MyfitnessPal Down : Login Not Working On App And Website With 502 Error

MyfitnessPal Down : Login Not Working On App And Website With 502 Error

Big update about MyfitnessPal app or website is that MyfitnessPal android app is not working and MyfitnessPal official site is showing 502 bad gateway errors on browser.

MyfitnessPal is one of the best popular weight and calories counters of 2020 – 2019. Working structure is very simple. It tracks your weight and calculates a recommended and necessary daily calories intake. Moreover, users can use its well designed food diary and exercises to maintain their body.

Now every person is very conscious about their fitness and health. For that this site has very good attractive homepage with clear pictures of how many calories you have consumed during the whole day. Additionally it can advice you the recommended calories and the number of calories you have burned after exercises.

But problem is that free MyfitnessPal smartphone app and website which tracks your diet and exercise schedule is currently facing an outage in many locations. And now MyfitnessPal Down.

Many users of MyfitnessPal app and website are unable to login through the app and browser. At the time of browsing of MyfitnessPal on pc they are getting error 502 bad gateway.

All the forums are full with these quarries. Have a look at a few complaints down below.


MyfitnessPal Down
MyfitnessPal Down

MyfitnessPal Down

We are following on this major issue very closely and related developments. So bookmark our page for more update about MyfitnessPal site and app 502 error.

As soon as we will get any official updated information about this story, we will publish it in the end of the article.

In case you are also encountering the same MyfitnessPal not working issues, stay tuned for latest update.

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