Spreadtrum IMEI Tool | SPD Dual IMEI Tool For Android & Feature Phone

Spreadtrum IMEI Tool Download Free | SPD Dual IMEI Tool For Android & Feature Phone

Today we are going to talk about Spreadtrum IMEI tool [ Topwise 2014-6-3 ] & SC7715 which is an all SPD CPU IMEI repairing tool. Basically it’s a dual IMEI repairing tool for all SPD keypad mobile and android phones. So if you are searching for direct download link of Spreadtrum_IMEI tool setup then download it from below download section. But if you want to learn more about Spreadtrum IMEI tool and it’s working then read the post properly.

Here in this tutorial we are adding latest version of SPD IMEI tool or Spreadtrum IMEI repairing tool which is 100% working and tested for both keypad and android mobile. Basically it’s Dual IMEi repair tool and able to write Dual IMEI and single IMEI at the same time.

Best this about this is simple and easy to understand user interface. That means any new and advcance user can write IMEI without any technical skill. There is no any rocket science to flash IMEI with SPD IMEi tool. Just type your IMEI in the tool, connect device with pc via working USB cable and flash it. That’s it.

Latest Spreadtrum IMEI tool is a free IMEI repairing flashing tool for all SPD cispset based android and keypad mobile. So if you have any SPD mobile like Oppo, vivo, lephone, jio, Samsung then this tool is perfect to repair IMEI without box.

Download Spreadtrum IMEI Tool And Drivers


SPD Drivers Download For W10, w7, w8, wXP [ 64 Bit & 32 Bit ]

About Spreadtrum IMEI Tool : SPD Spreadtrum IMEI tool is a pc based IMEi repairing tool for both android and feature phone. Small size based Spreadtrum IMEI tool comes without box, so no need to use any other professional tool. Moreover, you can write single IMEI or Dual IMEI at the same time on SPD mobile phones.

SPD IMEI Drivers: This is the most important file in order to flash IMEI successfully. Without driver’s installation, tool will not detect the device and it will show IMEI writing fail error. So make sure you have installed SPD USB drivers on windows pc.

How To Write IMEI Using Spreadtrum IMEI Tool

As we already told you that you can flash IMEI on any android Smarphone or keypad mobile. But you have to use proper boot key to enable diag mode in mobile. This SPD tool can flash IMEI in Diag mode only.

  • Download Spreadtrum IMEI tool setup zip file and SPD drivers zip file on pc and extract them.
  • Install SPD USB drivers on windows pc. Skip step, if already installed.
  • Enter into extracted “Spreadtrum_IMEI tool” folder and run “Spreadtrum_IME.exe” as administrator.
Spreadtrum IMEI Tool
Spreadtrum IMEI Tool Setup
  • Once the tool launched, navigate to “IMEI Type” section and select desired IMEI option [ IMEI1=IMEI2 or IMEI1 & IMEI 2 ]
Note: If you are going to flash IMEI on single SIM mobile then select “IMEI 1 = IMEI 2” option otherwise, select “IMEI 1 & IMEI 2” option for Dual IMEI number flashing.

  • Now type 15 Digit IMEI 1 & IMEI 2 into IMEI section. Make sure you are using the correct original IMEI.
Note: You may also change IMEI on SPD mobile using this tool. But we recommend you  to flash original IMEI number only.

  • Now click on “Start” button to start IMEI write process. Here it will ask you to connect device with pc.

  • Come to the device, remove and reinsert battery for once and attach it with pc. But do it quickly. Otherwise, tool will show time out!!!
  • If the device detects by tool, it will show “Write IMEI Succeed” message on tool.

  • Reboot device in normal mode and dial *#06# to check IMEI status on mobile. This time you will see correct IMEI number on the device.
  • Done!!!

We successfully tested this SPD IMEI number tool on SPD Lephone w7 / Lephone w8, SPD jio mobile and Samsung b310e and Samsung b313e mobile.

Important Points

  • Device must be in power off mode.
  • Sometime, boot key is must to detect the device. Most of the time remove and re-insert battery without pressing any key but some time you have to use proper boot key for this tool. Boot keys may be different for different devices.
  • This tool can be use to write or change IMEI on keypad and Smartphone. Changing IMEI is illegal, so do it on your own risk.
  • IMEI flashing will not remove phone data or user data of the device.
  • Tool is free, so no need to pay for this.

Alternative SPD IMEI Repairing Tool

Users may also use free WriteIMEI tool for flash Dual IMEI on SPD android and keypad mobile without database files.

WriteIMEI Dual IMEI Tool Download

This is all about latest about Spreadtrum IMEI tool [ Topwise 2014-6-3 ] & SC7715 download and how to write IMEI using Spreadtrum IMEI tool [ Topwise 2014-6-3 ] & SC7715?

Just download latest IMEi tool from above download section and follow the steps properly.

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