How To Check Mi Device Has Anti Roll Back Feature [ARB] Or Not?

Check Mi Device Has Anti Roll Back Feature [ARB] Or Not?

Recently Xiaomi announced their new system protection feature – Anti Roll Back Protection. Till now this feature is implemented on Redmi Note 5 Pro MIUI 10 8.7.5 ROMs and above versions. But very soon, you may see this feature with more Xiaomi / Redmi devices.

That means, now users can’t downgrade MIUI version of the device by flashing firmware again. In short you can’t install earlier ROM again on your device. Otherwise, it may lead to hard brick and you have to visit on Xiaomi service centre to repair it again. But users can upgrade their device on latest available update without any issue.

But problem is that there are so many confusion among the users and they don’t have any clue about it. Many  users want to check if there device have anti roll back feature or Not? Seriously, It’s very important to identify the anti-Roll back protection [ARB] feature is enabled on your update MIUI10 ROM.

For example, if you are using Redmi Note 5 pro MIUI10 8.7.5 version & above that means it’s already enabled on the device. But what for other devices like Redmi 4, Redmi 4x, Redmi Note 4, Redmi Note 3, Mi Mix, Mi Mix 2 and Redmi 5 etc.


If you have ARB protection enabled Xiaomi device then don’t try to flash older ROM or don’t try to downgrade MIUI version directly. It may brick your device permanently and you have to visit on Xiaomi service center to repair it again. Check below links and find the correct ROM’s to downgrade Redmi Note 5 pro.

So here in this post we will show you the easiest method to check Anti Roll Back Feature on Mi device by using simple adb command. Till now this Anti roll back feature is enabled in Redmi Note 5 pro mobile only but you may see this feature on more other Xiaomi devices.

How To Check Anti Roll Back Feature On Mi Devices

This method is an universal method for all Xiaomi / Redmi devices to find out anti rool back feature is enabled or not? Same as you can find the ARB version of the device easily.

Please Note: If the Mi device firmware is based on ARB 3 version that means anti roll back feature [ARB] is disabled on the device. In other hand, if the device has ARB 4 version, anti roll back feature present on the device and you have to be more careful at the time of flashing firmware manually.

Steps To Check ARB Version OR Anti Rool Back Version Of Mobile

As I told you, ARB version of the device is the most important thing before going to jump into MIUI downgrade process.

It’s really very simple task to check ARB version of by using simple adb command. Just execute adb command via pc and know ARB version [Anti Roll Back Version] instantly.

  • Download and install “Minimal adb & fastboot tool” on pc.
  • Open ADB folder location [My Computer >> C Drive >> ADB Folder]
adb folder directory
adb folder location
  • Once yo are into adb folder, press & hold “Shift” key + “Right” click + select “open command window here” or “open powershell window here” option as shown in below screenshot.
open powershell window here
open powershell window here
  • A new command window will appear in front of you. Don’t close it, we will use it in next step.
  • Boot device Into Fastboot Mode using key combinations.
[Power off >> Press & Hold volume down key + power key together at the same time until you see the bunny logo]
xiaomi fastboot mode
Xiaomi Fastboot Mode
  • Attach the device with pc via USB cable.
  • Again go to the command window and execute the below command.

fastboot getvar anti

Above command will show a new result with “anti: 4” or “anti: 3” or Anti: numeric numbers.

If the result is anti: 3 or anti: numeric numbers, no anti root back feature is enabled on the Mi device

If the result is anti: 4, anti roll back is enabled on the device

ARB versions can be ARB 3 or ARB 4 according to your existing firmware of the device. Just note down or remember ARB version of the device.

What Next If I Have ARB Enabled Mi Device Redmi Note 5 Pro MIUI10 Oreo

First off all remember one thing, you can’t flash earlier MIUI version on ARB feature enable devices directly[Till now it’s available in Redmi Note 5 Pro].

Don’t try to flash all these below builds or ROMs on ARB affected devices.

Global Bets MIUI10 8.7.10

Global Stable MIUI9 9.5.17

China Beta MIUI10 8.7.9

Mi device will brick if you try to flash these builds or firmware on ARB feature enabled Mi devices. But you can upgrade all upcoming MIUI10 beta update or stable ROMs without any issue.

What Should You Do Now

  • If you have ARB enabled Redmi Note 5 pro or any other device, nothing is worry. It will not harm your device. Still you have option to unlock bootloader, can root the device, can install twrp recovery and also can install custom ROMs.

But you have remember only one thing, do not flash older version of MIUI or any old firmware zip files.

  • Check ARB version of your devicee. If you have ARB version of anti:2/anti:3,then don’t worry and but in case you have anti:4 ARB version, you have to stick on this arb version enabled firmware only.

In short, flash only ARB 4 version enabled firmware for ARB enabled device and flash only ARB 3 firmware on non-enabled arb feature devices.

What You Can Do With Anti Roll Back Feature Enabled Devices

  • Users can install custom recovery like CWM/twrp [Recommended- Red wolf twrp recovery]
  • Users can root device with ARB feature or disable Encryption
  • Users can move between or switch from Cina build to Global builds.’
  • Users can switch between all anti 4 bilds [MIUI10 8.7.12 to]
  • Users can flash custom ROMs [any AOSP/LOS based firmware]
  • Flash any anti 4 fastboot roms/firmware
  • how to bypass anti roll back lock in fastboot and flash

If you want to downgrade Redmi Note 5 pro with anto roll back feature enabled devices, please visit on below link to download supported firmware, flash it and downgrade MIUI version of Redmi Note 5 pro.

Download Firmware

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