domains make the folks to remain away for a while.

Additionally, millions and millions users visit on Tamilrocker at the same time. In that case, sometime their server crashed or shut down. In same manner, if you try to download any movies from Tamilrocker site it will take more time because of large amount of visitors. It’s also thought-about to be one of many major causes that why most people are visiting isaimini.

Another reason is, isaimini is specifically for Tamil movies. So mostly tamil movies lovers visit this site to watch tamil movie online. Otherwise, there are many other good websites are available to download Hollywood and bollywood movies.

These factors make the folks to visit on isaimini site and seek for the varied new tamil movies to download in HD high quality.

Isaimini Alternatives : Sites Like Isaimini For Tamil Films / Movies

We all are living in the digital world. That’s way Isaimini is not only one player in movies download section. Aside from Isaimini web site, many other similar sites are available to download latest bollywood movies and Hollywood action hindi dubbed movies.

Particularly, individuals who all are trying to download the tamil movies for free, the Isaimini movie site is the best place for you. But alternatively, you can go ahead with below-listed websites for new tamil movies. Let’s take a look at a few of the websites the place folks largely go to and download the tamil movies at any time with none hassles.

  • Tamilrockers
  • Tamilgun
  • Moviesda
  • Isaidub

Other movies downloading sites – Download Hollywood, Bollywood, Web Series, TV Shows

Please Note : Isaimini 2020 and all above listed alternatives are free movies downloading sites. But remember, these sites are illegal and they don’t have any official right to stream movies online. Additionally, they can’t share any movies downloading link under the digital copyright act. We and our site is not promoting any movies site. It’s only for information purpose.

Legal Alternatives Of Tamil Isaimini 2020 Web Site

If you are one of them who don’t link to watch movies in theater or don’t have much time for this? And still want to watch movies at your own home on your pc and mobile then we suggest you subscribe paid legal movies streaming sites. On these paid platforms you can watch free movies, daily TV shows, hindi Web series, dubbed web series and Hollywood movies easily.

Sometime illegal new tamil movies downloading sites can be a reason of online fraud or they can steal your private data too. In order to prevent any fraud, we have enlisted some of the best and legal alternatives of Isaimini tamil movies 2020.

Qualities Of Isaimini Site

IsaiDub.Com site is fully dedicated website for Tamil and Telugu movies. In short, most of the listed movies on IsaiDub or Isaimini are in Tamil language. Second main thing is, here you will see movies downloading link in ultra HD quality and MP4 quality.

Simple and easy to understand user interface helps users to download new movies in Tamil language in easy steps. Choose the movies according the year of release or search the movie with name to get the downloading link.

IsaiDub or Isaimini is an illegal movie download site that is the reason Google adsense never allows to place ads.  So this site uses the third party ads network to generate revenue. Just because of third party ads network, you may face some pop up ads during the download.

But good thing is that there is no misleading downloads button and redirection. That is really good for visitors.

Different video formats allow you to download movies of your own choice. Each and every movie links are available with screenshot of picture. So you can identify the actual quality of the movie before downloading.

Smartphone customers could obtain 100 MB and 300 MB movies of their cellphone, this attribute is kind of stunning for mobile customers since they will obtain extra footage in fewer internet knowledge and fewer storage.

Another specialty of the Isaimini website is that it offers to download Android apps, Lyrics, Movie-subtitles, HD wallpapers, etc. too.

My Isaimini 2020 HyperLinks

Just because Moviesdas.Me or IsaiDub or Isaimini are illegal sites and Indian government is very strict on these types of site. So it is really very hard to find the exact domain name of Isaimini.co site.

Because of the restriction, Google de-indexed this site’s official link, and every time they come again with new hyperlinks and proxy links. Here we are adding some active and expired domain names of the Isaimini website for free tamil movie download.



tamilrockers moviesda




moviesda com

moviesda in



my moviesda .com




moviesda internet

Kuttymovies .in


moviesda torrent


isaimini moviesda


Meta Tags Used By Isaimini 2020 For SEO

All the webmasters know the importance of SEO [Search engine optimization]. Just because Isaimini tamil movie download site is not a blog and they don’t have any blog post on the site then it’s very hard apply SEO techniques.

To resolve this issue they uses the on page SEO technique – Website Meta Tag And Description.

At this time Isaimini is using the below meta tags to make it more popular in Google search engine.

