Lava Z60S IMEI Repair |Lava Z60s Database File | Lava Z60s IMEI Tool

Lava Z60S IMEI Repair |Lava Z60s Database File | Lava Z60s IMEI Tool

Lava Z60s IMEI repair without box is here. So guys, if you are lava android Smartphone user and now getting Null IMEI or Invalid IMEI on lava z60s mobile then you can fix this issue without any extra effort. No need to use any professional tool or dongle, just follow the below guide and learn “how to repair lava z60s IMEI without box?

Sometimes you may face null IMEI or invalid IMEI after flashing firmware on Lava z60s. It may because of wrong flashing file or wrong firmware. Reasons may be different for different devices, but if network is not working on lava z60s android mobile, check IMEI status of the device by use *#06# code.

In case, it’s showing null or invalid IMEI, follow any one below method to fix no network issue on lava z60s by flashing IMEI again.

About: Lava Z60s IMEI Repair Without Box

Brand: LAVAModel: Lava z60sIMEI

Tool : SN Write IMEi tool or SP MAUI Meta Tool

Success Rate: 100% working and tested


Flash lava z60s Official STOCK ROM

Lava Z60 FRP Bypass Using SP Flash Tool [ No DL Error ]

Lava Z60S IMEI Repair |Lava Z60s Dadabase File | Lava Z60s IMEI Tool

Lava z60s is a MTK or MediaTek android mobile. So if you have IMEI related issue on the device then flash it using any IMEI repair tool like Free Miracle 2.82 or SN Write IMEI tool or SP Maui Meta tool etc.

IMEI repairing method for Lava z60s can be different for different tools, so here we are going to share two different Lava z60s IMEI tool with all screenshots.

Method 01 : Lava z60s IMEI Repair using SN WriteImei tool

Method 02 : Lava z60s IMEI Repair using MTK MAUi Meta Tool

Method 01 : Lava z60s IMEI Repair using SN Write Imei tool

In this method we will use MTK SNwrite IMEI tool to repair lava Z60s IMEI number using database file. Just download lava z60s IMEI file [database file], write IMEI tool, MTK drivers and follow the below instructions properly.

Download Lava z60s IMEI Database File, Drivers and IMEI tool

Lava z60s IMEI Tool [ SN writeImei Tool ] Download
Lava z60s Database File [ IMEI File ] DOWNLOAD / MIRROR
Lava z60s USB Drivers [ MTK Drivers ] VCOM or MTK [use any one ]
  • First off download all files [ drivers, writeimei tool and databse file ] and save them on pc.
  • Now install VCOM drivers or MTK drivers on pc. Drivers installation is must to create bridge connection in between pc and device. Skip the step, if already installed.

Please Note: use any one driver from VCOM or MTK driver

  • Next come to the device, Enable “Developer Option “ and then “enable USB debugging”.
Developer Option: Go to “Phone Setting” >>> “About Phone” >> Tap 7-10 times on “Build Number”

Enable Debugging: Go To setting >> “Developer Option “ >> Enable USB Debugging

  • Now power off device and boot lava z60s into meta mode manually.
Lava z60s Meta Mode : Power off >> Press & Hold Volume up & Volume Down key + Insert USB cable


Power off >> Press & Hold Volume up key + Power Key together at the same time.

Important:if the device is properly connected into meta mode, you will see the logo and also can see “meta mode” at the bottom of the phone’s screen.


  • Connect the device with pc via USb cable and don’t unplug it before completing the process.
  • Now extract the downloaded “Lava z60s IMIE repair file or Lava z60s database file” on pc. We will use them in next process.

Please Note: Database file can be different for different devices and it comes with official stock ROM of the device.

lava z60s imei file
lava z60s database file [ AP & BP ]
  • Now run ““SN Write.exe” file and run it as administrator.
  • SN write tool will launch on your pc as shown below. And now you have to Configure SN Write Tool To Write IMEI Number on lava z60s mobile.
  • Click on drop down option under the “ComPort” option and select “USB Vcom” option. And then Select “Smart Phone” option under the “Target Type” section because Lava Z60s is a Smartphone.

