Download Alcatel MTK DA File | Secure Boot Download Agent loader File

Download Alcatel MTK DA File | Secure Boot Download Agent loader File

If you are directly landed on this page from Google search that means you are trying to flash Alcatel MTK device but getting DA file mismatch error. Technically this error comes because of unsupported DA file [Download agent file].

As we all know MTK tool is must to install stock ROM on MTK Alcatel android Smartphone. But the problem is that nowadays all THE latest MTK devices come with secure boot feature. This new security feature never allows user to flash MTK Alcatel phone using any MTK flash tool.

It’s must to know that all the MTK tools come with built-in DA file. But new secure boot feature required the latest DA file or download agent file. To fix this issue, Alcatel MTK custom DA file is very important. Otherwise, at the time of flashing you may face buffer error or DA file mismatch error because of unsupported DA file.

Latest MTK chipset based Alcatel MTK devices may encounter many errors using MTK tools. It can be buffer error, DA file mismatch error or authentication error etc which comes during the flashing official stock ROM or FRP unlock process.

In that case we need to use new Alcatel MTK secure Download Agent file. As we already told you, all the MTK flash tools like Miracle, SP flash tool, NCK dongle, Alladin flash tool and SP multiport toolcomes with default DA file with package. But if you are facing the same DA file failed to load then replace default DA file with Alcatel MTK secure Download Agent file.

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What Is MTK Secure Boot DA File?

May be you know that Latest Mediatek increased complexity in flashing firmware like sign.img and secure boot. So now, it’s not as simple to flash device directly. Das are strategic following the increase in the need for boxes and dongles to perform task, even in the use of Sp flash tool for frp unlock.

In short, if you are trying to flash any MTK phone which have secure boot feature, the tool will show Da File MisMatch error” or “Authentication error” or “Buffer error” etc. As a solution, we have to use custom Da file or custom download agent file insist of default da file which comes with MTK tools.

With the help of Download agent file, we can easily access and modify the internal storage of any MTK Alcatel devices.

So if you are trying to install stock ROM on Alcatel mobile and getting DA file error, then download Alcatel MTK DA file from below download section and flash the device with any flashing tool.

Download Alcatel MTK Secure Boot Download Agent loader Files Tested

Here we are adding latest Alcatel MTK Secure Boot Download Agent file downloading link. You just need to replace flash tool’s DA file with Alcatel MTK DL file for successful firmware flashing or FRP unlock process.

About: Alcatel MTK DA File Download [Tested Custom Download Agent  File For Alcatel]

Supported Devices : Alcatel OT 4034, 5010, 5012, 5015, 5016, 5022, 5023, 5025, 5116

Download Universal Alcatel Secure Boot Download Agent File : DOWNLOAD

Advantages Of Custom Boot File Alcatel MTK

Have you ever tried to flash MTK Alcatel android device using any MTK flash tool? If yes then you may know that each and every flash tool required the DA file for Stock Firmware flashing or frp bypass.

But if their default DA files are not compatible with latest MTK phones, they will show error. These Alcatel Secure DA files [Custom DA File ] are important to access the inner storage of an Alcatel MTK chipset. After that you can perform the below functions using any MTK tool.

  • FRP Unlock On MTK Alcatel mobile
  • Backup data and cache
  • Stock ROM cloning process
  • Extracting stock recovery image
  • Installing new official stock ROM

How To Use Alcatel MTK Secure DA Boot File Agent With Flash Tools

It’s very easy to use custom secure boot file with any MTK tool. At the time of performing any task with MTK tool, just replace the older DA with new Alcatel Custom DA file.

Use OF Alcatel Custom DA File With SP Flash Tool

Download SP Flash Tool [ All Versions ]

  • Download and extract the download MTK Alcatel DA zip file on pc.
  • Launch SP Flash Tool as administrator.
  • Click on “choose” button from “Download agent” section and load new Alcatel secure boot da file [Alcatel-OT-4034_5010_5012_5015_5016_5022_5023_5025_5116_DA_SWSEC.bin].
  • Same as load scatter.txt file from firmware folder.
  • Now apply the same firmware flash method or FRP unlock method.

Use DA File With NCK Tool

NCK Tool Without Box Free

  • Extract the downloaded “MTK Alcatel DA zip file” on computer.
  • Run “NCK Tool” on pc as administrator.
  • Navigate to “Main” tab >> “Select Custom Loader” option and load “MTK Alcatel DA file [Alcatel-OT-4034_5010_5012_5015_5016_5022_5023_5025_5116_DA_SWSEC.bin]” and then continue the process.

Use DA File With CM2 Tool

  • Launch the tool as administrator.
  • Tick mark on “Enable” option to enable custom upload of MTK Alcatel DA file.
  • Click on “DA” button to load “MTK Alcatel DA file” from extracted folder.

In this way you can use Alcatel MTK DA File or Alcatel Secure Boot Download Agent loader File to avoid DA file failed to load error or DA file mismatch error. Download new Alcatel secure boot download agent File, replace it with default DA file and go for your task.

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