Meta Tags Of Isaimini  : Moviesda 2019 Movies Download Moviesda Tamil 2019 Movies Download Moviesda.net 2019 Mobile Movies Download Moviesda 2019 HD Movies Download Moviesda 2019 Download MyMoviesda.Com Tamil Moviesda New 720p HD 5.1 Movies Download Tamil 2019 Movies Moviesda Download MyMoviesda Home Page
Meta Description : TamilRockers Movies – Moviesda HD Movies – IsaiDub Dubbed Movies – Moviesda 2019 Movies – TamilGun Movies Download – TamilRockers 2019 Movies – TamilRockers 2020 Movies – Tamil Dubbed Movies – Tamil Movies 2018 – TamilYogi HD Movies – Moviesda 2020 Movies – Isaimini 2020 Movies – Tamil Mp3 Songs – IsaiDub 2020 Movies

Top Sites That Are Providing The Same Information

Isaiminiweb.com is the official site which is providing the Tamil and telugu movies downloading link but many other sites are also providing the same information. Here is a list of sites that are describing all about the Isaiminiweb to gain organic traffic.

Tamil movies download – isaimini movies 2020 – checkersaga

cinevoly Tamil movies download – isaimini movies 2020

Isaimini 2020 Website: Tamil New Movies Download: Isaimini Mp3 Songs – Is it safe website ? – telegraphstar

Tamil Movies Download

Recent Leaks Made By Isaimini In 2019 – 2020?

Leaks Made By Isaimini
Leaks Made By Isaimini
  • Iruttu
  • Rio Raj in Plan Panni Pannanum
  • Irumbu Manithan
  • Jurassic Thunder
  • The Grudge
  • Kumbalangi Nights
  • Oru Adaar Love
  • Lucifer
  • Virus
  • Luca
  • Isakkinte Ithihasam
Is Isaimini Safe for Surfing and Downloading Movies?

Absolutely not! Not any torrent site including Isaimini is safe for downloading movies from the unofficial links. As these sites claim to download latest leaked movies within one click but it’s not fact. They uses the third party ads to make money, so these link can create a problem for you. So you have to more careful at the time of visiting on any link.

Similarly, Isaiminiweb tamil HD movie site is illegal pirated movie downloading site which is acceptable for cyber police and Indian government. If you are thinking that you are only downloading the movies but remember, downloading and sharing any movie link is also a illegal activity.  So police can take action against you.

How People Download Tamil Movies From Isaimini Website?

Isaimini tamil movie download site 2020 is a free torrent site and run by more than five Tamilian website holders. That’s why to may see Moviesdas.Me or IsaiDub or Isaimini on the same site. Just because these are illegal sites and Google can ban their official site link, so they run the site with different domain and site name.

In india people can’t access Moviesdas.Me or IsaiDub or Isaimini sites directly on their browser. VPN app for android & iOs and VPn software for pc is must to access Moviesdas.Me or IsaiDub or Isaimini to download teugu and Tamil movies.

VPN service helps users to unlock any blocked site by providing the different IP address. So, many advanced users use the free VPN for pc and mobile phone to download movies from Isaimini 2020.

Once they are allege-able to access official Moviesdas.Me or IsaiDub or Isaimini website on pc or mobile, it’s very easy to download movie from any link.

At the time of downloading new tamil movies on Moviesdas.Me or Isaimini web site, you may redirect on different sites through the ads network. So avoid the additional misleading ads and download any movie in 300MB, MP4 format and HD quality.

Tamil Movies Download Isaimini
Tamil Movies Download Isaimini


Each and every point and information about Moviesdas.Me or IsaiDub or Isaimini sites are only and only for educational purpose. Here we are not promoting and encouraging you to visit on Isaimini site or download or watch movies. We shall not be liable for any restitution caused due to usage of this site.


In our view, the tamil Isaimini site is purely an illegal site and all the content of this site is pirated. So we never told you to access them. Visiting on this site is also prohibited and restricted by the Indian government.  Isaimini torrent site is badly impacting on television industry and film industry.

Very large communities are working for film production houses and it’s the only earning source for them. Just because of piracy, they are suffering with losses and facing problem to find the good earning.

So avoid Isaimini and all other movie downloading sites and try to go cinema hall to watch the latest movies. Spend your precious time with your family members, children and friends.

As of now we all know every country in lockdown due to coronavirus and there is no chance to go out. So we recommend you purchase a monthly subscription pack of Netflix, Amazon prime, and any other movie streaming service and stay home.

Lockdown period can be more than 3 month in India. So stay at home, enjoy the movies on legal platforms with your family and be safe.

One more thing, torrent sites are never safe for anyone. Behind your eyes, it can be running malware on your devices to steal your private information. Searching for Moviesda results in showing up Isaimini, but even if it shows the search results over a general Google search, it is equally unsafe.

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