Checkout most Visited websites Per Country {Interesting World Map}

Here we are presenting an interesting world map of the most visited websites per country. Here in this map you can see easily that Google is leading website in the world. Impressive 62 countries count on Google with facebook coming in first for 50 other countries. Together, these two websites are dominating global internet world.

         Facebook is a most visited and using website in South America ,Mexico,Pakistan,India,northen America and big surprising is that yahoo! Is top site in Japan and leading to all websites in this country.

        In the same way Baidu is dominates Asia (mostly China ) and part of Europe.this interesting world map has been developed by oxford internet institute by using data from Alexa.

Click on image for full view of world map

  • Most visited websites is Google.
  • Facebook is on number second.
  • Baidu is leading website in chiana and Europe.
  • Yahoo is most popular website in Japan.

most visited site world map

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