Check Your Website is Banned by Google Adsense or Not?

check website is banned

Anyone who is in the blogging world or wants to be a member in blogging world their first aim is to get #1 rank in Google Search and also want to earn money by website. If you will try to read different articles online, you can see everyone will say you to write for readers not for Google Rank or money. But hidden truth is that everyone is working hard to write their article only for money.

      And Google adsense is one of the most popular and much known earning methods on the internet. It is interesting that Google’s advertising network Adsense started the blog monetization revolution and now Google adsense is largest advertising display network and it paid millions and millions to websites owners since 2003.

    If you are newbie user and trying to start new website with Google adsense account than prepare yourself before applying adsense account. It will help you to get approve Adsense account with in your first attempt. It is noticeable that Google adsense team received more than 1000 request just in a single day for account approval and Google Adsense team review all sites by personally visit. So it seems too hard to approve in first attempts. But it is possible, prepare yourself before applying adsense account.

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