FlyHeight Alternative Sites Similar to

FlyHeight Alternative Sites Similar to

Top Best Sites Like To Watch Viral Videos

I am regular visitor of FlyHeight com website to watch all viral content and videos from America [Including around the world]. As they officially claim that, is world’s best entertaining video Website. We are also accepting this in some manner. But as we all know, FlyHeight site is the not only one player in online market. So here we are presenting alternatives of FlyHeight viral video website.

There are many similar sites are available on internet those are working approx same as FlyHeight website. But many of us really don’t know about FlyHeight alternative sites. Similarly, some time we experience the FlyHeight shut down because of maintenance and server outage issues. Reason may be different but we can’t wait if we are in good mood to watch some viral and interesting videos. That’s way we need to know about sites like

FlyHeight positioned itself as a YouTube alternative but actually we can’t compare FlyHeight with YouTube which is #2 site for streaming videos. Millions and millions users use YouTube to watch different types of videos. However, is another online video uploading site that brings the latest videos and most entertaining viral video from America and other countries. In short, this site is only for entertainment videos those are viral on Internet.

If you try to check online, FlyHeight have 2k Global Alexa ranking with 543 US Ranking. These analytics counts are enough to assume its popularity in whole over the world.

Basically here on this site you will not see full length videos like YouTube. All the uploaded videos are very short and entertaining. In short we can say, you will find almost all viral videos from US and around the world.

Main reason of popularity of this site is that there is no any restriction to upload any kind of videos. You need to create an account before uploading any video then you can set it on Public. Same as uploading, you are also free to watch any available video on FlyHeight official website.

Instragram and Twitter users are very much familiar with #flyheight hashtag. It is directly related with flyheight website. In other words, users can watch viral videos and also can upload their content to make them viral in US. Best thing about this site is, it allow video creators to monetize their uploaded videos to make handsome money.

Now the question is what are other good options to watch viral and entertaining videos like

Well, internet is full with content and nothing is limited. Each and every place is full with competitors.  It is same with FlyHeight website. Because of its popularity, many other video streaming and uploading sites are on internet and we can consider them as FlyHeight alternatives.

Is FlyHeight down? Check all outages

In case you are unable to load FlyHeight site then visit on below link to check FlyHeight outages. It may reason of maintenance shut down or server issues. Below added Outage checker sites will show all statics with data and time. So you can identify the exact problem and continue streaming videos after the fixes.

FlyHeight Outages Stats

FlyHeight official Domain Link


50 Sites Like : Alternative Sites Similar to Flyheight






All the above listed alternative sites are not sponsored by anyone. We added all the sites according the active users interest and reviews. These are few numbers in the list. So, we will try to update list of FlyHeight alternative 2020 in coming days.

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