How To Find Nearest Gas Station On Google Map – Closest Gas Station From my location

How To Find Nearest Gas Station On Google Map – Closest Gas Station From my location

No matter what you are searching for. Google is always with you on your mobile and in your pc. It’s also the same to get directions to the nearest gas station in your current location. If you are at your home or office or in a known place, it’s easy to find the gas station near you. But what will you do if you drive your car in an unknown place? You can ask people for this but it may be risky in the night. Thanks to Google Maps, you can get the list of all the gas stations nearby you.

Each and every android Smartphone comes with a pre-installed Google maps application. Most of us use this feature to get directions to get somewhere. For example, we can check traffic to work or home on Google map. But it’s not only limited to find the address and direction of location. With the help of Google maps application, we can also find the gas station near me right now.

There is no rocket science behind this but you should know how to get the location of the closest gas station from your location.

How To Locate Open Gas Station Near Me In Android Phone

Most of us use the android Smartphone in our daily life because of its utility application. Actually, this is the main reason for Android phone’s popularity. Just because Google Maps is powered by Google official, they added this app with every old and new stock android version.

Now let’s see how to use Google Maps app to locate a nearest gas station?

Please Note: In order to check live gas station locations in Google map, make sure mobile data and GPS service is enabled in your mobile. Without the GPS and internet data, it will not work for you.

  • Open app drawer, find the Google Map app and launch it.
  • Go the top of the screen >> find the “GAS” option and tap on it.
  • Now active Google Map service will show all the gas stations near you.

google map gas station

  • At the top of the screen, you can also use the filer option to find the specific GAS station.
Gas Filter Options – Here in this filer section, you can see “not visited before” or “Visited” or “those are opened at the movement”. Expand more options by clicking on the “More Filter” button.

Google maps Gas Filter Options

  • By clicking on the first option, you can filter your search according to the “Relevance” or “Distance”. Additionally, it allows you to locate Gas stations that are opened now, any or custom. For more advanced information, check what gas stations will be open at a specific time or day in the Custom option. These options are really very helpful for those who work late at night and want to know which gas station will open in a specific time or which are opened right now.
  • After selecting the desired filter option to search Gas station, click on the “Apply” button from bottom of the screen. It will change the result immediately and only show you the results you want to see.
  • For more, click on the “direction” option and start following the navigation to fill gas in your car.
  • Done!!!

In this way, a Google map shows all the closest gas station location within a few clicks. With the help of a distance filter, users can get distance and directions to the nearest gas station from their current location.

Check Other Gas Stations

If you are interested in another gas or petrol station, tap on the red balloon and it will show complete information in front of you like …

  • Have you visited or not that gas station
  • Address of petrol or gas pump
  • Official Business hours
  • Contact or Phone number
  • Official Website
  • Reviews
  • Photos
  • Save

Search For Nearest Gas Station To My location Without Google Map

Search For Nearest Gas Station To My location on pc

In any case, Google Maps app is not working or asking to update but you don’t have enough time for this. In that case, open Google chrome browser or any other browser and search for “gas station near me now”. Search engine will show the list of gas stations near me right now in front of you.

This method is useful, if you are unable to launch Google MAP application. Browsers will do the same for you.


Probably, you are thinking that it’s not required to know about nearest gas filling stations. But when you are driving in any unknown place, you should know where the nearest gas station is.

Tip : Do you know we can set our car parking location in Google Maps to track the exact location? If not follow the guide – “Find my car on Google Maps“.

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