Check Your Website is Banned by Google Adsense or Not?

check website is banned

Anyone who is in the blogging world or wants to be a member in blogging world their first aim is to get #1 rank in Google Search and also want to earn money by website. If you will try to read different articles online, you can see everyone will say you to write for readers not for Google Rank or money. But hidden truth is that everyone is working hard to write their article only for money.

      And Google adsense is one of the most popular and much known earning methods on the internet. It is interesting that Google’s advertising network Adsense started the blog monetization revolution and now Google adsense is largest advertising display network and it paid millions and millions to websites owners since 2003.

    If you are newbie user and trying to start new website with Google adsense account than prepare yourself before applying adsense account. It will help you to get approve Adsense account with in your first attempt. It is noticeable that Google adsense team received more than 1000 request just in a single day for account approval and Google Adsense team review all sites by personally visit. So it seems too hard to approve in first attempts. But it is possible, prepare yourself before applying adsense account.

In the same way if you are planning to buy a website or an expired domain, it’s very important for you that don’t buy an Adsense banned domain if monetization is your priority. Because once you or your website gets banned by Google adsense you can’t get it again in your whole life. Google adsense team is stick about their policy and they continuously observe you and ban your adsense account right away if any violation of their terms is found. So be careful with your content and follow their policy guidelines.

From a blogger perspective, you should check many things before buying any website or expired Domain and one of them is status of adsense serving for the site you are planning to buy. Here in this post we are sharing few Adsense penalty checker websites, you can use it to check adsense ads serving is allowed or not for that particular website.

List Of Website To Check Adsense Penalty Status

  1. Is Babnned
  2. Google Banned Check
  3. Banned Or Not
  4. Google Adsense sandbox
  5. checkadsenseban

Is Babnned

is baneed

Is banned is one of the oldest and trustable tool on the internet to check adsense is blocked or not. Google itself trusts this website more than anyone else. You can try it without any issue.

On the first page, you can see an input field ,just enter your domain name and click to “submit” .that’s it. You can easily find the status of entered website in a second.

Google Banned Check

google banned check

This is #1 site in the list of Adsense status checking websites. By using this website you can check any domain for adsense ban and also if the domain is banned from Google search. You just need to add your domain name in the visible area and click on submit button. It will show you two types of report for that particular domain like: is Not banned from Google Adsense! , is not banned From Google Search Engine!

   Make sure to try www and non www variant of the domain name you are checking. It’s important.

Here in this post I targeted two main Adsense status checker website and both are sufficient to check your website status and fully trust-able by Google itself. All the listed websites worked on same pattern, just open website and fill your domain name and click to submit for next process. You can see your result in a millisecond. Now create your own Google adsense account and get approval for adsense account and start earning with your website.

     If you don’t have an approval account or banned for adsense account than Remember one thing adsense is not the end of blog monetization .there are so many adsense alternatives to earn with a website..

4 thoughts on “Check Your Website is Banned by Google Adsense or Not?”

  1. I had Ad Sense for 5 days when I started my first blog. One of my relatives that will remain nameless, started clicking on the ads and they banned me after the 5 days. I have tried and tried to plead my case, but can get nowhere. The only salvation I have is I have heard from other bloggers in the trade that it really does not provide any income to speak of.

  2. A great post for the bloggers who want Google adsense on their websites. The google adsense is surely one of the great method of getting earnings through blogging.

    I wanted to ask you that, My adsense account was disabled due to some invalid activity that I don’t know,

    I thought my website was banned from google adsense, but when I checked it on a tool which told about banned websites, I got to know that my website was not banned from Google adsense, so is there any method to reinstall my account?? Please help

    1. adsense ban and website ban both are different condition …if you are using wrong content on your site then google can ban your site ,same as adsense account can be disable for invalid activities….

      check your site and remove all wrong content and retrieve your site
      if adsense baned then cant get it back on same account holder name …
      address can be same for adsense account but account holder name should be change…

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