Can I Use Google Adsense and at The Same Website- FAQs

Is it your question – Can I Use Google Adsense and at The Same Website? Without any doubt Google adsense is the best and major source of earning from website. If you are generating a handsome earning online by using Google adsense then it’s good. But it’s not healthy. One small mistake can break your dream and Google can disable your adsense account immediately. Once they disable your adsense account, it’s really very hard to get back your Google adsense account again.

So second solution should be there in your hand, after all it’s your major source of earning. If not, then no need to worry about it. But if you are working online, should be think about this critical situation. can be a good alternate of Google adsense to generate online earning. Opinion can we change for different users but, if you don’t want to affect by Google adsense then you have to apply on for safe play.

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Can I Use Google Adsense and at The Same Website

Can I Use Google Adsense and at The Same Website

Now come to the main pointCan I Use Google Adsense and at The Same Website?

Here are some most FAQs about the same topic.

FAQs about Google Adsense &
Can I use Adsense and ads (Yahoo & Bing Network) together in one site?

  • Does anyone run Adsense and on the same site?
  • Can I show Adsense and Ads on my website at the same time?
  • Can i put and google adsense same page?
  • Can I place AdSense ads and ads simultaneously in the same webpage?
  • Can I Use Google Adsense and at The Same Website?
  • Can I display and adsense adds together?

So now I can assure you, your own question can’t be out from the above FAQS list.

Same as you, we also tried out to find the best answer for this topic. Because most of us using Google adsense ads on our website to earn online money. And now, no one want to lose their adsense account in any how condition. Because, we can’t get it back again if they disabled our adsense account and also can’t create new adsense account with the same name and ID. So it’s batter to know “Can I Use Google Adsense and at The Same Website?” before applying on our own website.

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So here are some best and balanced answers from users about “Can I Use Google Adsense and at The Same Website?


Yes, you can use and adsense together. until your does not overlap with Adsense unit.


The only limitation on using other ad networks is that you have to be sure that the ads being shown do not violate AdSense policy. I think with you’re probably pretty safe. They are a quality ad broker.

That being said, you have to understand why AdSense puts a three content ad limit on their network. It isn’t to punish publishers. It isn’t there to limit what publishers can make. It just happens to be the most cost effective use of advertising. More than three ads and the publisher will probably make less than if there were three. So if you place more ads in your page and the total number increases past three, then you’ll likely reduce your net earnings. Additionally, since AdSense is the top paying broker, if you displace an AdSense ad with a ad, you’ll reduce your earnings as any clicks made to the other network will likely be at the expense of an AdSense ad click.


So really, unless you’re having inventory problems with AdSense (blank ads), using another ad network is probably not going to do anything positive for you.

Of course, each internet property has its own quirks so your experience may vary.


I am using both adsense and ads on same website and till now don’t get any policy notice from adsense team. I don’t see any type of problems with it, as long as you differentiate adsense ads from yahoo ads.


I think you have to use only one network at a time. Using two ad networks simultaneously, can drop your CTR rate. CTR can affect your overall earning.

Result – Can I Use Google Adsense and at The Same Website

In single word, Answer is Yes. You can use Google Adsense and at the Same Website.

What is Next – If I can use and google adsense Together

If you really want to use both adsense ads and ads at the same website or webpage then go head, It’s your own chose. But as I already told you Google adsense is the quality ad broker and till now Google adsense is the most reliable and major ads revenue generating company for website holders.

So why do you want to take a risk? In simple word, Use Google adsense account as your primary source of earning and should be your second choice in absence of Google adsense.

Till now, if you really want to add ads on your site then you can play in experimental mode. Remove or disable all adsense ads from your site and webpages and then apply ads in place of adsense ads. Play with ads for a month and then select the batter choice for your site.

I can assure you, nothing is batter then Google adsense . Second, the most effective way to improve ad revenue still remains experimenting with ad layouts and A/B testing ad units instead of blindly adding more units.

now i think, you are quite able to take final decision and it should be clear that you can use and Google adsense ads together on the same website and webpage.

Don’t forget to tell us, what you are doing now? Still using adsense ads on your site for revenue or placing both adsense ads and adds simultaneously on the website.

Your words and your experience may be helpful for our readers.

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