Fi x X Mouse Button Control Disable Because Scroll lock is On

Fi x X Mouse Button Control Disable Because Scroll lock is On

Are you using X mouse control pc software to customize your gaming or normal mouse button actions? But now getting the error disabled because scroll lock is ON or unable to perform actions using your mouse. If this error is the same then in this guide we will show you how to fix x mouse button control disabled because scroll lock is ON error within 1 minute.

Each and every normal computer user knows about the default mouse buttons action. A left click for select and right click to show the context menu and the wheel for scrolling. Actually, most mice also have a third button on the scroll wheel that doesn’t really have a default function. So we can use this button for different actions depending on our use.

Similarly, if you are a gamer then you may know about the premium mouse with 7 or more buttons. With the help of paid or free pc software, we can customize or remap all the buttons for different actions.

X-Mouse Button Control is also free windows pc software to configure mouse buttons. Just download and install the X-Mouse Button Control tool on pc and start remapping the default functions to expand the capabilities of your mouse.

How to download and how to use X-Mouse Button to configure a multi-button mouse is not a big task. For this, you can check the “X-mouse button official site” or can watch YouTube videos for reference.

In this tutorial we are going to discuss the X-mouse button functionality error during the gaming. Recently, I was playing PUBG mobile India version on an android emulator and I found that my mouse is not working properly. In short, i was unable to use custom settings through the mouse like auto reload, fast run, etc.

I was able to apply the functions using my keyboard but all the custom mouse settings were not performing.

For this, I tried to check my X-mouse button settings. Everything was fine at first look. But I also find a red error “disabled because scroll lock is ON” on the tool’s window. Because of this error, software bypasses all actions when scroll lock is on.

So if you are also facing the same issue with X mouse button control software on windows pc then follow the below instructions.

Solutions To Remove X-Mouse Button Control Disable Because Scroll lock is On

This method is only for those users who are using X-mouse control software to customize their gaming mouse or normal mouse.

Before going to jump into the solution, confirm the error by opening your X mouse control tool on your pc. If the issue is the same then apply the exact setting to remove this error.

X Mouse Button Control Disable Because Scroll lock is On

(a)    Open the X-Mouse button control tool from the right section or type the “x-mouse button control “ in the search bar and open it on pc.

(b)   Once the tool opened on pc, click on the “Settings” option from the bottom of the tool.

x mouse control button settings

(c)    Next, uncheck the “Bypass All Actions When Scroll Lock is ON” option from the “General” tap and click “OK”.

Bypass All Actions When Scroll Lock is ON

(d)   Now again click on the “Apply” button to save the modification from the main menu.

(e)   Done!!! Retry to play your game and this time you will be able to use all custom settings without any error.

In this way, we can easily unlock scroll lock on X-mouse button control software. After turning OFF this scroll lock feature for your mouse, you are free to use your mouse’s custom settings.

Turn OFF Scroll Lock In Windows PC & Laptop

If you are not using any software or tool to customize or remapping to your mouse controls, then follow the below solution to disable scroll lock in windows os.

Solution01 : In order to disable scroll lock, press the “Scroll Lock key” from your keyboard. Most of the keyboard comes with a dedicated Scroll Lock key.

scroll lock keyboard option

Solution 02 : If keyboard does not have a Scroll Lock key

  • Open “Settings” on your computer >>> Ease of Access > Keyboard

on screen keyboard windows 10

  • Now turn-ON use the “On-Screen Keyboard” option and it will open on the screen keyboard on your pc screen.

on screen keyboard screen lock

  • When the on-screen keyboard appears on your pc screen, click the ScrLk button.

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