Alter Social Media Icon Is Legal Or Not-Find the Truth

Alter Social Media Icon Is Legal Or Not-Find the Truth

As we all know the power of social media in today’s life. We all are involve in social media like facebook,tweeter,youtube,google plus etc. whenever we signup for any social media account ,we would have to agreed to their term and policy. No matter we read it carefully or not. But they also mention that if you violate their term or policy they might terminate or suspend your account. Most of suspend case accurse just because of multiple account or due to fake account. But social media companies are too active and working to suspend accounts which violate the term of service.For example suppose if your professional business account gets suspend suddenly without any notice for violating the term of services. What will be next? How you will promote your brand without social media .we all know the power of social media. It’s a simplest way to be connecting with your users. You can promote your brand here; can list your futures plan and projects. You will lose your integrity and credibility in your customers.

is this true that custom social network icon that match the blog is infringing on copyritht laws?we can see many uses of them on many websites but reading Facebook & Tweeter’s terms and policy it sounds like it is illegal any change in icon and color? Thanks!

          If you are blogger or website holder then I am sure definitely you are using social media to pin your latest post for branding your website. There are lots of websites on the internet who are using alter social media icons on their websites and blog also. But do you know alter social media icon is actually illegal and it is against of term and policy for social media companies. Many of web designers who are able to code or can customize icon probably like to change colors and styles of facebook and tweeter “follow Us” buttons to keep their website graphic scheme consistent and elegant. You can found custom social network button on the internet easily like ,which is partner closely with social network. In the same way facebook and tweeter provide copies of their logos and buttons for easy download. It is possible that some sites obtain official permission to use custom buttons. But the fact behind the professional web designer is that they never try to use these custom facebook and tweeter buttons on their client websites.

Social media websites do have policy Against Their Logos

It is noticeable most of all networking sites have guidelines and terms of policy for using their logos.

  1. Facebook brand Guideline
  2. Tweeter Brand Guideline
  3. Pinterest brand Guideline

Most important things is that most of these websites have trademark on their logos and they have full legal right to control how their logo is represented. For example read tweeter Guidelines for their logos.

Don’t for tweeter :

  •  Use speech bubbles or words around the bird
  •  Don’t change or rotate the direction of the bird
  •  Don’t animate the bird
  • Never try to change the color of bird
  • Never ever use special effect to the bird

tweeter guidelines

youtube guideline

After reading all these guidelines sounds like you are not allowed to change logos or can’t alter social media icon. Most of all social media networks included these guidelines in their term and conditions.

I am 100% sure you will re-check your social media icon after reading this post.

What is Next-What Will Happen If You Use Alter Social Media Icon?

Yes it is true that all these social sites have full legal control that how their logo will be use in websites and they can suspend your account immediately if you are using alter social media icon in your sites. But practically it seems too hard for any social websites. Because if they will try to shut down these types of websites who are using custom or alter social media icon or logos on their sites then there would be a day when almost every next account or website would shut down and I don’t think that is possible for them.

How Social media Companies Shut Down Your Website?

If you are using a self hosted website then it is impossible for them to shut down your websites. but real risk and danger is for those blogs and sites which does not completely belong to the owner. If you are using Blogger {Blogspot} that are not self hosted, there is chances your blog would be down the same day or next day if you break their terms and conditions. Remember one thing in life”Prevention is always better than cure”.

    In the same way if you are breaking Google policy they can shut down your website or your site can be banned for search engine to display. It is not matter you are using self hosted website, you might receive warning or your social profile would be suspended without any information.

It’s Up To You To make A Judgment call

Yes, it is fact that we all love custom icon and its look great to use in website. But at the same time, how you will feel if someone will play with your website or blog logos? You will not love it I am sure. Many of websites owner are using alter social icon on their sites. Here I am not saying you to ignore the law. But it is fact that you are not allowed to modify logos or alter social icon.

Thanks For Reading. Stay Legal!

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