Top Best Websites To Send Free Anonymous Text Messages Online

Top Best Websites To Send Free Anonymous Text Messages Online

Do you want to send free text messages to any one without revealing your identity? If yes then you have landed in right place. Today we are going to discuss about “top 5 best websites to send free anonymous text messages?” that means users can send free messages to anyone all over the world and the receiver can’t identify their identity or number. It’s really cool to make fun with family members and friends. But remember, don’t try to use these free text message services for illegal activity.

It’s fact that everyone wants to send a text message to someone without showing own phone number. In that case, anonymous text messages services are a great option. If you try to find over the internet, there are many online free text message sites available. But many of them are useless or paid services. Without any doubt, paid anonymous services allow you more freedom and privileges. You can use the paid online anonymous messages services if you want to send anonymous text messages in bulk.

But here in this blog post, we are sharing the top 5 best free websites to send anonymous messages and it will never show your identity to the receiver. In simple words, send online free messages without displaying your own phone number.

ALL the below listed free anonymous text messaging websites are completely free with unlimited free SMS services including India & USA countries. 

Motive To Send Free Anonymous Text Messages Online

These FREE Anonymous Text messaging services is perfect for the following reasons.

  • giving warnings to people
  • When you run out of credit
  • To save money by using a free service
  • It’s quicker to type on a keyboard
  • leaving funny or prank anonymous text messages
  • anonymously informing the police about crime
  • anonymously informing the tax departments about tax cheaters and offenders
  • confessing your love to somebody
  • when your own SMS service doesn’t work
  • if your cell phone is barred by the recipient
  • report fraud to your boss or institution
  • and many more reasons…
Note: By sending free anonymous text messages you may be committing the offense of fraud even if you did not intend to. You are not allowed to use this service for any criminal activities at any time.

Important Points To Use Anonymous Text SMS Websites

  • Free anonymous Text messaging sites are free to send anonymous messages globally. But don’t try to misuse it in anyhow condition.
  • Choose your preferred fake SMS sites to send free unlimited SMS from below list.
  • Read all the terms & conditions, and rules and follow them carefully. It’s because you are using an anonymous SMS sending service and sending SMS anonymously is illegal in some countries.
  • Before entering your own number, make sure it’s not spamming your number.
  • Read each and everything carefully and then do it at your own risk. We and our site will not held any responsibility.

Let’s take a look and find the top 5 best platforms to send anonymous text messages online.

List Of Best Websites To Send Free Anonymous Text Messages Online

[1] SendAnonymousSMS

[2] Textem

[3] TextForFree

[4] AnonTxt

[5] SeaSms

[1] SendAnonymousSMS 

SendAnonymousSMS is the #1 free test message online website on our list. Because it’s a free, easy-to-use interface and unlimited messages facility for all users including INDIA & United States. That means users can send free unlimited text messages to anyone without showing their phone number and name. It’s completely free and no need to create an account/registration. Simply visit on-site, enter your own number, receiver number and text message and hit send button. That’s it. The receiver will get your messages without your number.

Note: If you are looking for free websites to send free anonymous SMS in India then SendAnonymousSMS free text message site is a great platform for all users including Indian users.


  • Free site.
  • No registration.
  • Unlimited text messages
  • Service is available for all countries.
  • Simple user interface and easy to use.

Disadvantages : Message may show delay.

Best Websites To Send Free Anonymous Text Messages

[2] Textem

Textem is another great option to send free unlimited anonymous SMS to your family member & friends. If you are from the United States then it may be a good option for you. Unfortunately Indian users can’t use this free SMS service in India.

Texttem free anonymous SMS website allows user to send unlimited free anonymous SMS directly from your pc. Just select your preferred carrier from the United States to message anyone free. The major advantage of this site is that it’s a totally free SMS sending online site, allowing users to send unlimited messages with unlimited characters. That means no limit of SMS text length.


  • Totally free
  • No registration
  • Unlimited free online SMS
  • Unlimited text character


  • Limited to United States carriers.
  • Not available for India
[3] TextForFree

If you are searching for a website to send a text message online anonymously, you can try TextForFree Free SMS site. Send free text messages to almost any USA cell phone provider. Its 100% free texting, with no catch!

It’s also another great platform to send free anonymous messages to someone without revealing your contact number. There are no hidden fees and no registration required. Simply visit on-site and start sending unlimited messages without showing your phone number.

This site is very useful to send free anonymous SMS to anyone without showing own number. This site assigns a private number to every user which can be used to send free anonymous text message online.

In order to send anonymous free text message, simply go through the site, enter the correct phone number of receiver, type your text message and send it.


  • Completely free online SMS service for USA.
  • Spam-free text-messaging website.
  • Unlimited text messages sending website.
  • Never share your contact number with anyone


  • Works only for almost all USA cell phones.
  • Offers only 140 characters’ text message
  • Users can send only plain text messages only.

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[4] AnonTxt

AnonTxt website is anoter wonderful and usefull platform to send anonymous messages or SMS. If you don’t want to public your own phone number or want to hide contact number in message then you can try free anonTxt website to send free text messages without revealing your identity.

Anontxt officially announced that everyone can use their free online SMS service to send anonymous messages and they will never open your identity with anyone. That means, sending private SMS without any issue.

If you are one of them who wants to send holiday greetings, anonymous tips, secret admirer messages, or you’re just concerned about your privacy then Anontxt website is for you. Send unlimited private SMS without mobile number.

Easy to use, simple interface, quick response time, and fast message delivery in all over the world are the most eye-catching features of this site. There is no registration required to use it, even no any charges applied for any option. That means, it’s a completely charge-free SMS sending provider. Moreover, send free anonymous messages without registration.

[5] SeaSms

SeaSms free SMS site is last name of our list but that no means it’s bad service. SeaSMS is another great free anonymous SMS website that allows users to send free anonymous SMS and MMS messages to anyone in the world.

If you have any business or self-service and want to send unlimited bulk messages without revealing your identity, you can start with $20 [Only for bulk SMS].

The best thing about this site is that it’s not limited to text messages, users can attach excel files, photos and videos tools.

In our opinion, if you are running any business and don’t want to limit yourself then use this service to text messages to someone despite of the recipient network carrier.

Top Best SMS Websites To Send Unlimited Anonymous SMS Without Registration From Fake Number

Here is another add-on list of websites to send SMS from the internet without registration. Moreover, no need to use your own contact number or mobile number to use free anonymous text messaging websites. You can use fake number as sender and recover can’t identify your name or number.

Check out the list of best sites to send free anonymous SMS from fake number without registration.

Send Anonymous Text Message Using Free Anonymous Text Messaging Sites

So guys these are top and best websites to send anonymous SMS to any number online. If you want to use other addon services on anonymous text sms services, there are many other premium anonymous SMS providers are available for sending anonymous texting like SMS Gateway which allows to their users to send bulk anonymous text messages without showing identity. Moreover, premium users can use the anonymous mail services tool.

But from our side we recommend you to use any above free anonymous SMS websites to send free unlimited messages according to your country. The best thing is that registration is not required to use the above anonymous messaging sites. Just go through the link, and enter your text message and receiver number to send anonymous text. That’s it.

Basically, you can use these anonymous text messaging websites to prank your friend and family members.

More than you may send a text message online from fake number [nonymous text message] for social help.

  • Send an anonymous message if you want to report any social evil activity.
  • Report anonymously about smuggling without showing your own identity.
  • Use free anonymous text messaging services to report anonymously to police about any crime.
  • Take apart and let your government know about corrupt political leaders.

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