Best Method To Root Wiko Y80 Using Magisk App [ No TWRP ]

Best Method To Root Wiko Y80 Using Magisk App [ No TWRP ]

Are you looking for Wiko Y80 root method? If yes then you have landed on right place. Here in this post we will show you how to get root access on Wiko Y80 using application? It’s true, we can root Wiko Y80 with the help of magisk manger. But we need to follow some special latest root technique for Wiko Y80 mobile. Traditional rooting method will not for this device.

Wiko is newly launched android Smartphone in android market. So we can consider it as a new player. But the good think is, Wiko is focusing on budget and specs. As a result Wiko launched its brand new model “Wiko Y80” which is powered by android Pie 9.0 version. Its android pie stock firmware is fully optimized for budget phone.

Without any doubt this model is best with the selling price but 2GB RAM with 16 Gb internal storage is biggest drawback. Similarly, Wiko Y80 comes with 2MP front and 13 MP back camera. Seriously this is not up to the mark.

That’s way many users are not interested with its limited features. Therefore, rooting is the only solution to modify the device with android tweaks & tricks. For example, users can expand Wiko Y80 internal storage and RAM size to make it more powerful. But it’s possible after getting root access only. Moreover, root privilege allows you to install Google pixel camera app to over ride the stock camera features.

If you are thinking to root your Wiko Y80 to use some essential root apps, then we recommend you to use them by using some emulator. No root access required for this. But, if you have a very strong reason, you can root your mobile by following this guide.

Actually, it’s totally depends on you. For example, if you are going to flash TWRP and root files on your device to install new custom ROM then we never suggest you to root your device. Custom ROM are good to experience new android features and blocked android functions but official stock ROms are more stable and well optimized by developer. So you can’t get smooth performance with any third party custom ROM.

Other drawback of rooting is, you will not get any official software update from manufacturer. Every time, you need to flash new android version manually.

Here int his post we tried our best to describe each and every single step with appropriate screenshot. If you are a regular user or developer then follow the exact same method to achieve root on your Wiko Y80 mobile.

Never ever flash TWRP recovery on any device including Wiko Y80 mobile. Specially, don’t go with un-official TWRP build. It may lead to brick your device or you may stuck in software brick / bootloop. That’s why we are sharing safe and tested direct root method for Wiko Y80 android 9.0 Smartphone.

Android is an open source program which allows user to customize their device in their own way. Technically it’s an advanced android technique for developers but regular users also can root their Wiko Y80 mobile by following simple steps. After getting full root access on the device, there are unlimited possibilities of modifications & customization that include installing rooted apps, improve battery life, hibernate background running tasks, lock screen or status bar changes, etc.

Even, users can increase RAM size of android Smartphone including internal storage. So, still want to root your device then directly jump on rooting method and learn the complete steps carefully.

Why Only Magisk App?

Regular root lovers already know that there are two most popular root packages are available for rooting. First is “SuperSu” & seconds “Magisk”. Booth root files comes in zip format and application format. We can root almost all android Smartphone using Supersu and Magisk file. For nowadays, users and developers prefer the Magisk for root access.

Probably you may know that we need to change or modify the system files before rooting. But Magisk is a system-less root that enables root access over the system components without affecting the system core-files.

Technically, Magisk stores the temporary files in the device boot partition which is much safe in comparison of other method. Other main advantage of Magisk apps is, it does not affect Google’s SafetyNet security feature and other banking apps. That’s way we can run any app without showing the root access. Moreover, we can use built in modules for different android tweaks and trick. All these qualities are no includes in SuperSu root file.

Pre-requirements To Root Your Wiko Y80 Android Pie Smartphone

  • Root process may wipe user data and phone of your device. So don’t forget to take backup of your device before applying any modification.
  • Wiko Y80 phone warranty may void after rooting.
  • You will not get any official software OTA update.
  • Plug your charger and charge the device approx 80% to prevent accidental power off in between rooting procedure.
  • Windows OS based pc / laptop is must.
  • Download Wiko Y80 root files and follow the exactly same process.
  • One single wrong step may brick your device permanently. So do it on your own risk.

