Vivo Y51L IMEI Repair | Fix Invalid IMEI / Network Issue

Vivo Y51L IMEI Repair | Fix Invalid IMEI / Network Issue

Are you a Vivo Y51L user and now getting No SIM network or null IMEI / Invalid IMEI / Unknown baseband error on Vivo Y51L mobile? If yes then you are on right place. Today we are going to share complete step by step tutorial to repair Vivo Y51L IMEI number without root. Best thing about this method is that no need to use any premium IMEI repair tool. We will use free qualcomm IMEI write tool as a Vivo Y51L IMEI tool.

Reasons may be different for Vivo Y51L invalid imei error. But most of the time Vivo Y51L IMEI invalid or Null IMEI issue accrue after flashing ROM. Because of this invalid IMEI, it will show null IMEI or invalid IMEI and you can’t make a call using the same device. It will show no network on the device.

Reasons Of Vivo Y51L Invalid IMEI Error or No Network

Reasons may be different for different users. It can be because of corrupted software or may be cause of wrong firmware. But most probably it happens after flashing firmware on the device.

For example, when we flash our Vivo Y51L using QFIL flash tool, it asks you to put rawprogram_xx.xml file. IN that case, if you choose the rawprogram_unsparse.xml file, it will erase all QCN data completely and then it will show null IMEI or invalid IMEI after flashing official firmware. So next time try to select rawprogram_unsparse_no_qcn.xml from firmware folder to avoid this IMEI issue.

Vivo Y51L IMEI Repair | Fix Invalid IMEI / Network Issue

Fix Invalid IMEI Error On Vivo Y51L Using IMEI Tool [No Root]

For now just forget everything and let’s see how to repair IMEI on Vivo Y51L after flash? No root required and no any premium professional IMEI repair tool require to flash IMEI on Vivo Y51L Qualcomm smartphone. Free Pc IMEI tool and QCN file are enough to get ride on this IMEI problem.

To fix or repair IMEI number on Vivo Y51L mobile, you have to flash QCN file using QPST tool and then write IMEI on Vivo Y51L with IMEI write tool.

Don’t worry we will show the complete process with all necessary screenshots. Just read the post carefully and then apply it on your own Vivo Y51L qualcomm phone.

Download Vivo Y51L IMEI Repair tool, QCN File and Other Files

Vivo Y51L xQCN File Download: Download 01Downloa 02 / MIRROR

Write IMEI Tool [Vivo Y51L IMEI Tool] : Download/ Mirror

QPST Tool : Download / Mirror

Download all the files and tool and save them in one folder for easy navigation.

vivo y51l imei tool and files
vivo y51l imei tool and files

Steps To Write or Repair Vivo Y51L IMEI Number

Repairing and changing IMEI both are different things. Changing IMEI on any device is illegal according to law. So never ever try to change IMEI on Vivo Y51L mobile. Use this tutorial to repair Vivo Y51L IMEI only.

Remove and reinsert battery >> press & hold * key + # key + insert USB cable at the same time. It will create “Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008” port under the “device manger” section. Same as it will show the “Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008” on tool’s window and “Download Content” button will appear or visible automatically.

To make it easy to understand, we are splitting the whole Vivo Y51L IMEI write process in different steps. So follow the steps as it is as shown below.

Before going to jump into solution, we recommend you to take full backup of your Vivo Phone. For this you can use free Vivo Pc suite or Vivo mobile assistant manager tool for windows pc.

Step01 enable Diag Port on Vivo Y51L Qualcomm mobile [No Root]

Diag port must be enabled on any Qualcomm device to repair IMEI number. Users can enable it with root or without root methods. Checkout the below guide to enable Diag Port or engineering mode on any Qualcomm devices.

Enable Diag Port On Vivo Y51L Qualcomm

  • Enable USB Debugging & OEm unlock. [Must].
  • Open pone dialer app and dial the below Vivo Y51L Diag port code.
  • Above code will open “iQOO factory test” screen >> “Quality verification test” >> enable “Debugging port” as shown in below screenshot.

vivo y51l diag port

  • Connect the device with pc via working USB cable. At this time it will create “qualcomm hs usb diagnostics 9091 port” under the device manger section. That means, Diag port enabled on Vivo Y51L mobile.

Step02 Arrange The Files and tools

  • Download all files & tools [Vivo QCN file, IMEI Tool, QPST] and extract them in any folder.

Step03 Flash Vivo Y51L QCN File With QPST Tool

  • Open QPST Tool folder and install QPST tool software on pc by following the on screen instructions.
  • Once the tool installed on pc, open it’s installation location by following these steps.
[My Computer >> C Drive >> “Program Files” or “Program Files (x86)” >> “Qualcomm” folder >> “QPST” >> “Bin” >>  run “QPSTConfig.exe” file as administrator. It will launch “QPST Tool” on pc.

  • In next step, click on “Start Clients” tab >> “Software Download” and it will open a new window again.

  • Now navigate to “Restore” tab >> click on “Browse” button >> select “Port”>> again click on “Browse” button under “xQCN File” section and load “80CB0110_0.xqcn” file from extracted folder.

  • Finally hit on start button to flash QCN file on Vivo Y51L with QPST tool.
  • Done!!!!

[QCN file flashing will help you to fix no network issue on Vivo Y51L mobile. To repair IMEI, continue the next step]

Step04 Write IMEI On Vivo Y51L With Write IMEI Tool

  • Go to the extracted folder and run “WriteDualIMEI(W+G_eMMC).exe” file as administrator to launch IMEI tool.
  • Type both IMEI1 & IMEI2 in both section. [Make sure, you are going to flash original IMEI only]

  • In the last, hit on “START” button from the tool and it will flash dual IMEI on vivo Y51l within few seconds. You can green “Pass” message on tool’s window. That means IMEI write done on mobile.

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Now unplug the USB cable and reboot the device to apply the modifications. Once the device restart, dial *#06# and check IMEI number and phone network on Vivo Y51L.

This is all about to fix Vivo Y51L invalid IMEI error using free IMEI write tool. Simply enable Diag port to fix no network error using QPST tool abd then write new IMEI on Vivo Y51L with dual IMEI tool. That’s it. It’s 100% working and tested method to repair Vivo Y51L invalid IMEI error.

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