How To Create A Free Blog On Google BlogSpot

How To Create A Free Blog On Google BlogSpot

Having any blog is a great things ,because it’s a one of the powerful and famous method to share anything to online for can write according to your hobbies or with you skill on any subject and online reader can easily read your blog and can get information from your blog. One of the best thing about blog is that you can earn money by your writing quality on blogs.

    There are so many platform to use blog yourself and Google BlogSpot is one of the most favorite method for creating a blog .it is also provide you your own Domain and Hosting.  and Google  both are Good to use for blogging but here we are going to talk about Google However many of newbie user don’t want to spend money or they don’t want to take risk .

       There are so many blogging platforms which offer you free blog creation option. If you are trying to search like that free option my suggestion is always try to use or for free blog creation. Once you have full confidence to create good quality of writing post ,then you can move to self hosting  and start your post or article as a professional.

        BlogSpot allow you to create a free blog but its free platform so it have some limitations .if you are beginner and ready to create your own blog its seriously good to start .

        This post only for that who are starter and willing to create a free blog .for more detail you can read our other article.

Introduction: BlogSpot is a product of Google for blogging .its offer a platform where you can write with your writing skill on any topic and can share to the whole world .all the pictures will be hosted by Picasa which is also part of Google.

Start-Up Guide To Create Free BlogSpot:   to create your free blog on you need to login in your Google account and enter in

  1. Name Of Blog : at first you need to choose name of your blog with domain name.dont use your name as your Blog name .Blog name should be same as your Blog subject .

                      Never use any other company  or brand name for your blog .it can be harmful for you that brand or company can take serious legal action agents you.after creating Blog name click next to create can choose any template or layout  for your blog .now you are ready to create your blog .

  1. Dashboard : now you are on your blog dashboard .to create a beautiful arrangement of your blog you have to know dashboard. here is a screenshot by this you can change setting of your blog according to you .for this you have to give some time to yourself to understand dashboard setting and some basic tools.


  1. If you want to start new blog you can easily create number of blog by just click on “NEW BLOG” TAB
  2. If your article are ready you can post your article by clicking on “Create New Post”
  3. If you had post number of article on your blog and now want to change or update on particular article just click on “Go To Post List” and edit it.
  4. As in screenshot in number 4. You can see a down arrow .by clicking on that arrow you can see number of option like Overview, Post, Page, Comment, stats, earning, layout etc. you can use any option according to your wish.
  • How To Create New Post Or Article On BlogSpot: after creating your blog now The time is to

post your Article .if you have any article or  topic you can post it Just click On “Create New Post” .you can See that option in upper Screen shot .

       Click on “Create New Post” and you will get new window as like Screen-shot .there are so many option to manage your post .write your content or you can copy paste but remember never use other websites content on your blog .write your own words with quality if you really want to get success .blog03

Write your post in type area and manage your font style by upper header bar .in the right side of screenshot you can see option like- Labels , schedule, Permalink , location …when you completed your post you can give label as a tag for quick search ,Schedule is option to post your completed article on particular date automatically .

           At the top of right in screenshot you can see Publish Button. You can click on this post to publish your article when you fully completed your article.preview button provide you an option to see you that how your article look like after publish .

Quick Point To Start BlogSpot:

  • Login with your Gmail Id in
  • Fill your Gmail ID as a user name and create your Blog name (don’t use your own Name )
  • Use basic default template at first .you can change it any time.
  • Create your first post just click on create new post “ write your content by using available option and publish it .
  • Create pages by “page” option.
  • Use Google tool to improve your blog screening.
  • Add Google adsense account to earn money.
  • Most important always try to post unique quality content.


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