Download Wiko Y80 Root Files

magisk manager APK For Wiko Y80  Rooting : DOWNLOAD

Minimal ADB & Fastboot Tool For Pc : DOWNLOAD

mFastboot Platform Tool : DOWNLOAD

Proper Method To Root Wiko Y80 Without TWRP Recovery [ magisk App ]

As we all know most of android devices required the TWRP recovery to flash magisk or suspersu zip file for rooting. But it’s very old method and now you no need to wait for official or un official TWRP recovery for Wiko Y80 mobile.

Magsik manager application can create supportable root file for your Wiko Y80 Smartphone. After that we can root Wiko Y80 by using fastboot command.

If you are new about this method, then you may feel some difficulty at first time. But believe me guys, it’s much easier process to root any android phone without twrp recovery.

Just download stock boot image file [boot.img ], create pre-rooted patched boot image using Magisk apk and flash it on device to get full root access.

For easy to understand, we are splitting the complete tutorial in two sections. Read the instructions properly and then apply it on your own Wiko Y80 android pie mobile.

Lets see how to get root access on Wiko Y80 without custom twrp recovery?

Step01 Create Patched Boot Image using Magisk File

In this step we will create pre-rooted patched image file for Wiko Y80 mobile. For this, official boot.img file is must and we can find it from official stock Rom of Wiko Y80 mobile. Download it from above download section.

  • Download flash file / firmware for Wiko Y80 mobile and extract this firmware using any unzip software.
IMPORTANT : SPD firmware contains .pac firmware without boot.img file. So you have unpack or extract the .pac firmware first. For this use any SP flash tool like [ ResearchDownload Tool or Factory Download Tool or UpgradeDownload tool] and extract the .pac SPD stock firmware to get boot.img file.
  • Now connect the device with pc via USB cable and copy the boot.img file from extracted firmware folder to internal storage of your device. [ without any folder ]

boot.img file

  • Download and install latest “magisk Manager apk” on mobile and launch it. When a popup appears asking to install Magisk, select Install and browse the boot.img file from your phone storage.

  • Wait for few minutes and Magisk app will start to patch boot.img file for you.
  • End of the successful processing, it will create “patched_boot.img” file. You can find this file into download folder.
patched-boot.img file

Pre-rooted patched_boot.img file has been created and we can flash it on Wiko Y80 using fastboot commands.

Step02 Flash Patched Boot Image Using Fastboot Commands

This is our final step to root android Pie powered Wiko Y80 mobile. In this section, we will flash the newly created “Patched_boot.img” file with fastboot command.

  • Download and install “Minimal ADB & fastboot tool” on windows laptop/pc.


  • Extract the downloaded “mFastboot Platform Tool” zip file on pc. it will help you to run fastboot commands directly through your pc.
Platform tool folder
  • Copy the newly created “patched boot.img” file from your device  [which you created in step01 ] and move it into “mFastboot Platform tool” folder. [ This step is important ]
platform tool with patched boot image file
platform tool with patched boot image file
  • Come to the device and enable USb debugging on your device and connect it with pc via working USb cable.
  • Again enter into “Platform tool” folder, press & hold “Shift” key + “Right” click and select “open command window here” or “open power shell window here” option. This step will open a new command window on pc.

  • Copy or type the below adb command to check if the device is properly connected with pc or not?
adb devices

Check your phone screen and allow USB debugging permission by clicking on “OK” button.

  • Next, Execute the below command to boot device into bootloader mode.
adb reboot bootloader


adb reboot fastboot


Press Volume Down key + Power Key at the same time to boot device into fastboot mode manually.
  • Now type the below command again to unlock bootloader of the device. [ No necessary for all devices ]
fastboot oem unlock


fastboot flashing unlock


fastboot getvar unlocked
  • In next step, execute the fastboot command to flash patched boot.img file on android Wiko Y80 phone.
fastboot flash boot patched_boot.img
  • After successful flashing, type the below command to reboot device into normal mode from fastboot mode.
fastboot reboot

If command is not working then long press the power key and device will reboot into normal mode automatically.

  • Done!!!

These are simple and working steps to root Wiko Y80 SPD mobile without twrp recovery. For this no any flashing tool required. Just create patched boot image [patched_boot.img ] file and flash it using commands. That’s it. You device will root after successfully flashing of patched boot image file.

Download and install supersu app to verify root access on the device. Or you can also check it by magisk manager apk.

In any case, device is bricked during the root or after root process then don’t panic. You can restore your device by flashing firmware. Download stock ROm for Wiko Y80 and flash it. Moreover, you can un root Wiko Y80 with the same firmware flashing.

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