Download SP Multi Port Download Tool [ All Versions]

Sp multi port download tool also known as SmartPhone Multi port download tool. Sp multi port download tool is a free MTK flash tool for all latest Mediatek or MTK chipset based android Devices. It can flash any MTK mobile phone’s firmware but it should be scatter based firmware [ROM].

So if you are using any mtk android device and it’s firmware is based on scatter file then you may use free mtk Sp multi port download tool without having any issue. Firmware flashing with Sp multi port download tool is almost same as older SP flash tool.

So there is no any extra technical skill required it use it. Just download Sp multi port download tool from below download section and start flashing to unbrick your device.

Here in this post we are listing all the available versions of Sp multi port download tool including latest version.

Features Of MTK Smartphone Mmulti Port Download tool

Flash Stock ROM : Sp multi port download tool can be used to flash firmware on any MTK android device [Smartphone & Tablets]. Just download latest Sp multi port download tool, load DA file and scatter file from firmware folder and start flashing within one click.

Format Bootloader : Best feature of this free MTK flash tool is that it allows user to delete / format bootloader of the device. But remember, do it carefully. Sometime it may cause of bootloop or device may stuck on logo

Auto Detection : Another great feature of Sp multi port download tool is that user can choose auto detect feature during the flashing process. Moreover, choose detect your device with or without battery according to your own desire.

Additional Feature : It allows user to delete NAVRAM backup data[Only for RID], remove OTP lock or can process OTP format too.

Download Sp Multi Port Download tool : All Versions

SP MDT v3.1032.00 / MIRROR

SP MDT v3.1108.00 / MIRROR

SP MDT v3.1228.00 / MIRROR

SP MDT v3.1304.00 / MIRROR

SP MDT v3.1408.00 / MIRROR

SP MDT v3.1420.00 / MIRROR

SP MDT v3.1424.00 / MIRROR

SP MDT v3.1428.00 / MIRROR

SP MDT v3.1444.00 / MIRROR

SP MDT v3.1452.00 / MIRROR

SP MDT v3.1512.00 / MIRROR

SP MDT v3.1516.00 / MIRROR

SP MDT v3.1532.00 / MIRROR

SP MDT v3.1540.00 / MIRROR

SP MDT v3.1548.00 / MIRROR

SP MDT v3.1552.00 / MIRROR

SP MDT v3.1604.00 / MIRROR

SP MDT v3.1616.00 / MIRROR

SP MDT v3.1620.00 / MIRROR

SP MDT v3.1632.00 / MIRROR

SP MDT v3.1636.00 / MIRROR

SP MDT v3.1644.00 / MIRROR

SP MDT v3.1648.00 / MIRROR

SP MDT v3.1652.00 / MIRROR

SP MDT v3.1708.00 / MIRROR

SP MDT v3.1712.00 / MIRROR

SP MDT v3.1716.00 / MIRROR

SP MDT v3.1724.00 / MIRROR

SP MDT v3.1728.00 / MIRROR

SP MDT v3.1732.00 / MIRROR

SP MDT v3.1752.00 / MIRROR

SP MDT v3.1804.00 / MIRROR

SP MDT v3.1812.00 / MIRROR

SP MDT v3.1820.00 / MIRROR

SP MDT v3.1824.00 / MIRROR

SP MDT v3.1828.00 / MIRROR     [LATEST VERSION ]

Remember Before Using SmartPhone Multi port download tool

Checkout below important points before using SmartPhone Multi port download tool to flash MTK android phones.

  • Always try to use latest version of SmartPhone Multi port download tool to avoid firmware compatible error.
  • MTK firmware must be contain with scatter.txt file. Otherwise, you can’t flash firmware using SmartPhone Multi port download tool.
  • Device must be charged approx. 80% level.
  • Select with or without battery option for battery detection. Otherwise, you may also use Auto detection option. We recommend you to use “Auto Detection” for best result.
  • Don’t forget to load DA file in SmartPhone Multi port download tool. You can find DA file in same SmartPhone Multi port download tool folder.
  • If you are getting checksum error in SmartPhone Multi port download tool, you have to generate it with checksum generator manually.

This is all about latest Smartphone multi port download tool or sp multi port download tool. Just download SP MultiPort Download Tool and star flashing mtk android device without any issue.

Getting any issue in flashing firmware with SP Multi Port Download Tool, use the most popular mtk flash tool –SP Flash Tool.

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