How To Root Any Android Phone Using SuperSu Exploit [Flash SuperSu]

Correct Method To Flash SuperSu Using TWRP Recovery

Most of the newbie users really don’t know that they can root any android phone using SuperSu root file. One supersu exploit can root your device within one single click. But before go through the root process, you need to understand that how it’s work and how to flash Supersu with twrp- recovery.

Believe me guys, you can root any android device or smartphone by flashing latest superSu file. Moreover, it’s 100% working and universal method to root phones without pc. But it’s have some limitations and you must to know each and everything about it.

So here in this tutorial we will show you how to root any android phone using supers exploit? Proper SuperSu file flashing process is must, if you are new for it. This tutorial will help you to install supersu zip file using twrp properly. But before that learn what is rooting and what are advantages and disadvantages to root your device?

What Is Rooting?

Rooting is a method to obtain SuperSu Right’s on android devices. After getting root access on any device you may use it with full potential. If you are an advance android user then no one can’t limit you. So on that condition rooting is perfect for you. Root allows user to perform many tasks which are limited or restricted by manufacturer and can’t apply them on non-rooted devices.

So just root your phone to get full root access and bypass or remove all restrictions to apply mods, customization and modifications. Root is the only solutions to customize your device in your own way. Root prevaliage allows user to work like an android developer and you can make changes on your rooted device easily.

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Advantages Of Rooting Android Phones

  • Change android IMEI number
  • Replace or change device ID or Google advertisement id
  • Install customrom to experience advance android version.
  • Upgrade android version of your device.
  • Apply tweaks and tricks on rooted device.
  • Remove pre-installed apps after toot
  • Use mods app

Disadvantages Of Rooting Android Phones

  • You may void phone warranty
  • Device may brick in between root process [Because of wrong process]
  • Can’t unroot your device again. [Basically not necessary for all device]
  • Davice may stuck on bootloop
  • Mobile may stuck on Logo after root [Because of wrong process]

Ok till now if you really wish to root your own android Smartphone for different android tweaks and tricks then follow the below SuperSu flash method to root any android phone using twrp recovery. It’s an universal and easy method to root any device but it should be in proper manner. One single wrong step may brick your device permanently or device may stuck in bootloop. So it’s must to flash supersu properly.

Read the post carefully and flash supersu without dead risk.

Remember, custom twrp recovery is must to flash SuperSu file. Default stock recovery can’t flash SuperSu file in any how condition.

For this purpose, Install twrp recovery on your non-rooted device and then install supersu file with universal steps. Supersu file will root your device without any dead risk. Best part of this method is that no need to use pc to flash supersu file using twrp recovery. Download latest supersu file from below download section, transfer it into device’s storage and flash using twrp recovery as shown in below guide. All Done!!!

Learn how to install twrp recovery on non-rooted device?

Download Latest SuperSu Zip File

Download Supersu Zip File V2.85 SR5 [V2.85 SR5] [V2.82 SR5]

How To Flash SuperSu Using TWRP Recovery

Flash SuperSu Using TWRP Recovery

Here we are listing all necessary steps one by one to root any android phone using Supersu. It’s an universal method to flash supersu zip file using twrp recovery on any android phone.

Please Note: TWRP custom recovery must be installed on your device to flash supersu file.

Steps To Root Any Android Phone Using SuperSu

  • Download SuperSu zip file and transfer it into root directory of your phone storage. [only zip file]
  • Boot device into custom twrp recovery manually or using adb command.
[Power off device >> Press & hold volume up + power key together at the same time]

  • Once your device successfully booted into twrp recovery, now you are ready to flash supersu package using twrp recovery.
  • Important – Don’t forget to take backup of your device including stock ROM. After backup, you can restore it any time if anything goes wrong during the root procedure. For this, click on “Backup” option and swipe the button for backup process and transfer it your pc or laptop.

twrp backup

  • After completing the backup process, go back to main menu, Select “Install” option and browse the SuperSu [Zip file] from phone storage.

supersu zip file

  • After selecting the correct file [SuperSu], do “Swipe to confirm flash” to begin the installation process.
[Here it may take few minutes to flash supersu package on the device]

supersu flashing using twrp recovery

  • End of the flashing process, click on “Wipe cache/Delvik” option and “Swipe TO Wipe” again.

Wipe cache/Delvik

  • Click on “Do not install” option and reboot the device normally.
  • All done!!

Congratulations!!! Your device should be rooted properly.

How To Confirm Root Status

After flashing the supersu exploit, now it’s the time to confirm root status of your device. For this, reboot your device, check app drawer and find the SuperSu app. If it’s there that means, device is rooted successfully.

supersu app

For more, download and install “Root Checker” app from Google Play store. Launch root checker app, allow root access and click on “Verify Root” option. If you have root access on your device, it will show the below message on your device.

“””Congratulations! Root Access Is Properly Installed On This Device!””

Alternate Method To Root Android Device

As we already told you, SuperSu flashing is the easiest method to root any android device without pc or laptop. But if you are getting any issue to flash SuperSu exploit, you may use Magisk method to root any android device.

Go through the link to learn how to root any android device using Magisk manger?


Some time it may possible, device stuck on bootloop or unable to reboot again after flashing supersu file. It’s actually soft bricked now. Here you may apply below steps to unbrick your device again.

  • After flashing process, device may take long time to reboot again. So wait for reboot automatically.
  • If device stuck into bootloop, go to twrp recovery and select “Wipe” option and wipe everything.
  • If you have backup of your device then “Restore” it again.
  • If all the above points are not working to restore your device then flash firmware again. [Flashing firmware will fix all types of issues of your device permanently]

Hope this guide will help you to flash supersu using twrp recovery. Just download latest supersu root zip file and flash it with twrp recovery as shown in above tutorial.

Getting any issue to install supersu ? please notify us by leaving your comment below.

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