  • In next step click on “System Config” option from the tool. Once the “System Config” window will appear, tick mark on IMEI from “write Option” window. Don’t forget to tick mark on “Dual IMEI” option as shown in screenshot.

  • Now load “Database file” properly.

Click on “MD1_DB” and load “MDDB_InfoCustomAppSrcP_MT6739_S00_MOLY_LR12A_R2_MP_V32_5_1_ulwtg_n.EDB” file

Click on “AP_DB” and Load “APDB_MT6739_S01_alps-trunk-o1.bsp_W17.50” file.

  • Finally click on “SAVE” button to apply all modifications.
  • In next step, click on “START” button and it will open a new window. Just type or paste original IMEI number of the device in both IMEI1 & IMEI2. And then hit on “OK” button.

  • Tool will detect the device and will flash DUAL IMEI On lava z60s within few minutes.

  • All DONE!!!! Remove and re-insert battery again and boot the device normally.
  • After reboot, check IMEI using *#06# and this time it will not show invalid IMEI or Null IMEI issue.

Method 02 : Lava z60s IMEI Repair using MTK MAUi Meta Tool

Maui Meta tool is another best tool to repair IMEI of any MTK android device including Lava z60s mobile. Maui meta tool can write IMEI with and without database file.

As we all know Lava z60s firmware come with database file, so we repair lava z60s IMEI with or without database file.

Download Lava z60s IMEI Database File, Drivers and IMEI tool [maui Meta Tool ]

Lava z60s IMEI Tool [maui Meta Tool ] Download
Lava z60s Database File [ IMEI File ] DOWNLOAD / MIRROR
Lava z60s USB Drivers [ MTK Drivers ] VCOM or MTK [use any one ]
  • Download all the required files from above download section and save them on pc.
  • Now connect the device with pc into meta mode.
Lava Z60s Meta Mode : Power off >> Press & Hold Volume Up & Down key + Insert USB cable at the same time.

Please Note: If the is successfully into meta mod then you will see meta mode at the bottom of the phone screen

  • Now extract “MTK Maui Meta tool zip file” and install it on pc. [If you are using portable Maui Meta software, no need to install]
  • Launch “maui Meta Build Tool” on pc as administrator.
  • Once the tool launched on pc, click on “reconnect” button.

  • If device is connected properly, it will show “connected with target” message as shown in screenshot. Because we are going to flash IMEI, so we have to choose “IMEI Download” option from the drop down section.

  • Repeat the process and this time click on “reconnect” button again. At the same time it will open a new window on pc.

  • Click on “Change NVRAM Datbase File” option, click on “YES” button to load database file automatically. This step will display both SIM 1 and SIM 2 option on the tool.

Please Note : If you are going to use “YES” then no need to load database file manually. It will load all files automatically.

But if you are going to click on “No” then you have to load database file [ AP * BP] files manually.

In this process, we are using “YES” option so we will input IMEI number manually without database file.

  • Now type Both IMEI in IMEI_1 and IMEi_2 section and then hit on “DOWNLOAD To Flash” button.
  • In nest step,  click on “Download To Flash” button to restore IMEi 1 And it will write IMEI 1 [SIM1] automatically.

  • Same as above, select SIM 2, Check IMEI number and then hit on “Download to flash” . It will flash SIM 2 [ IMEI2] on the device.
[ Or type IMEI 2 manually]

  • All Done disconnect the tool, unplug USB cable, remove and reinsert the battery for once and then restart it again.
  • Dial *#06# from dialer app and check IMEI number status of your device. That’s it.

These are complete steps to flash IMEI on lava z60s using Mauimeta tool. For more, watch video to use Maui Meta tool to repair IMEI number.

So guys these are all best methods to flash IMEI on Lava z60s to fix null IMEI or invalid IMEI.

Choose any one method to repair IMEI of Lava z60s without database file or with databse file.

Till now getting any issue in any step, leave your comment below.

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