Fix Vizio SmartCast Not Working Troubleshooting

How To Fix Vizio SmartCast Not Working Troubleshooting

Are you using SmartCast tv to watch or live stream your favorite program and movies? But unfortunately, Smart cast tv is not working. Don’t worry it’s very common issue for Smart cast tv users.

Reasons may be different for different users. For example, it may be any software related issue or non-optimal settings of your network.

Vizio SmartCast TV stop working is highly search string in Google and other search engines. It’s really very annoying at the time of watching our program in our free time.

Smartcast tv free app allows you to watch tv programs on your TV which is not possible without any cast to tv device. Just download and install Smartcast tv app on your android Smartphone or tablet and start streaming television programs without having Smart tv facility.

Most of users already know about this Smart cast tv. So here we are not going into deep discussion. But if your Vizio SmartCast tv stop working at your home or office then let’s see “how to fix Vizio SmartCast not working issue?”

In this tutorial we are going to add all possible Vizio SmartCast tv errors and their solutions. Just checkout the below solutions and make it working.

As we all know Vizio SmartCast works on internet. So before going to jump into errors and solutions, make sure your internet connection is working properly. Similarly, your attached devices should be connected properly. If all these are working fine, now we can try to fix Vizio SmartCast not working issue.


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Solutions To Fix Vizio SmartCast Not Working Properly

Vizio tv won’t turn On and Vizio SmartCast tv stop working is two different things. There is very thing line in between both errors.

To make it easy to understand and fix the problem, we are splitting the tutorial in different sections. Follow all the steps one by one and enjoy error free Vizio SmartCast tv to watch yor program on your tv.

Solution 01 Reboot Your Vizio SmartCast TV

Software bug or system files mess-up is most common issue, of Vizio SmartCast not working for you. So it can be countered by an easy restarting. Just reboot of restart your pluged Vizio SmartCast. This step will wipe all the temporary configurations again. Wait for couple of minutes and restart it again and this time it will re-install all the required temporary setting automatically.

  • Press the menu button from your TV remote and choose “System” option.
  • Select “Reset & Admin”.
  • Now select the Soft Power Cycle. [ Don’t forget to power off your router ]
  • Again turn on both devices [Router & Smart Cast] and check the TV is working properly or not?

In case the Soft Power Cycle does now works, try this steps……………………..

  • Turn off your TV using the power button of the TV.
  • Then unplug all TV connections.
  • Press & hold the power button of your TV at least for 50 seconds.
  • Plug the power again.
  • Again press & hold the power button of the TV for reboot.
  • Hereafter you can turn on your TV. don’t press any buttons of your remote or TV
  • And wait for the SmartCast home to appear, now check the issue is still there.

This is very first step and any one can follow this solution, if Smart cast tv is not working properly. Most of the time rebooting will fix your error and you no need to go for other solution.

Solution 02 Re-enable DHCP settings of your network

Internet connectivity is another big factory for Vizio SmartCast device not working error. In case, DHCP settings are not correct, your Vizio SmartCast tv will not play. The responsibility of DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) is to assign an IP address to each device for your network.

If any two devices are on same IP address due to wrong DHCP settings then you have to fix it. Similarly, sometimes, DHCP will act irresponsibly and do not assign an IP address to the SmartCast SystemSystem. This is another common issue for Vizio Smart Cast stop working.

  • Power on/turn On your TV.
  • Open any browser.
  • Then open your Router’s URL for admin panel and type your Username and Password.
  • Navigate to your router’s Settings section.
  • Find the DHCP settings section.
  • Just enable DHCP connection. if it’s already enabled then disable and re-enable it again.
  • Save and Exit from the setup.
  • turn on your TV, still the issue there then you can edit your router and go to Google DNS

Solution 03 Factory reset Vizio SmartCast Tv Manually

If above solution01 & solution02 is not working for you then you need to factory reset your Vizio SmartCast Tv. Factory reset will reset all the custom settings of your Vizio SmartCast Tv.

Users have twoi diffent methods to reset Vizio SmartCast Tv manually, “Vizio SmartCast Tv factory Reset via TV Menu” & “factory reset via TV button”.

Reset Vizio SmartCast Tv Via Menu

  • Press the “menu” button from your TV remote and choose the “System” option.
  • go to Reset & Admin and select “Reset TV to Factory Settings” and it will start reset your device.

Factory reset via TV button

  • Continuously Press & hold the Input and Volume down button together for 10 seconds until you can see a bar on the top of the TV.
  • Again press and hold the Input button for 5 seconds then your TV screen goes black.
  • Then turn on the TV and follow the on screen instructions one by one.
  • For more detail please visit on official support page : Vizio Smart cast Tv Official Support

These are very simple and 100% working methods to fix Vizio SmartCast tv not working or Vizio SmartCast device stop working issue. Mostly, simple reboot and factory reset will fix this error automatically. But till now the error is same, and then use Reimage Repair Tool. This software is very helpful to restore all missing and corrupted files.

Many users already tested these solutions to repair Vizio SmartCast tv error at their own home. So try all the possible trouble shooting steps by one as described in above article and fix the issue. You no need to go any authorized center to repair your device.

Till now getting the same issue or unable to fix Vizio SmartCast tv won’t turn ON error, please let me know. Write your quarry in below comment box and we will try to share some advance tricks to solve Vizio SmartCast is not working problem.

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