How To Add Site On Google Search Console?

How To Add Site On Google Search Console?

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After creating a blog or website your first move should be submit it on all major search engines for batter result. Google is the largest search engine in all search engines list.

         Whenever we talk about newbie users who are not really aware of how search engines works and how to add site on Google search engines, they think that they need to pay to add their site on Google and all other search engines to display their site. If you are also one of them then don’t think to pay. It is totally free but you have to do some work to submit your site on Google search Console and also for other search engines.

           Here we are going to tell you to submit your ready website or blog on Google.

There are three Method to submit a site or blog in Google

  1. Submit URL (Google Search Console)
  2. Submit Express


Submit Url : it is easy and simply way to add url on Google search can use direct link Submit URL to add your site or can follow these steps on by one.

  • Open Google search engine home page.
  • Click on the “business solution” link at bottom of Google search engine home page.
  • Now click on “More business products” link under the footer heading “business essentials”
  • Now Click on “Submit Your Content” in webmaster tool secton.
  • Here you will see a page about “Get your content on Google”.
  • Find link says “Add your URL” and click on this.
  • Alternatively you can do all process by just typing in your address bar or can use direct link Submit URL.

Step 1: type your website or blog Url {}

add site on google

Step 2.: verify your are human being not a robot by typing verification code in “type the test” section.


Step 3.: after filling verification code carefully now finally click on “Submit request” or “Add Url” button. It can take more than 60 days to display your website or blog .Google does not guarantee that your URL will be added.


  1. Submit Express: visit on to submit your website or blog to add on can also submit your site to all other major search engines by using this single platform.>Free Tool>Free submission

submit express

Step 01: type your website or blog home page url {}
Step 02: fill up all required details like email ID, Your name,Phone number and country name.all these details are compulsory to fill correctly
Step 03: now type the correct verification code as you can see.
Step 04: now can click on newsletter check box to receive newsletter from submit express and other future information like how to promote your site via email list etc.
Step 05: Now it is final step, click on “submit site” button. Submit express will show you the process of your URL submission for various search engines including Google.

   After submit your site URL on Google you can find easily that your site is indexed or not.

Type in Google search –

If your sites links are not displaying in Google Search wait for 60 days and after then try to resubmit your site again. Till than try to improve your site content as much as you can.

What is Next Step after Submit URL in Google: website url submission is a first step to display in Google search engine. But main question is that “how visitors will find your website in search engine?”and answer is ……….

  • Add site on all major search engines.
  • Add Website On Google webmaster tool.
  • Add Google analytic .
  • Write quality articles.
  • Use better SEO techniques.
  • Promote Your site as much as you can.


  1. It is better to copy and paste your URL rather than type your URl. Sometime you may misplace or can make a mistake in typing your website name.
  2. Copy your URL exactly as it is appear in address bar.
  3. Include all prefixes as http:// ,https:// and suffixes as .com ,.net etc.
  4. Google can take more than 60 days to display your site in Google search.
  5. Never ever try to submit your URL more than 60 days before. Frequently resubmitting URl may block your website from being displayed in Google search result.
  6. Never use spam websites to submit your URLs, it can affect negative on your site or can spam your site.

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