[2016] How To Change IMEI Number Of Android Phone/smartPhone

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Do you want to change IMEI number of android phone/device? If you real wish to change IMEI number of android phone then this guide will help you and I am 100%  sure you can do it again yourself after reading this post. After spending lots of hours and day on the internet I collected several information for “how to change IMEI number of android Smartphone” or “how to change IMEI number of any android phone (root or without root)”. so now I am listing only tested and 100% working method to change IMEI number of android phone. But before change IMEI number of android phone or device you have to know the advantages and disadvantages. Still you are ready and want to change IMEI number then you can start with us.

IMEI number of any mobile device is unique identity for that particular mobile phone. Fact is you can’t change IMEI number of any mobile device over the cellular network but you can actually change this on your device for the temporary basis. That means you can use fake device ID and fake IMEI number of your device in very cool way of faking some recharge apps to get the free rewards.

Changing of IMEI is illegal in some countries, and I will not be held responsible for any consequences that befall the changer.


Remember to write down your original IMEI number and keep it on safe place. Also, backup your original IMEI in case anything goes wrong, then revert using the above procedures for changing.

[2016] How To Change IMEI Number Of Android Phone/Smartphone

How To Find Device number and IMEI number of Any Android Phone & Tablet

Simply you can check your IMEI number in the back side of your phone. Switch off your phone and open battery .here you can see your android device IMEI number.

More then….

  1. To find IMEi number just dial *#06#
  2. To find device ID just dial *#*#8255#*#*
  3. Same as you can find device id by navigate to menu>>setting>>about Phone>>Status

As I told you above method01 will work only and only on MTK device .but method 02 will work on all type of MTK and non MTK android device but it required root access .so apply any above method according to you and change IMEI number of android phone easily.

This is all about how to change IMEI number of android phone/Smartphone .these are the best and working method to change IMEI number. Remember these changes will work only on android devices, so now you can change IMIE number of any android device.

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51 thoughts on “[2016] How To Change IMEI Number Of Android Phone/smartPhone

  1. In my 3G mobile 3G feature WCDMA is blocked by network by taking IMEI no. by me.What can I do to unblock this feature?

  2. I successfully change the imei of my mtk device ,(oppo r827) , I want to conform can police traced my phone after this or not

  3. I change my imei number by using exposed installer or imei changer, can after this police or network provider traced my mobile or not

  4. Can we change our imei no. for permanent..??? If I lost my phone.. the police will use my original imei.. or the new changed imei

  5. sir my samsung j7 is lost can anyone help me it is 2016 edition i have already given a police complaint can the police track the emi number

  6. I can’t see the changing method after like ut page what should I do?
    I want to change the Samsung j7 imei no pls help me.

    1. VOLTE is calling service and its depend on your phone …no need to do any setting to use VOLTE service …if its available on your phone then it will automatically enable ,if not that means its not support VOLTE service …use jio join app for voice calling

      1. Dear jagmohan ,
        i have water damaged asus zenphone 6. all functions are working but IMEI number is missing (network issue). how to update my IMEI ? .

        Plz guide

        1. my first question …if its working fine then why you want to update your IMEI number …..second thing you need to root your phone then install the xposed framework and then install the device id changer app

  7. Is that possible to change imei number in iphones if it is then how??? And how to open i cloud id in i phone… which application use in all processes…

  8. Sir mere pas ek j7 devaice hai uska imei num chenge krna h ky kru plz help me. google acaunt b bhul gy mai plz sir help me plz plz

  9. My j7 lost any method plz tell me to find my device plzz plzzzz or police can help me find my mobile any method or not police tell me bro

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