How To Protect WordPress Blog From Hackers

Protect Your WordPress Blog From Hackers 

If you are running any WordPress site or blog that it’s necessary for you to take some important and basic steps against hackers to Protect WordPress Blog from Hackers.we all know there are so many hackers in online world and they always try their best to crack your security by spamming or any other method.

       Truth is that there is no any way to completely protect your site from hackers. I know its not new for you and for me also. If I will tell you that you can secure your website within 20 minutes by just doing some little steps then I don’t think there is any loss in my offered deal. You can easily give me your 20 minutes.

    Ok, just starts with our below steps ………………..

protect wordpress website

  1. Update Your WordPress : wordPress site should be up-to-date regularly. There are more chances of hacking when any part of your site or blog is not updated with latest version. This non updated situation is easy for hackers to find vulnerabilities in site through outdated plugins, themes and files. wordpress updates are released to fix bugs ,security holes and introduce new features.

So check right now all these are updated or not :

  • Latest Version of WordPress
  • Latest version of Plugins
  • Latest version of themes
  1. Use Strong Password :hackers use their software to instantaneously test every word in wiki against your password. So never ever use real name or word ,birthdates ,contact numbers ,vehicle number etc as a password.

                           Most of us use their pets name ,family members name ,child name as a password for easy to use .yes It would be easy for you and same as its also easy for hackers to crack your password then there will be nothing in your hand. So always try to make a strong password by using uppercase and lowercase letters as well as numbers and symbols. Your password should be over 8 characters long and mix of word and numbers. If you think it is hard to remember for you then keep your password in notepad or any other place on your computer.

        One more step change your password in every 72 days to Protect WordPress Blog From Hackers. Because by these you can easily create more difficulties for hackers.

                  So just go now and change your login password in strong password.

  1. Change or Delete The Username “admin” : you never notice but its fact that the default username when creating any wordpress site or blog is “admin”. Most of us never change it because they don’t know about it. This mistake creates an easy way for hackers to guess your username and they are already half login in your blog. So never use default user name and password which is provided by your Hosting Company and CMS (wordPress) .change your login details like username and password if your hosting provider allowed you.

             What next? Delete username “admin”.

Note: if the account with username “admin” is the only user that currently has administrator level access. You would not be able to delete it until you create and login with a different administrator level.

  1. Hide Your WordPress Version: it’s a best way to protect your site from hackers to Protect WordPress Blog from Hackers .hide your wordPress version or delete it.

Login as a admin> Appearance>editor>function.php and this line of code

<!–?php remove_action(‘wp_head’, ’wp_generator’); ?–>

  1. Fix Login Attempts: it is a batter way to limit your login attempt by users. It’s a easy loop hole for any hacker if you don’t create login attempt limit. Mostly hackers use their software to access your website and by using software they bombard an infinite of user name and password combination until they can’t get success.

                              So create limit of login attempt so if any hacker will try to crack your password again and again he will be blocked forever.

  1. Backup of your website data: automatically backup of file and database is always useful if you are changing any things on your site such as upgrading your WordPress version, installing any new plugins or changing your theme. If you are regularly taking your database backup then you will feel safer and it will help you to get your data again if you lost anything. There are lots of plugins like backup wordpress which you can use for backup.

Backup is your best defence.anyhow if you gat trapped by hackers you can restart your security, can change passwords and more important you can re-upload your all website contents within a single day.

  1. Remove or delete readme.html File: from WordPress: readme.html file is totally unnecessary file for you. It does not related with any executed content that can be exploit by hackers but it may be helpful for hackers. They can read your wordpress version that you are using so it’s recommended you to delete readme.html from your wordpress website to Protect WordPress Blog From Hackers
  2. Disable plugin And Theme editor :it depends on you, if you are not often editing in website theme or plugin then make it disable .if you want to do any changes you can enable it again .leaving it enable it can be easier task for hackers they can change your website code.
  3. Use Supported WordPress Theme: most of us are not so much aware about it that wordpress themes can pose a security risk.most of developer can write code for themes but they don’t know how to write secure code. For this reason try to use supported and updated wordpress themes.sometime these type of supported themes are available only in have to pay for them.but it is batter then sorry.
  4. Hide Dasboard Login Errors: if you hide your loging typr then it will hard for hackers to figure out your login username and password. Have you notice when you login with wrong password and wrong username you get a massage like: “incorrect password” and “invalid username”.yes this notification is helpful for hackers to figure out your details.

                      So batter way is to hide your dashboard error by adding these lines in your functions.php

                          Add_filter(‘login_errors’,create_function($a’,”return null;”));

“But wait, what you think these all steps really can protect you website from hackers “

 Think a twice , if hackers can down U.S. government websites and PayPal website which are more secure then how you can Protect WordPress Blog From Hackers by using these simple steps.

      So fact is that these tips are not full guarantee to protect you from hackers but really you can rise your security level in the website world. Remember most of hackers prefers to target all weakest websites and by rising your security level you can do batter compare to others.

     But any how you feel you are targeting from expert hackers then immediately consult with experts who can suggest you for batter way.

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