How To Add Language Translator In WordPress Site?

add language transletor

Do you know adding/ add language translator in wordpress site is very important and helpful to engage your visitor.if your site in single particular language that means you are limiting your website viewership.because we live in a diverse world and there are millions and millions peoples with their own mother tongue. peoples of different areas and countries have their different language.we you to fact there are anywhere from 6000 to 7500 different language in all world.we cant focus or write our post in all different languages but by add language translator in wordpress site we can open an option for our visitors so they can read our post in their own language. even though most of the peoples can understand English language and it’s a Global language then its worth translating site if a large group of audience is from a specific region.

   But do you know if your site is restricted to only one language (English Global language) it means you are directly avoiding large group of audience those are from Russia and Frans. so just use Google Translate  to translate the site contents over to English. now here in this post we will show you how to add language translator in wordpress site or translate your wordpress site into multiple languages.

language transletor

How To Add Language Translator In WordPress Site?

  • Click on this link Google Language Translator, download and activate this plugin in your wordpress site.
  • After successfully installation and activation now go to Setting >> Google Language Translator and start configuration of Google Language Translator

language transletor

  •  Activate Plugin Status :Ok now you can see a Plugin status option.make sure it is active. otherwise you can click on check box to activate the plugin.
  • Choose site Languages: now select the original or default language of your own website.
  • Choose Translate languages :Now in the next step you have to select the languages in which you really want to translate your site or site contents. here you can also choose country flag images ,layout option,translate box etc.
  • Save Setting : Now click on “Save” button and save your changes.that’s it.

Add Google language Translator Widget On website

After configure all setting of Google Language translator now it’s the time to implement it in website sidebar .for this purpose go to Apperance>>Widgets and simply drag and drop “Google language translator” widget to your website sidebar .you can place it anywhere on the site.

Same as this plugin provide a short-code “ [google-translator] “ if you want you can use this short-code in your website page/post or sidebar.

If you want to show this Google language translator in your site template or header/ footer then use this below code.

<?php echo do_shortcode(‘[google-translator]’); ?> 

Best Website Language translator Plugins

  1. qTranslate Free WordPress Plugin
  2. Polylang Free WordPress Plugin
  3. Multilingual Press Free WordPress Plugin
  4. org Premium Translation Plugin for WordPress

If you are using english lenguage for your site which is Global language then its good .you are seriouslly covering a large group of audience but after implementing Google language translator on your site you are hitting another group of audience.if you have a good site rank with sufficient numbers of viewers then you will see your  site viewership is now going to increse .to improve your site visebilety on the internet you have to submit site on Baidu ,Yandex,Bing and google .

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