Q&A –How To Remove Yellow Background From Adsense Ads [Solved]

Remove Yellow Background From Adsense Ads Solution

Recently we changed our existing wordpress theme with new one. And after implementing this new theme we found that adsense backgrounds are yellow. It’s really looking very ugly and annoying on the site. At first I was thinking that it’s because of adsense code error. But after visiting on many forums and articles we found that yellow adsense background is not an adsense code error. It’s because of the wordpress theme coding.

As I told you, we are facing the same issue and writing this post after our own experience. So in this post we will show you how to remove yellow background behind adsense ads? It’s really very simple and you can fix this yellow background issue from wordpress site just in few steps. No need to visit on any other site for solution or no need to take help of any other webmaster. You can do it at your home by applying few small changes in your ads or style.CSS sheet.

This is simple to remove yellow background from adsense ads, so let me show you the solution with reason.

Why Is There A Background Around The Adsense Ads [Yellow & Any Other]

At first check is it your issue or not? This is how the problematic adsense ads might look like:

In above image, you can see annoying yellow background behind the adsense ads. So if it’s the same issue with your wordpress sites then please read the complete post carefully and learn how to fix yellow colour background from adsense in wordpress site?

First possible reason of this yellow background may be your adsense ad size. It’s simple to understand with an example. Suppose if you are using 336×268 adsense ad size to display but Google is displaying 300 x 250 or any other ads that is actually smaller than the space you defined for the ad, in that case it may show yellow background behind the advertisement [Adsense Ads].

Most of the time you may face this issue with responsive adsense ads. In that case you have to use exact ad size or fixed size adsense ad according the ad slot. Fixed ad size will cover the complete blank area and it will not show you yellow background around the adsense ad.

Second possible reason may be because of your theme. Don’t worry, your wordpress theme is not corrupted. Not for all but many WordPress themes automatically have the <ins> tag (also known as the ins attribute) set to yellow in your CSS style sheetThe other reason could be that the <ins> tag is set around a Google advertisement like: <ins>Advertisement Script</ins>. The ins attribute/tag defines additional text to a document and is commonly used to markup updates and modifications made to a website. The yellow hex color used is #fff9c0 or #ff9 depending on your WordPress theme.


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Remove Yellow Background From Adsense Ads

How To Fix Yellow Background Behind Adsense Without Coding?

Basically this method is only for adesnse ad inserter plugin users. If you are using “Advanse Ads Plugin” to insert ads in your wordpress site then go to Advanse Ads >> Setting >> Adsense and then tick mark on Transparent Background option as shown below. It will convert the adsense ad background to transparent and you will not see yellow background behind the adsense code.

Remove Google Adsense Yellow Background With Custom CSS

Remember this method is based on custom css and you have to implement some changes in your wordpress theme. So do it carefully otherwise, you may crash your site.

  • Login to your wordpress site dashboard.
  • Navigate to Appearance >> Editor >> open style.css

Remove Yellow Background From Adsense Ads

  • Find color code #fff9c0 or#ff9 or you may type ctrl + F to enable search box.

Remove Yellow Background From Adsense

  • Once you are able to find #fff9c0 or#ff9 on your css style sheet then replace these codes with your website background color. Use #ffffff for white, #000000 for black, or rgba(25,25,25,0) for transparent). White color code is recommended if the website background is white, otherwise use the transparent color.

[Make sure you are going to change background color code only]

Here are some examples of color code which can be in your website CSS style sheet.

ins {

 background: #fff9c0;

 text-decoration: none;

ins { background: #ff9; color: #000; text-decoration: none; }
ins, .ins {

background-color: #ff9;

color: #000;

text-decoration: none;

Second method is more effective to remove yellow background from adsense advertisement. Change background color code in CSS style sheet and it will fill extra ads area with white or transparent color. Result, it will not show yellow color around adsense ad.

IMPORTANT: If you update theme in future, all the customization will remove. In that case you have to apply the changes again to fix these particular changes.

Hope you may find this article helpful to fix wordpress yellow background error. If you have any quarry, please leave your comment below.

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