Basic Web Design Tips For Newbie User

common mistake by newbie user  Basic Web Design Tips For Newbie User      

 If you are going to start a new website or blog then you have to consider lots of web design element. You have to work on color scheme, layout, graphics, blog contents and many more things. Most important you have to work hard to write quality post so your visitor can be engage with you.

             So here we are presenting some Basic Web Design Tips For Newbie User that you should never ignore to improve the performance of your site or blog. Now a day web design is not all about as beautiful layout it should be user friendly and well user experience.

Tips For Newbie User ………………

  • Keep It Simple: if you are trying to start a new site or if you have already sites then try to make it simple as much as you can. Don’t make it so hard to see your visitor when they are visiting your site. Home page should be easy and clean with good navigation.
  • Site Or Blog Speed: it’s really necessary that your site should be load fast. People are really so impatient and if your site is going to make them wait, visitor will immediately switch to another site. Its fact on practical basis. For this problem you need to make your page as lean as much possible. Don’t try to add to many flash files. Decrease the size of your images, video and other web contents. Always keep in mind to add anything in decrease file size and boost your site speed for good user experience.
  • Easy navigation: suppose if you are a web user and your reading any article then you will feel well if you get linked article .user on your website always should be able to understand that how to move to next without taking a time and this can be possible if your all contents are symmetric on your site. Always use related topic bar for good navigation and update your article with necessary links. Never use so many links in article or post, you need to allow a margin for beginners.
  • Make It Easy To Share : social marketing is important for any brand. Some time visitor want to share your content with their own community .so your sharing process should be easy to use. If its not good then think about it seriously .sharing will invite new visitor to come to your site. Your sharing tools should be fit into your new design.

         By using sharing tools your share button can appear within your contents, at the beginning or at the end of articles. They can float on the side of your page. If you are using wordpress for your site then use plugins and make your site easy to share.

  • Ignore unnecessary contents: now you know that eliminating unnecessary content is good to improve site speed and same it’s helping us in increasing the distraction in your site. If you have any post or content those are not useful discard it. So many flash files and stuffing in background may distract and confuse to web users.
  • Highlight Important Content: it’s necessary to keep your website simple with high quality contents. But it is also important to highlight your important content so that visitor can easily engage with it. You have to improve your highlighting technique so visitor can hit your links. Use of quality images and videos are more effective way to capturing people’s attention.
  • Focus On Quality Contents: all above tips are really important at the time of starting a site or blog but most important things for newbie web designer is quality contents. If your site is fully loaded with quality contents and you are serving rich information with latest update then you no need to think lots of all about it. There are so many peoples who want only good information .always keep in mind “Contents are king “.

At end we hope you will get some idea from this article .just focus and keep in mind all these point at the time of designing. There are so many sites online to help you with new design. Visit all other site and get their idea to improve your design.

           If you have any question or you want to share anything, so we are here. Just share your experience with us by comments.

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