How To Use WriteIMEI Tool To Repair SPD IMEI Numbers

How To Use WriteIMEI Tool To Repair SPD IMEI Number

WriteIMEI Tool is a SPD IMEI repair tool, if you are getting Null IMEI or Invalid IMEI or IMEI 000000 on any SPD [Spreadrum ] mobile. In this post, we are listing complete step by step tutorial to repair SPD Phone’s IMEI with all necessary screenshots.

Make sure you are going to use SPD or Spreadrum CPU based android or feature mobile only. In case you have any other chipset based mobile then you have to use appropriate IMEI repair tool.

Do Google and check specification of the device to confirm Chipset of the device.

Now let’s see “how to use WriteIMEI Tool or how to repair SPD IMEI using WriteIMEI Tool?”



About: How TO Use WriteIMEI ToolSupporting

Devices : All SPD [Spreadrum] feature phones & Android Phones

OS : WriteIMEI Tool Supports all windows OS W7, w8/8.1 & W10 [32 Bit & 64 Bit]

Use Of WriteIMEI Tool : SPD IMEI Repairing Tool

Download SPD WriteIMEI Tool And Drivers

SPD WriteIMEI Tool Download
DOWNLOAD [ All Versions ] Recommended : R4.0.0001

Alternate SPD IMEI Tool : Visit Here

Universal SPD USB Drivers [64 Bit & 32 Bit ]

Change Or Write IMEI Using WriteIMEI Tool

As we already told you, WriteIMEI Tool is a SPD imei repair tool which can write or change IMEI of any SPD chipset based android or keypad mobile withing single click. No need to use any professional tool or any technical skill. User interface of WriteIMEI Tool is very easy to understand and any newbie user can change IMEI number of SPD mobile by WriteIMEI Tool easily.

Simply download WriteIMEI Tool and SPD drivers on windows pc and then continue the next IMEI write process using WriteIMEI Tool as shown in below article.

Video : How To use WriteIMEI Tool To Repair SPD IMEI Number

  • Type *#06# to confirm IMEI status of the device. If you are facing Null IMEI or invalid IMEI or no network, continue the next step.
  • Note down original IMEI of the device from back panel of the device. Never ever try to change different IMEI, it may illegal in some countries.
  • Download and Install SPD USB Drivers on pc. Drivers installation is must to create bridge connection in between pc and mobile. Otherwise, pc will not detect the device. Skip the step, if already installed.
  • Extract the downloaded WriteIMEI Tool on pc. Here you will see the below files. [ Recommended version : WriteIMEI Tool R4.0.0001]
writeimei tool setup
writeimei tool setup
  • Find the “writeIMEI.exe” file and run it as administrator to launch it on pc.
  • Once the tool open, click on “Mode Select” button and select “Normal Mode” option as shown in screenshot.

  • Now click on “SET” button to select desired IMEI option.
[ Please Note: If you have single IMEI then un-check other IMEI options. Otherwise, tick mark for desired IMEI options to write IMEI]

  • In the same window, select “Manual Input” or “Auto Generated IMEI” options from the IMEI section. Select “Manual Input” option, if you want to write IMEI manually.

  • After configure the tool, click on “Save” button to apply all the changes.
  • Come to the device and connect the device with pc via USB cable. Don’t forget to press boot key of the device. [Device must be in Switch ON condition ]

Boot Key : Boot key may be different for different for different device. Do Google and find the correct boot key of the device.]

If the device is properly connected with pc, it will create PORT under “Device Manger” section and you are ready to write IMEI on SPD mobile using WriteIMEI tool.

  • Next come to the tool again, click on port section and select correct port from drop down menu.
  • now click on “Read” button to read existing IMEI number.

  • Now type your desired IMEI in both IMEi sections as shown in below screenshot and Finally click on “Write” button to flash IMEI. Here it will flash IMEI withing few seconds.

  • All Done!!! Reboot the device again to apply all the changes.
  • Dial *#06# to confirm device IMEI number.
Important Points About WriteIMEI SPD Tool
  • WriteIMEI tool support only and only SPD chipset based android and keypad mobiles. If you have any other chipset based devices like MTK, Qualcomm then you have to use other IMEI repair tool.
  • WriteIMEI SPD tool can flash more then 4 IMEI. In short you can write IMEI on any Single or Dual SIM or 4 SIM mobile.
  • Flashing auto IMEI or change IMEI is illegal in some countries. So try to write original IMEI only.
  • WriteIMEI support all windows OS W7, w8 & w10 [32 Bit & 64 Bit] platforms.

Other IMEI Repair Tools For Different Chipset Devices

Free Miracle Tool Without Box [ Versions 2.27A or 2.54 Or 2.58 Or 2.82 ]

These are the complete steps to use Write IMEI tool to repair IMEI of SPD mobiles. It’s completely free to download and use. So no need to go anywhere to fix null IMEI or Invalid IMEI issues of the device.

Just download SPD IMEI tool and drivers and then follow the steps as it is as shown in above tutorial.

Till now getting any issue in any step, please leave your comment with your quarry.

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