Best Google Snake Game Mods With Customization Features

List Of Best Google Snake Game Mods With Customization Features

Recently we shared the black dark mode of the google snake game. But still, if you are not satisfied with Google’s classic snake game then 8 best snake game mods are available for you.

No doubt, the classic Google snake game is a really interesting browser game to kill leisure time. Anytime we can start playing on a browser with few resources. But if you want to make it more interesting, tweak its setting and enjoy it in a different manner. For this, Google snake game mods are required.

With these modes, you can change anything in the game and your game will become more interesting.

Check out the below guide to experience the best active mods for the Snake game in Google search. Just download and add google snake mod games in your browser and play them with modified settings.

Google Snake Game Mod Mean

Mod is a short form of modification. In the same way, Google snake game mods are the modified version of the original Google snake game. Mods are the unofficial version that allows you to play games without limitations. Additionally, here you can find more features, and more gaming components, such as an invisible snake, the size of snake, speed control, animated background etc.

All the Snake game mods are available on Github for download. Using these mods, you can play Snake browser game with lots of custom settings.

How To Add Google Snake Mods Game On Browser

Google snake game is a browser game and it’s very simple to add on Google browser. All the mods are available on Github and you can get them for free.

Here are the steps to download and install Google Snake game in Browser.

  1. Download the Google snake mod game from GitHub that you want to play.
  2. Now open the bookmark manager on your Google chrome browser.
  3. Simply, click the import bookmark button.
  4. Now select “MoreMenu.html” from the file you have downloaded from GitHub.
  5. You are ready to use Google Snake mods.
  • Google Snake Menu Mod Browser Game

Google Snake Menu Mod browser Game

This is the best alternative mod game of Google snake game which is developed by DarkSnakeGang. Right now it’s #1 on the list because you can enjoy the same game with new custom settings. It’s also known as a copy of the classic snake game.

By tweaking settings, users can play the snake game with changed maps, different characters, change the background, and speed adjustments. Additionally, users can modify the game settings like removing all walls, removing objects etc.

Basically, it can be the best choice for those who want to play a classic snake game with custom features to enjoy a real test of the game.

Visit the link below to download Google Snake Menu Mod from the GitHub link.

google Snake Menu Mode Browser Game

Dark Mod Snake Game

Dark Mod Snake Game

As we know, we can use a small code in the console to play the Google Snake game in dark mode. But every time, you have to add this code manually. So, if you want a permanent dark-mode Snake game for your browser then download dark mode google snake game.

Everyone likes dark mode, so why not Google the snake game? With a small Java script code, you are free to turn on dark mode for the Snake game. In the same way, you can convert snake game backgrounds in many other colors.

Download Dark Mod Snake Game

GoogleSnakeWall-EndgameSooner Mod Game


It’s too different from the classic Google snake game. Just download the GoogleSnakeWall-EndgameSooner snake mod game and play it without walls. Yes, you can play snake game without any intrusions by removing walls from snake game.

In this mod, you will lose the game if the snake touches its own tail.

Download GoogleSnakeWall-EndgameSooner Mod Game

Mouse Mod For Google Snake Game

Mouse Mod For Google Snake Game

This Snake game mod is the best option for those who are much familiar with the mouse. That means we can play the snake game using the mouse and no need to play with the keyboard.

As we all know, a keyboard is required to move and control snake game direction or navigation. But the new mouse mod snake game allows you to control the direction and move freely with your mouse device.

Download Mouse Mod For Google Snake Game

Change Border Size Snake Game

To play a snake game without a wall, this mod is for you. Sometimes, you want to move endlessly in one direction without stopping your game. In that case, use this mod of the snake game and modify the board size of the Google Snake game according to you.

In short, you are free to do anything with the Snake game border or wall.

Download Change Border Size Sanke Game

Animated Colors for the Google Snake game

Animated Colors for Google Snake game

If you don’t like the static background color of the game then change it into the animated background. Users can change the animated pattern for the snake including the frame rate.

This mod helps you to experience real fun in the Google snake game with an animated background. It’s not recommended for people with photosensitive epilepsy

Download Anaimated Background Snake Game

TimeKeeper Mod for Google Snake

Original Google snake game never keeps a record of your high scores and fastest times. To avoid this drawback, just enable this mod and it will start keeping records automatically.

It’s very simple. Download the HTML file, import the code as a bookmark and it saves your personal bests, requires time to complete a game, and is highly secure etc.

Download TimeKeeper Mod for Google Snake

Google snake is an internet version of the classic Snake game for fun. But still, many things are not implemented by developers due to some limitations. That’s why these mods of the snake game are popular among the Google Snake game community.

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