How To Watch Weather Channel On DirecTV – DirecTV Weather Live Report

Subscribe DirecTV and Watch Weather Channel On DirectV – DirectV Weather Live Report

Are you looking for weather channels DirecTv? If yes then stop your search here and see how to access weather channel and its local weather channels those are available on Directv streaming service.

DirecTv is a part of AT&T communications which is most popular satellite television service and streaming service. In particular united state of America, DirecTv offers several channels for different categories like News, Sports, Kids, Movies, and much more. Because of this, it’s very common to forget channel number of the weather channels on DirecTV. If it’s also same with you and want to know what weather channel on DirecTV or how to find the weather channel number DirecTV then this article is for you.

Before going to start any trip, it’s important to know the actual weather forecast in your area. Weather may change or swing without any sign and it’s extremely annoying sometime. Although, numbers of weather broadcast websites, channels and services are available on internet and local broadcasting service.

Weather forecast is easy to check for your area but weather forecast accuracy is the most important to manage your working schedule. For this, DirectV is the reliable and more accurate source for any user. If you are DirectTV user, then you can watch or analysis accurate weather forecast on DirecTV weather channel. You can tune into the channel or can opt to have a look at the website by the same DirectV name.

Weather Channel on DIRECTV

“The Weather Channel” is originally an American pay television channel. Here users can find the latest and upcoming weather forecast including other weather related news and weather analysis reports.

Apart from that, to increase user engagement it broadcast or streams documentaries and some entertainment shows related to weather as well. So, it is not all that boring to tune into the Weather Channel on DIRECTV after all. Additionally, channel teaches you to deal with current as well as future weather conditions.

Weather channel names may be different for different regions. So, if you are going to plan to subscribe any weather channel in near future, “The weather channel”, “TBS on DirectTV” are good options for you. Selection of monthly weather channel subscription depends on your own choice and taste.

Here we recommend you to take interest in DirecTv because it offers some of the most prominent channels as a part of the cable service packages.

Weather Channel Number On DirectV

At the time of publishing this post, currently there are two weather channels running on DirecTV – “The Waether Channel” & “WeatherNation”.

Both channels are famous for AMHQ [American’s Morning Headquarters} hosted by Sam Champion which provides the necessary weather news, feedback and future forecast that you need to know.

The Weather Channels vs  DirecTv

When the world gets its Weather report through The Weather Channel, the company provides millions of people every day with the world’s best weather forecasts, content and data through the television, online internet, mobile and tablet screens. But In the starting of year, 2014 “The Weather Channel” was removed from direct TV subscription program due to uncompromising deal.

The Weather Channels

The weather channel demanded to pay rise from world’s most popular and leading digital television service. At that time it was taking 12 cents per subscribers per month but they were not satisfied with this agreement. As a result, The Weather Channel was removed from the DirecTV network. After three month, both networks confirmed the deal again and The Weather Channel was back to its usual channel number 362. The financial terms are not disclosed by any one.

Weathernation vs DirectV

weathernation on directv

First fight was started in 2014 and after four year later in 2018, DirecTv network removed the WeatherNation channel from their platform and installed the ACCWeather channel on number 361 on DirecTV.

Till now ACCWeather channel is placed on channel number 361 on DirecTV. Main thing is that reason of this exchange never disclosed by both companies.

Local Weather Channels On DirecTV

DirecTV is largest weather forecast news provider in the world because it manages thousands of local weather stations. The channel number of local weather channels DirecTV can be found by local ZIP code. Check out the list of local weather channels on official DirecTV website. Additionally, download and install weather apps for android to get instant weather update, news and future forecast on your Smartphone.

Contact Information Of direcTV and The Weather Company


Darris Gringeri, 212-205-0882


The Weather Company

Shirley Powell, 770-226-2522

So this is all about two weather channels on direcTV to get full information and future weather forecast. Till now both weather channels are permanent weather channels for DirecTV.

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