Are You Ready For Google Mobile Friendly Algorithm Change?

Are You Ready For Google Mobile Friendly Algorithm Change?

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We all know importance of SEO .with a better SEO strategy we can improve our site visibility in all search engines like Google,Yahoo,Bing etc. but every time when Google change their algorithm ,it impact negative on lots of websites who are also in top in Google search. Many of top sites lost their ranks like a falling knife if they are compatible with Google algorithm. Google algorithm is able to change the story of any popular website those are not compatible as algorithm.Now in 2015 Google mobile friendly algorithm is also affecting many top websites.

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In 2015 internet access from mobile has increased by 125% in the past two years. Google team also considers this main factor to be a top in search engines ranking. So if your site is not optimized for mobile devices then your website will disappear from mobile search result and you will lose your site rank soon. Learn here about Google mobile friendly algorithm to make your site compatible for this.

Google Mobile friendly Algorithm

Google had launched their mobile friendly algorithm on April 21st 2015.according the Google mobile friendly algorithm only those websites or pages are fully optimized for mobile device will be display in Google search for readers (SmartPhones Users).it means other may be disappear for visitors.

How Google Mobile friendly algorithm Works:

  • Which website’s pages are mobile friendly? Only Google Mobile friendly algorithm will decide your site is mobile friendly or not? There are no degrees for mobile friendliness.
  • Google Mobile friendly algorithm works on page by page basis and run in real time. It means your website will appear in search as soon as they are optimized for mobile devices and you can optimize it in your account.

What To Do Next ?

  1. Check Mobile Compatibility: Ok, at first make sure your site or your website pages are optimized for Google mobile friendly algorithm or not?
  • You can check it on your own Smartphone. Take your own Smartphone and search your website or brand name in Google search. If your result is label with “mobile-friendly” than no need to worry. You can see a gray mobile friendly label in your description snippet. If it is there it means Google considering your site as a mobile friendly website.
  • You can also check with “Google Mobile-friendly Test”.
  • If you are using WT account (Google webmaster tool ) then login in WT account and “check Mobile Usability report”.Google recently added a new feature name as Mobile Usability report.
  1. If till now your website is not optimized for mobile device then do it fast and optimized it for mobile device by help of Google Developer Guide.
  2. Check difference ranking factor between mobile device and desktop into your account when you optimize your site in your account.

How To Qualify To Show Gray Mobile Friendly Label For website

Google announced their mobile friendly algorithm for update and Google said it depends on Google Bot .if Google Bot detect or find the following criteria :

  1. Avoid those software that are not compatible for both mobile and desktop .sometime when we use flash file in website ,it will work properly in desktop version but it is not compatible for mobile user experience.
  2. Text size is important for mobile; always try to use text size that is readable without zoom.if your visitor needs to zoom your text to view than it is not mobile friendly.
  3. Place links far enough apart so that the correct one can be easily tapped.

Google Bot can easily see what real users see on website. In new Google mobile friendly algorithm Google can look at the interface and not just see a specific font size but see how a user would see the fonts on different mobile device or tablets. Google is also able to see how a user scroll down on mobile, all buttons on sites are enough large to click or not.
Make Your Site Look Great On Mobile Devices

Check if your Site is Mobile Friendly
Customize your website software

there are so many method to customize your website so you can manage your website’s content can design your site with WordPress,joomla etc which can provide you theme ,design and templates .you can use premium or free services as you using these platform you can design your site according to your choise and no need to create code just provide content {text,photos,images etc} for website.if you are interested to create a new site read our full detail Guide and launch fully mobile-friendly website.

Create Mobile-friendly Site by using most popular software or platforms

Desktop vs Mobile : SEARCH ENGINE RESULT

If you try to find there are so many online companies who can show you difference between desktop and mobile search. Data from seoClarity also confirm that search from mobile is larger then desktop. In this graph you can see search result on mobile differ more and more from the desktop search result.

desktop vs mobile

How To Monitor Target Users?

Always keep eyes on your website data and regularly monitor the impact of Google Mobile friendly algorithm on your website and try to make it more compatible for mobile friendly and increase traffic on your monitor your site data you can use an SEO tool like searchmetrics .in other hand GWT{Google webmater tool} and Google analytics {Audience> Mobile} also help to provide useful insights.

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